How to Become a CEO in BitLife

Do you want to be a CEO in BitLife? We will help you to make your wish come true. There are some steps that you have to do to be able to be a CEO in this game. To get this position, you may have to reset your game several times since it is not easy.

Set Up Your CEO Character

If you want to be a CEO in this game, you have to make your Bitizen smart. In this step, you may have to create your character a few times until you can get at least 70% smarts. If you are able to get higher than this, it will be better for you.

How to Become a CEO in BitLife

As your character gets older, you have to go to the School area and then click on Study Harder. It is done to raise your smarts. As you know that if you want to have higher tier career, you have to be smart. In this game, you also have to be like that.

When you find that you turn 12, you can go to the Library. Make sure that you have to go there every year. It will be better if you also meditate, go to the movies or do a lot of things with your parents to maintain your relationship with them. When you enter High School, you have to join at least two extracurricular activities. It is important for you to do if you want to geta  scholarship. So, you do not need to pay for your college.

Make sure that you are always healthy when you do this process and also free of disease. There is a gym, so you can go there for working out. After you are 12 or 13 years old, you are also able to get a Freelance Gig or a Part-Time Job. By doing this, you can make some money. You can also unlock the Tutor Freelance Gig so that you will have some extra cash.

The Steps to Be a CEO

Are you ready to be a CEO in BitLife? To achieve this position, you have to go to the Business/ Graduate School path and then get a Corporate job. After you graduate from High School, there will be an offer to go to University. So, you can go to Business School and then continue to go to the library if the stat of your smart is not high enough. Besides, you will have to study hard and join some activities to get another scholarship.

If you have graduated from Business School, then you have to go to Graduate School. After that, you have to get a job saying ‘Corporate’. By choosing this, it will set you up on the path to be a head of a company. In your corporate job, you have to get at least 15 years of experience. After you do that, now you have to find Assistant Vice President job. Usually, it is available under the listings. After you get the job, then you have to work hard each year and at the end you will be promoted to be a Vice President, Exceutive Vice President, Managing Director and then finally CEO.

If you find that you are not promoted, you can try to move up to the next tier of job. You can do that by browsing the job listings.

In the list below, you are able to see step by step how to get CEO career.

  • First, you need to have high Smarts. You need at least 80%.
  • When getting into a University, you can choose Finance or something business related.
  • When you choose higher education, make sure to choose Business School.

choose Business School1

  • When you choose a job, you can choose anything with Corporate in it.
  • You need to have 15 years of experience.
  • Then, you will get new jobs including Assistant Vice President, Vice President, Executive Vice President, Managing Director and then become CEO.

become CEO.

It is important for you to know that in the corporate world, you are able to earn a lot of money. However, if you want to become a CEO, you have to focus on working. If there are a lot of disctractions, you will have less chance to reach your goal.

The Things to Do If Corporate Jobs Are Not Available

What to do if there are no corporate jobs available? Well, In the game, there are random jobs in the jobs menu. If you are not able to find corporate jobs, it is recommended for you to restart this app. To do that, you have to close the app and after that you can open it again. After that, you have to check back the jobs. Usually, there will be different jobs every time you restart the app.

Other Things to Know to Be a CEO

When you start a new life in the game, you have to see the jobs of your father and mother. If their job is finance related, you can continue. However, if you find that they are poor or maybe working in the other fields, it is recommended for you to start it again. It will be better if your parents have finance related job since the parents’ jobs are also important.

As explained earlier that you need 15 years of experience to become a CEO. So, after you work for 15 years in the corporate sector, then you have to resign from the job. To do that, you have to tap the job button and then choose resign. Then, you need to tap the occupation button, choose Jobs and then you have to apply for Assistant Vice President job. When you are working as an assistant vice president, you have to work hard every year.

Also, it is important for you that when you are working as an assistant vice president, there will be an event where you have to make a decision on a business tour with your boss or colleagues. So, when you are here, you have to make sure that you attend the meeting or go on a business tour.

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