How to Become a Military Officer in BitLife

Wondering how to become a Military Officer in BitLife? If so, you have to read this entire article as here we are going to share how to become an Army Officer and Army Enlistee in BitLife.

Become a Military Officer in BitLife – Here’s Way

In the game of BitLife, to become an Army Officer, you will need to graduate from the University in any field. And, to become an Army Enlistee, you only need to pass out from high school. After completing those minimum education qualifications, all you have to do is apply for the jobs; Army Officer or Army Enlistee. You have to stay at those positions for consecutive 20 years to get the career achievement. While working on those positions, your commander officer may order you to deploy on several military missions in other countries. Accepting the proposal will open the mini-game named Military Deployment Minefield. It is similar to the Minesweeper game. You are able to win the medal if you pass this game.

In addition, if you want to get BitLife Hero Ribbon, then those two job positions will be a good option. When the character martyrs or dies after contributing to the army, the game will give Hero Ribbon. Next, let us learn everything in detail on how to become an Army Officer and Army Enlistee in the game of BitLife.

Required Stats to Become a Military Officer in BitLife

Average stats in all the aspects will do the job. You have to be smart enough (50+) to enroll in the University if you want to become an Army Officer. Happiness and Health must be average if you do not want to get into unnecessary issues like depression or diseases. We recommend 50+ stats in Happiness, Smart and Health. Please start over with a random character if the current character’s stats are poor.

Education Qualifications:

    • For Army Officer: You have to pass out from the University with any degree.
    • For Army Enlistee: You have to graduate from the High School.

How to Become a Military Officer in BitLife

Apply For the Jobs

After meeting the education qualification requirements, then you are able to tap the occupation button -> Military (Join the military) -> Army -> Apply as an Officer or Enlistee – depending on the career which you want to pursue. Then, you have to stay at this position for 20 consecutive years.

Apply For the Jobs

You have to ensure to accept the deployment proposal. If you reject it, you are going to be dishonorably discharged immediately. That will end your career’s journey in the Army. And you will not be able to earn it back.

Deployment In The Military

Accepting the deployment proposal, proposed by the commanding officer, will open up a mini-game named Military Deployment Minefield that works on the Minesweeper game mechanics. A quick Google search will be able to give you the rules, how to play and complete it. Also, you are able to practice by playing online. Please search “Minesweeper” on Google -> play -> start playing it.

Military Deployment Minefield

What If You Successfully Complete the Deployment?

If you successfully complete the deployment, then you are going to get the medal. Three choices will appear on your screen after you complete the puzzle. You are able to refuse the reward, wear it with pride or pawn it.

What If You Fail to Complete the Deployment?

If you fail to complete the deployment, you are able to die or survive (body might get injured).

Become An Army General – Here’s Way

To become an Army General in BitLife, you are able to follow these steps below:

    • At the first step, you have to graduate from High School and University.
    • The second step, you have to join the Military as an Officer.
    • The last step, you have to get promoted through the ranks to General

Please start by doing well in school and graduating from High School. At the time of graduation, you are likely about 18 years old. Then, you are able to begin applying for colleges. It does not matter which major you want to go into if your goal is to become an Army General. The important thing is you graduate from university and earn a degree.

After all that is complete, then you are able to open up your activities tab and go to the Military. Please tap on the Army and hit “Apply as an officer.” This step is crucial because starting as an officer is the only method to work your way up through the ranks to General status. After you enlist as an officer and are officially in the Military, you have to ensure to continue working hard and complete your deployments. You are going to have to complete several simple Minesweeper minigames.

Eventually, you are going to get promoted to Captain and gradually work your way up the ranks to General. Several events and challenges have this task as a requirement. Therefore, it is good to know how to do that.

Become a CEO in BitLife – Here’s Way

To become a CEO in BitLife, you need to go down the Business or Graduate School path and get a corporate job. After you graduate from High School, then you are going to be offered to go to university. If your smart stat is not high enough, you are able to go to Business School and continue going to the library. Also, you are able to study hard and join several activities to get another scholarship for further education. After you have graduated from Business School, then you will want to go to Graduate School. Once you have reached Graduate School, you will not need to bother with studying or activities, because they do not seem to matter at this time.

Now, the crucial part for setting yourself up on the CEO path. Please get a job which says “Corporate” next to it. This will be able to set up you on the path to be head of a company. You need to get at least 15 years of experience in your corporate job. After you do, just look for the “Assistant Vice President” job that should be available under the listings. After you get that job, you need to work hard each year and finally you are going to be promoted to Vice President, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, and eventually CEO.