How Old Is Paimon Genshin Impact Age

What do you think about Paimon in the Genshin Impact game? She is very cute, isn’t it? But, how old is she actually? Can you guess that? Here, we will inform you about the age of her based on some sources that we found and also we will inform you about the other things related to Paimon.

How Old is Paimon?

If you wonder about the age of Paimon, actually there is no exact fact about it. The thing that we know is that her birthday is on June 1st. However, as you can see that Paimon appears to be around 5 to 7 years old. We can see it by her speech ability and also her physical dimensions. However, regarding world and history, Paimon is very knowledgeable with an understanding  which goes beyond if we compare to the intelligence of 7-year kids.

How Old is Paimon

Regardless of her physical appearance, a lot of people think that the age of Paimon is 1000 years old because they speculate that she is an elf. So, if she is an elf, we should not apply human expectations to Paimon because the fictional aging process of an elf may be different from a real-life human.

What is Paimon in Genshin Impact?

Paimon is a non-playable character in Genshin Impact. She accompanies the Traveler throughout their adventure in Teyvat as their guide. In the game, she met the Traveler by being fished out of a lake. She says that she would have drowned if she is not fished out. Now, this character is representing Genshin Impact. She is on the Genshin Impact site, app, and social media icons.

Personality and Appearance of Paimon

How about the personality of Paimon? As you can see in the game that she is bubbly, friendly, but sometimes she is a little bit too honest and often comes off rude. She says honestly to something that she likes and something that she does not like. Let’s say that she does not like Venti, then she makes it obvious by calling him ‘Tone-deaf bard’.

How about her appearance?  She has a small body and it makes her look like a fairy. She has hair which is thick and white and it is cropped just above her shoulders. She also has dark purple eyes and fair skin. She wears a long-sleeved white jumper and a night-blue cape which is flecked with stars. In her legs, she wears white stockings with white boots. On her jumper, boots and sleeves, there are rose-gold embroidery and shapes which are attached. Does she wear accessories? Obviously yes. She wears a dark purple hairpin, almost black. There is also a rose-gold crown which levitates above her head as if it was a halo.

Some Trivia About Paimon

According to Genshin Impact wiki, there are some trivia about Paimon. What are they? You are able to see the trivia in the list below.

  • It seems that Paimon cannot swim even though when swimming in the water in the game, she floats above you.
  • During the closed beta test version, Paimon is used as replying to the questions and suggestions that a lot of people ask on the Genshin Impact Facebook.
  • Paimon has a nickname in a lot of Genshin Impact communities and the nickname is Emergency Food.
  • The role of her as the mascot of Genshin Impact is the same as Ai-Chan which is the mascot for Honkai Impact 3rd, another game of miHoYo.
  • Paimon has an interest in food and she is very well oriented around food history.
  • The voice of Traveler lines shows that Paimon has more than  one stomach. One of them is made specifically for liquids.
  • Paimon is described to be a Floating Elf Companion, based on Verr Goldet, the boss of the Wangshu Inn.

Voice Actor for Paimon

According to Genshin Impact wiki, the voice actor for Paimon is Aoi Koga for Japanese, Shi Xinlei for Chinese, Garyeong Kim for Korean and Corina Boettger for English.

Other Non-Playable Characters in Genshin Impact

Besides Paimon, there are other non-playable characters that you are able to meet. Who are they? We provide the information of some of them in the list below.

  • Morax. He is known as the God of Contracts and Rex Lapis. He was the previous Geo Archon and one of The Seven who presided over Liyue. Also, he is one of the two original members of The Seven still alive at the beginning of the game.
  • Chloris. She is a wandering NPC in Mondstadt’s Windrise area. She sells 5 different flowers which are not found in Mondstadt’s flower shop. Her stock will reset every 3 days and the items which are offered do not change. For your information, she only comes up between 6:00 to 19:00.
  • Guizhong. She is known as the God of Dust. In the past, she used to live in Guili Pains. She is one of the oldest known gods and she had created four commandments.
  • Linlang. She is a non-playable character in Genshin Impact which can be found in Liyue Harbor, Liyue. Her shop named Xigu Antiques is only open at night from 00:00 to 5:59. How about daytime? At daytime, you can find her perusing some stalls by the northern end of Liyue Harbor. After you have discovered all three, you are able to sell her the Nameless Treasures.
  • Unknown God. She is known as the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles. She is a god which is mysterious. She has a responsibility to separate the Travelers. From this task, we can know that she is one of the main antagonists in Genshin Impact. In the opening cutscene, she appears where the Travelers tell Paimon how they finished stranded in Teyvat.
  • Anthony. He is a non playable character which can be found in Mondstadt. You can find him in the fountain from 19:00 to 06:00. He is trying to help his sister Anna with her rare disease.

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