How to Become Royalty in BitLife

Everyone has been waiting for the royalty update in BitLife as it is really interesting. When it is nearly impossible to be royalty in real life, at least the game by CandyWriter can make your dream come true. So, are you ready to make your dream come true by becoming royalty in the game?

The royalty update in BitLife by the developers is really detailed and has a lot of features. With this new update, it is possible for every player of BitLife to be a king or a queen. Apart from the king or queen titles, you can also become an emperor or empress. In addition, there are some other lower royal titles such as a baron and a viscount. It is also possible for you to be a monarch of a country even if you start off as a commoner, a prince or princess, or some lower rank of royalty.

How to Become Royalty in BitLife

By reading all the things below, you should be able to be royalty in the game. If you have some questions to ask, feel free to do so by asking the members of the BitLife communities or forums, the places where a lot of people who love the game gather.

Way to become royalty

In order to become royalty, you will need to be born into the role. To be born into the role, it is needed for you to be born in a country where there is a royal family such as United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Jordan, Japan, Malaysia, Kuwait, Morocco, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Spain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Thailand. If you are wondering if it is possible to go the Kate Middleton route by marrying a member of a royal family, it is actually possible but it is not easy to pull off.

Remember that the chances of being born as a royal family are totally random if you do not have god mode in the game. It means your best chance is to customize your country and then wish to be born as a royal. In case you have god mode, feel free to select to be a part of the royal family, and then select your rank.

According to Wiki, it is possible for you to be born with the title of prince, princess, viscount, baron, and some other ones. The only thing that is kind of impossible is choosing to be born as a king, queen, emperor, or empress. In addition, there is still a chance to be born as a monarch and you are able to make your way up to the top position from a different royal position.

If your character in BitLife is a prince or a princess, then you have a decent chance of becoming the monarch of your specific country. On the other hand, if you have a lower royal title, the chances of becoming monarch are close to zero, even if you have high respect.

The thing known as a respect meter will change depending on how good of a job that you are doing as a monarch. If you are decent and making some good decisions, then you will be respected by people and the bar will rise up to 100%. If you lose respect, the bar can hit to zero. It usually happens when there are sorts of bad things and it is definitely not good as it can lead to overthrown or executed.

New activities and menu

As a royal, you will be able to see some new options under the Activities menu, including:

    • Abdicate

If you want to choose this option, firstly, confirm that you want to surrender your royal status. There will be something popping up after choosing Yes. It means you will no longer have the privilege to access the royal activity page and the royal estate will be lost. As for the wealth, assets, fame and former royalty will not be affected by further gameplay.

    • Execute

Execute is the first one that can affect your life as a royal. After choosing this option, you will be asked to pick someone to execute. Plus, the method of execution should also be picked. All the available options are extreme such as Burn at Stake, Iron Maiden, and Running of the Bulls. Before making a decision to choose this option, please remember that your respect will lower to 0% and if you do it often, it is possible for you to be overthrown.

    • Honorific

Your excellency, Your grace, Your highness, Your majesty, and Your royal highness are included as the possible honorifics. Each of them does not actually really affect the game, but it is able to be used by any tier of royalty.

    • Public service and public disservice

Both public service and public disservice are included as the activities that will affect your respect the most. You can select between these two in a random scenario but you will have to be ready for the consequence of the bar rising or falling. Your goal is the one that you need to consider when picking one of them. feel free to be overthrown or to be a great king or queen.

    • Law review

This one allows you to review a law and to vote between yay or nay. Common sense plays a big role, but most of the laws will not affect your respect. Outlawing acting boomerish is the only exception as your respect will be increased if you support it or otherwise it will be decreased.

    • Celebrity

This option allows you to select the celebrity that you want to hangout with and what kind of activity that you want to do with them. Even though it does not really affect your respect, it is still important as it can increase your happiness, especially when you have a good time spending your time with them. The way it works is similar to hanging out with your friends when you are a commoner.