How to Access Supreme Values Even if It’s Shut Down

Recently, there are many people who look for information about the way to access Supreme values even if it is shut down. Well, let us talk about that here, as in this page we are going to talk about that.


When you are playing the game of Murder Mystery 2, you may discover the term ‘Supreme Value’. Then, you may want to know how the Supreme Value works in MM2. Keep in mind that Supreme Value is not the official Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) weapons value. But, there are many players of MM2 who use the Supreme Value as a reference. Thus, you may think which value list is the best one in MM2 whether Supreme Value or MM2 Value. Whatever value is best for you, one thing you need to know is its list. By knowing the value list, then you are able to determine which the best value is for you in MM2.

How to Access Supreme Values Even if it is Shut Down?

In knowing the MM2 value list, you are able to access the Supreme Values site. Unfortunately, now we cannot access a list of Supreme Value MM2, as the official Supreme Values site is temporarily down for maintenance. The Supreme value MM2 list is able to be found at You will be able to visit the Supreme Values site after the maintenance is over, and the site works normally again.

How to Access Supreme Values Even if It’s Shut Down

In alternative, you are able to join the Supreme Value Discord to discover the Supreme Value, trading server for supreme value and any latest information regarding Supreme Value. Thus, ensure to join the Supreme Value on Discord to get the Supreme Value list through

Aside from that, you are also able to follow the Supreme Value on Twitter @SupremeVaIues.  It is an official Twitter account for finding Supreme Values. If you follow the official account of Supreme Value, then you are going to get the Supreme Value MM2 list. Also, you are going to get the latest information regarding the maintenance of the Supreme Value List site.

How to trade Supreme Value?  

You will be able to trade the Supreme Values via a number of servers provided on Supreme Value Discords. If you are interested in joining one of the private servers of MM2 to trade Supreme Value MM2, let us join one of the servers from the list below!

    • Trading Server 1
    • Trading Server 2
    • Trading Server 3
    • Trading Server 4
    • Trading Server 5
    • Trading Server 6
    • Trading Server 7
    • Trading Server 8
    • Trading Server 9
    • Trading Server 10

Difference between Supreme Value and MM2 Value

Of course, there are some differences between Supreme Value and MM2 Value. The main difference between Supreme Value and MM2 Value is in the amount of the values where the MM2 Value is higher than the Supreme Value. Supreme makes the values decreased from the original values. We are able to say that Supreme has too low values and MM2 is too high.

To discover more differences, we are also going to compare each site. From this research, we discovered several advantages and disadvantages of both, here are they:

    • Site’s Look

If you visit the MM2 Value site, you will not be able to find the MM2 value list. Usually, the MM2 Value list shows the type of bad box. Fortunately, the MM2 Value list shows the value list with images which make it catchier to look at. While the Supreme Value Site provides the value in a list which makes it look pretty. However, the Supreme Value site does not provide the picture, so it may make the users bored.

    • Features

The MM2 Value website has more trading servers and more seer calculators. It means that it has more room for the traders. While the Supreme Value website has only some trading servers and does not provide the calculator.

    • Updates

Apparently, the MM2 Value site is late enough to update the value. When we wrote this page, the latest update of value was on August 26, 2021. We think that MM2 Value should update the value more frequently and make it more accurate. It should not take months, it is better to update once a month or maybe another week. The site of Supreme Value updates the value more frequently, and it is more accurate than the MM2 Value. Unfortunately, the Supreme Value site is always down for maintenance. Also, the Supreme Value site is currently under maintenance right now. Thus, that is the reason that Supreme Value and MM2 Value sites are bad in updates.

Current MM2 Value List

In the text below, we are going to share some latest updates of the MM2 Value List. Here are they:


    • Batwing: Value – 70
    • Elderwood Scythe: Value – 190
    • Hallowschythe: Value – 90
    • Ice Wing: Value – 40
    • Icebreaker: Value – 150
    • Log Chopper: Value – 110
    • Niks Scythe: Value – 150000


    • America: Value – 70
    • Blood: Value – 50
    • Cowboy: Value – 5
    • Ghost: Value – 15
    • Golden: Value – 65
    • Laser: Value – 20
    • Phaser: Value – 35
    • Prince: Value – 25
    • Shadow: Value – 25
    • Splitter: Value – 10


    • Cotton Candy: Value – 180
    • Ghost Knife: Value – 50
    • Green Elite: Value – 160
    • JD: Value – 250
    • Rupture: Value – 130
    • Tree (gun): Value – 140
    • Tree (knife): Value – 140
    • Web: Value –  130


    • Corrupt: Value – 485
    • Gold Trophies: Value – 150,000


    • Cane ( gun): Value – 150
    • Cane ( knife): Value – 150
    • Ginger ( gun): Value – 125
    • Ginger ( knife): Value – 125
    • Jack: Value – 90
    • Mummy: Value – 110
    • Toxic Knife: Value – 45
    • Vampire Gun: Value – 35

Chroma Godlys Values

    • Chroma Gemstone: Value – 90
    • Chroma Heat: Value – 105
    • Chroma Laser: Value – 110
    • Chroma Lightbringer: Value – 145
    • ChromaDarkbringer: Value – 145
    • ChromaLuger: Value – 115
    • Seer: Value – 10x T1 Legendary

Godlys Values from best to worst

    • Amerilaser: Value – 150
    • Candy: Value – 180
    • Elderwood Revolver: Value – 148
    • Old Glory: Value – 145
    • Sugar: Value – 180

Godlys Values <100

    • Boneblade: Value – 80
    • EternalIII: Value – 80
    • Green Luger: Value – 80
    • Hallows Edge: Value – 90
    • Luger: Value – 85
    • Spider: Value – 75
    • Tides: Value – 75
    • Xmas: Value – 80

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