How to be born in Connecticut in BitLife

BitLife provides you the option to select the place of your birth by yourself. Of course, this is something anyone can only dream of. You can really choose the city of your birth as you want, since there are a number of cities across the world you can find in BitLife.

One of the places of your birth you can choose is Connecticut. Certainly, you can set Connecticut as the place of your birth. Even though every player in BitLife can set the place of your birth, however, many players do not know yet how to set Connecticut as the place of your birth. To find the guide to set the place of your birth, let’s see our post below!

How to be born in Connecticut in BitLife

How to Set Connecticut as the Place of Your Birth in BitLife?

It is known that Connecticut is one of the states in the United States. Of course, if you want to be born in Connecticut, you need to create a character who is both from the United States and born in the city of Hartford. By doing this, it will start your character in the United States and Connecticut.

How to Set Connecticut as the Place of Your Birth in BitLife

Cities under the United States country tab are all from states and are commonly the state capitals or notable cities. You may already know that Hartford is the real-life capital of the state in the United States.

Since there are other Connecticut cities available in BitLife, you should select Hartford as your birthplace. In BitLife, Hartford is the only city in Connecticut. If you set Connecticut as your birthplace, it will also allow you to complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge, in which you have to create a female character born in Connecticut.

Here’s how to set Connecticut as your birthplace!

  • First, you should click on the main menu in the top left corner of the screen.
  • After you click on it, it will bring you a list that states the name and gender of the character.
  • Below that you will locate a tab named place and country.
  • Then, you have to click on the ‘Country’ tab and choose the ‘United States’ as the country of birth from the list of countries.
  • Once setting the country of birth, you will need to choose the place of birth.
  • Now, if you directly look for Connecticut in the list of places, you will not find it.
  • If you want to set Connecticut, you need to search for a city located in Connecticut, United States which is present in the given list of places.
  • If the players do not live in the United States, they may strive to choose the correct city needed to be born in Connecticut among other American cities. The city that you should choose to be born in Connecticut is Hartford.
  • By selecting it, your character will be born in Hartford, United States, which in BitLife will be born in Connecticut.

Well, if you follow those steps above, it will allow you to choose the place of your option for your character to be born in. Even, you can allow your character to be born in a royal family, only if you set the country and place accordingly.

Where to Find Connecticut in BitLife?

If you are not sure where and how to be born in Connecticut in BitLife, you can start by clicking the ‘New Life’ option under the Main Menu. Once clicking it, you should choose the Country option and then change it to the United States. By doing so, it will show places and cities that are located in the United States.

To find Connecticut in BitLife, you have to find Hartford under the list of options under Places. The Places tab can be found below the country tab. Under Places, you will have to scroll all the way down until you find Hartford under Fargo and above Honolulu.

Completing Gilmore Girls Challenge, Here’s How!

Setting Connecticut as your birthplace is the early step to complete Gilmore Girls Challenge. However, completing this challenge is very easy after you know how to achieve each objective in the challenge.

Here’s the walkthrough to complete Gilmore Girls Challenge!

  • Start to create a character that was born as a female in Connecticut.
  • Do every activity with your mother and make sure to perform all the nine activities one by one.
  • Study journalism by going to university once completing high school. If you have a high-smart stat, you will only get accepted.
  • Make sure to have an ex in the first place and then cheat with him.
  • Get pregnant by an ex by seducing your ex and make a Booty call and ask for a one-night stand.

Get to Know About Cities in BitLife

In BitLife, cities are where your characters live, work and socialize in the game. With the same types of jobs and amenities, most cities in BitLife are relatively the same. Depending on which city you live in, it can change a lot of factors in the game including race, name, nationality and schooling.

The community college and public library are named after whatever city the character is in. Moving to another city is very expensive and it’s possible with the migration option. However, you will not have any control over what city you go to other than the country it is located in and of course, your character cannot move to another city in the country.

To travel across cities, you can use the ‘Vacation’ option. Depending on the city, however, there is no effect. Well, some cities can be vacation spots, but not default cities to live in.

As of June 2019, BitLife added the option of custom cities and there is also a secret ribbon called the Teammate Ribbon if your character is from either city of the United States in which your character is an App Developer and Candywriter produces BitLife.

Furthermore, there is an achievement if a character visits Winnipeg, Canada on vacation. You should know that you can unlock the Teammate ribbon if a character is an app developer from Tucson or Miami in the United States.

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