How to Become a Leprechaun in BitLife

There are a dozen jobs and occupations that you will be able to find in the simulator game by CandyWriter named BitLife. Each of them is able to be used if you want to complete a ribbon that you have been hunting. Besides, you can also use them if you want to obtain a large amount of money to be inherited to your kids once the main character that you have has left the world.

A lot of jobs offered by the developers in BitLife are different and random and apparently, they are not always going to show up. One of the most interesting and one of the rarest jobs that you can find in the game is becoming a leprechaun. You might have heard about a leprechaun in the folklore and it is true that they are originally from an Irish folklore and they are counted as a solitary fairy even though when it comes to the appearance, they look like a normal old man with bread, a coat, and a hat.

Since a leprechaun is unique, you probably do not expect to see it. They are indeed hard to make appear and your pull depends on your luck and being patient.

The definition of a leprechaun

laprechaun bitlife

In BitLife, the term leprechaun is used to call a job where you have a chance to earn more than 5 million dollars a year. It is unknown what exactly you do as a leprechaun, but it does not matter as long as you earn millions a year.

Actually, the way a leprechaun works is like any other job. Everything is about working hard and impressing your bosses so that you will be able to get the high salaries. The employer called Rainbow Industries only wants to have the best leprechauns. If you are lucky enough to get this job, do not waste your chance and please put some effort to be rewarded.

The method to be a leprechaun

As mentioned before, becoming a leprechaun is not easy since they are rare. On the brighter news, there are a few things that can be done if you want to increase the chance of this job showing up in BitLife. Before talking about the others, bear in mind that these following tips are only effective to increase the chance of it spawning and it does not show up in every one of your BitLife’s. Apart from that, it might not be around forever since Saint Patrick’s Day of 2019.

    • Select your country

Every player will be taken to the main menu when making a new BitLife. It is possible if the top left corner is clicked. There is a New Life option that can be selected located at the top of the main menu. By selecting this option, you will be able to choose the country that you want to be born in. The most recommended ones are Ireland and America. Actually, the country that you choose does not really matter as there are Jamaican and even Iranian leprechauns.

    • Maintain green stats

Maintain green stats

It does not really need for you to max out your health, happiness, smarts, and looks all to 100. The thing that you have to do is to try and keep these bars above 50%. Take note that the greener you are the better.

In order to maintain the stats, there are several tips to follow. If you want to maintain your happiness, you will have to maintain the relationships, get a job and take care of yourself. It can be noticed easily if there is a death of the loved one, being rejected or losing a job. To maintain your health, you can just workout, eat healthy foods, and meet your doctor regularly to check your health. Remember that the state will reduce if the character is sick. You can maintain the smarts by reading books early on in your life and also by visiting the library. As for the looks, it can be maintained by working out, eating healthy, and getting a haircut. Among these four, this one is known as the most difficult. In some cases, it is better for you to start with a high looks stat to make sure it stays high.

    • Skip college

Your goal is to browse the job market as early as you can, which means it is fine for you to skip going to the college. As you do not need to think about getting enrolled in the college anymore, now put your focus on browsing the job listings and keep checking it every year and pray a lot so that you can see a four-leaf clover icon for a leprechaun position.

    • Scroll down

The payment that you will be able to get could be varied ranging from 30k to 100k when you apply for a leprechaun role. Do not forget to scroll through the list of the jobs to see if the leprechaun job is available.

    • Work harder

One of the most important things to be a leprechaun is to work harder whenever and wherever. Working hard is definitely the best way to increase your salary. Once again, please work harder and maintain the perfect green bars to get promoted quickly.

    • Keep looking and be patient

Being a leprechaun is one of the unique and rarest jobs and it does not spawn at all in the game. In this case, you will need to just keep checking out the list every year to see if the job is there as it is able to spawn at any time. There are some cases where the players get it at 16 and some others need to wait until they turn 60.

By following all the things mentioned above, it should be not that hard to become a leprechaun in BitLife. In case there are any questions to ask related to the topic, do not hesitate to visit the communities or forums where you will be able to meet the fellow players.

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