How Tall is Stable Ronaldo Fortnite? Here is His Biography, Fact, Net Worth, etc..

Fortnite is more popular and it is because there are a lot of people who play this game. The popularity is also affected by a lot of Youtubers who play this game as well in a fun way or skillful way. Stable Ronaldo is one of the Fortnite players who shows the gameplay of Fortnite on his Youtube channel. And here, we will inform you about him including his height, biography, fact and many more.

Biography and Facts of Stable Ronaldo

Stable Ronaldo is a Youtuber, online streamer, social media influencer, twitch gamer, and entrepreneur from the United States. He was born on January 14th, 2003 and now he is known in his country for his extreme level online game stream. Most of the games that he plays is Fortnite.

Stable Ronaldo

Before he focused on online streaming, he used to upload recorded gameplays on his Youtube channel. Now, he becomes a professional gamer and twitch streamer. Even in his home, he creates a separate expensive gaming studio for having better experience of gaming.

He plays Fortnite for the NRG Esports. Also, he made a self-titled Youtube channel where he uploads the recent streaming videos. If you access his Youtube channel named Stable Ronaldo, you are able to see that he has more than 504k subscribers. It is known that he joined Youtube on May 23rd, 2016 and now his videos have been watched more than 12 million times in total.

How tall is he? If you wonder about his height, his height is 6 feet and 5 inches. In centimeters, it is about 195 cm and in meters it is about 1.95 m. His weight is 75 kg or about 165.34 lbs. If you want to know his show size, it is 12. He has black eye color and also black hair color. From some sources, it is told that his father is a businessman and his mother is a housewife. Stable Ronaldo grew up playing with his siblings in the US.

What about his education? He graduated from local high school and then he started focusing on his online gaming career. Since he was a kid, he has been interested in gaming. So, no wonder why he decided to choose the gaming field to build his career now.

A fact that you may not know is that he is a fitness freak. He prefers other co-curricular activities such as running, cycling, and others instead of gyming to keep his body fit and active. Also, he follows a well-planned diet for his healthy and sound body. Usually, he prefers energy drinks when he is in the gaming studio.

The other facts that you need to know about his is that he uses Logitech G430 headphones for better sound quality which costs 100 dollars. So, if you want to have the same thing or use the same thing as him, then headphone is one of them. The interesting thing is that he also does online streaming for charity. So, he does not only do it for his own profit.

Besides playing for his own, he also appeared in a lot of gaming tournaments with his friends. On his Instagram account, he shared some small clips of gaming. He also plays online games with popular Twitch gamers including Maria Lopez. And the interesting fact of him is that he is an animal lover and his favorite animal is a dog.

Besides having a Youtube channel as we mentioned above, he also has the other social media. He has an Instagram account which now has more than 429k followers. The name of his Instagram account is stableronaldo_. His Twitch gains more than 1 million followers and the name of his Twitch account is StableRonaldo_. He also has a Twitter account that you can follow @StableRonaldo. Now, his Twitter account has more than 543k followers.

If you wonder about who his girlfriend is, unfortunately, there is no information about it until now. But, some sources state that he is single.

Videos on Stable Ronaldo’s Youtube Channel

If you access his Youtube channel named Stable Ronaldo, you are able to find some videos that you are able to watch. Some of the videos on his Youtube channel are listed below.

  • 4th Place in FNCS Heats (Qualifying to Grand Finals) which was uploaded on August 16th, 2020.
  • Stable Ronaldo vs. Ninja which was uploaded on October 1st, 2020.
  • The Greatest to Ever Do It which was uploaded on July 17th, 2020.
  • Im Moving Too Fast which was uploaded on March 4th, 2020.

Stable Ronaldo’s Net Worth

Net Worth of a Youtubers or Streamers is usually something which is wanted to know by people. It is because usually popular streamers or Youtubers will get a lot of money from his activity as a gamer. So, what about the net worth of Stable Ronaldo?

He has a huge net worth because usually the creator earns from Google Adsense, brand deals and Twitch donation. According to the Dreshare site, his net worth is about $950K US dollars as of 2020.

Settings Used by Stable Ronaldo

For Mouse, he uses Finalmouse Air58 Ninja CBR Edition. The settings of the mouse can be seen below.

Mouse Settings

DPI: 800

Hz: 500

X-Axis Sensitivity: 7.0%

Y-Axis Sensitivity: 7.0%

Targeting Sensitivity: 30.6%

Scope Sensitivity: 31.4%

Key Bindings

Wall: X

Floor: F

Stairs: L-Shift

Roof: V

Trap: T

Use: MW Up

Crouch: L-Ctrl

Inventory: Tab

Map: M

Reload/ Rotate: R

Building Edit: E

Confirm Edit on Release: Off

Harvesting Tool: Mouse 4

Weapon Slot: 1

Weapon Slot 2: 3

Weapon Slot 3: 4

Weapon Slot 4: 5

Weapon Slot 5: 6


HUD Scale: 65%

Sprint By Default: On

NVIDIA Settings: Default

Video Settings

The display is Alienware AW2720HF

Windowed mode: Fullscreen

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Frame Rate Limit: 237 FPS

Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 TI

Brightness: 100%

Interface Contrast: 1x

Color Blind Mode & Strength: Off

Graphics Quality

View Distance: Near

Textures: Low

Shadows: Off

Effects: Low

Anti-Aliasing: Off

Post Processing: Low

Advanced Graphics

VSync: Off

Motion Blur: Off

Allow Multithreaded Rendering: On

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