How to Add Xbox Friends on PC Halo Infinite

Just like in many multiplayer games, the players of Halo Infinite have requested cross platform play. The good news is that cross play has been introduced by Halo Infinite. This one makes it possible for the players from all over to play with their friends together. In order to make the experience while playing in the game called Halo Infinite easier and enjoyable, players usually team up with their friends and jump into the game’s multiplayer match. As a player, it is only possible for you if you have friends on the list of your friends and then join their fireteam.

While it sounds interesting for the players, some of them are confused and have no idea how to add their friends from Xbox while playing on PC themselves. If you are one of these players who have no idea about how to add friends to the game, you are on the right page as you will be provided with such information here.

How to Add Xbox Friends on PC Halo Infinite

Adding friends in Halo Infinite is determined by the friends list on your Xbox Live account. The statement means that you will have to add people on Xbox Live if you want to invite them easily from your friends list in the game.

There are two ways to add friends in Halo Infinite. The first one is for Xbox. Here are all the steps to follow for this method:

    1. First of all, you will have to press the Xbox button on Xbox and then go to People.
    2. In the People menu, the next thing to do is to choose Find Someone.
    3. Lastly, enter their Gamertag in the Find Someone option.

If you are playing on Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X, it will be needed for you to use the Xbox Bar app. By having the app, you will be able to look up their Gamertag and send a request. After that, you can just wait for them to accept your request and when you boot up the game multiplayer beta, these friends should appear on your friends list. Here is the complete guide to follow:

    1. Firstly, open your Xbox Game Bar app by looking it up on the Windows Search Bar. Aside from that, another way is to press Windows + G on your keyboard.
    2. Next, look for the Gamertag of your friend. This one is able to be done by going to the Social tab on the app. There will be an option to search or add players. Upon seeing this option, please enter the name of your friends.
    3. Afterward, send a request. After sending one, you can just wait for your friends to accept the friend request sent by you. If they accept the request, in the end, they should be automatically added to your friends list in the game.
    4. The four step is to check the Friends tab on the game Social Menu and you should be able to see the Gamertag names of your friends and from this you will be able to invite them to your fireteam.

The second one is for PCs. Below is the guide that you can follow to add Xbox friends on PC for PC in the game:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to press the Friends tab button on the PC.
    2. Then, open up the Social Menu.
    3. On the new page, click on the Add Friend button.
    4. After that, choose either the Steam or Discord option. From these platforms, you should be able to find friends. If you choose to find and invite friends from Discord, do not forget to make sure that you have your Xbox account tied to your Discord profile so that it can be easier for you to sync both services. Unfortunately, the Steam tag does not appear as often as Discord one does. Your friends on the popular platform known as Steam should be available for you to find. In case you have an issue waiting for them to show up, it is better for you to manually look for their profile name and send an invitation to them that way. If you are one of the Steam players, it is worth noting that you have to log in to a Microsoft account or a Xbox Live account to play the game, regardless if you are playing on Steam or through the Microsoft Store version of the game.
    5. In the next step, enter the username of your friends.
    6. When everything is done, send them an invite to your fireteam.

Whether you use the first or the second method, do not forget that you will need Gamertag if you want to add friends. This kind of thing is apparently done through the Xbox social menu itself. As for those with PC, you are able to access this via the app called Xbox Console Companion, the one that comes pre-installed on Windows systems.

It should be easy for you to add friends on Halo Infinite. All that you have to do is to follow one of the guides explained above. In case you have a hard time, the best thing that you can visit this link here. On the page, you will be able to find the articles that have the common issues that the players have. Before making a report, you are always recommended to check if the issue has been covered before. If you fail to find the article that applies to your issue, then it is time for you to submit a ticket. In order to submit one, you should log in to your account in the top right corner of the Support site. Then, scroll to the bottom of any article and click the Submit a ticket button under the Was this article helpful? feedback area. After that, fill out the form. Do not forget to include as much information as possible to make the team understand the issue that you are currently facing.