How Old is Kaeya Genshin Impact

Are you a fan of Kaeya, one of male characters in Genshin Impact? If so, we guarantee that you mostly look for all information about him starting from his personality, his visual and also his skill in the game. Well, one of the personal information that you really need is his age, isn’t it?

However, many fans of certain characters in Genshin Impact are looking for their age without knowing why the age is so important for them. How about you? Are you also finding out Kaeya’s age in Genshin Impact? Well, to know more information about Kaeya, especially for his age, let’s see our post below!

When Is Kaeya’s Birthday

When Is Kaeya’s Birthday?

According to Genshin Impact Wiki, Kaeya’s birthday is on November 30. All Kaeya’s fans just know for his date and month of birth is that he was born on November 30th without mentioning the year.  Although it is not stated when the year Kaeya was born, however, according to his lore and also his visual, we can assume that he is somewhere between 25-28 years old.

From his story, he has been with the Knights of Favonius for over 10 years. Aside from that, it was also known that Kaeya was the youngest person to join the Knights when he was 15 years old. Need to know, to join the Knights, at least a warrior should be 15 years old. Well, considering Kaeya’s type, there was a high probability that he was a 15 year old warrior who joined the Knights in Genshin Impact.

If we see from his story, it could put Kaeya’s age at 25 years. However, his age cannot be any lower than that. By seeing his body features and also build, someone can put the upper limit on his age at around 28.

To note, all of this is just a speculation. However, there’s no much information about Kaeya’s age in exact meters. Well, what you can do is to guess and predict how old Kaeya is. If we already get more information about Kaeya’s age, of course we’ll inform you soon.

Who Is Kaeya?

Kaeya is a character which is shrouded in mystery in Genshin Impact. Why? It’s because the Knight Favonius captain tries to still keep it that way as well. Kaeya is one of the first characters that you can unlock in the game. Kaeya is also known as a very strategic thinker and a strong warrior. The only time he informs details about himself is when he stands to get an advantage. That’s why the information about Kaeya is so limited.

He is a playable Cryo character which is received for free in the Prologue Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind during the Crash Course quest. Kaeya is also a Cavalry Captain in the Knights of Favonius. He was highly respected by the Mondstadt people – even with all his quirks and secrets.

What Does Kaeya Look Like?

What Does Kaeya Look Like

Kaeya comes with a dark skin and periwinkle eyes. He also has dark turquoise short hair with a long rat tail and also a streak of lighter hair to one side. His bangs also cover his right eye. While, for his left eye, he wears an eyepatch that he claims that he heirs from his grandfather who was a pirate, known it’s almost a lie.

For his outfit, he covers his body with a navy shirt, navy pants and a white fur cloak over a white jacket which exposes his chest. He also uses fingerless gloves with spiked wristbands, a golden earring and chain. A belt which his cryo vision is also attached to. To cover his feet, he totally uses high boots.

Which makes him so mysterious is his eyes in which the shape of his pupil looks like a diamond  as Deinsleif has.

How About Kaeya’s Personality?

Kaeya is described as a charming and confident individual with a flair for the dramatic, but sometimes, he’s also seen as overly laid-back. He seemingly got a kick out of telling bald-faced lies. However, this tendency becomes a talent when it comes to his role as the brains for the Knights of favonius.

He also frequently uses his charm as a way to obtain information from the people around him. Well, he also often does it with thieves and criminals. He then decides to arrest them or let them walk free. He will enjoy when putting people into high-stress situations and challenging their values. It means that he does so to both his allies and his enemies.

How About Kaeya’s skills?

Considering he is one of the early characters in Genshin Impact, we think that a lot of Genshin Impact players tend to use it in their team composition early in the game. His Cryo Element will have the shortest ability cooldown time and leave his equipment options wide open. However, it’s the best Kaeya build in Genshin Impact.

Since Kaeya’s abilities scale against the ATK stats, you can also try to focus on your main Artifact Roll. Moreover, the Cryo character is very great when paired with the Hydro character, well, it can be your consideration when making your team.

Kaeya totally has 6 skills including:

    • Ceremonial Bladework Ceremonial Bladework

For Normal Attack, he can perform up to 5 rapid strikes. For Charged Attack, he consumes a certain amount of Stamina to release two rapid sword strikes. For Plunging Attack, he’ll plunge from mid-air to strike the ground below by defeating enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

    • Frostgnaw Frostgnaw

By unleashing a frigid blast, it can deal Cryo DMG to enemies in front of Kaeya.

    • Glacial Waltz Glacial Waltz

This Kaeya’s skill  will summon 3 icicles which revolve 4 times around him for 8 second.  Those will follow the character around and also deal Cryo DMG to enemies in their path for so long as they persist.

    • Cold-Blooded Strike Cold-Blooded Strike

Kaeya’s Cold-Blooded Strike Talent starts at level 1. Passive talent causes each hit with Frostgnaw to regenerate HP for Kaeya, which is equivalent to 15% of his ATK.

    • Glacial Heart Glacial Heart

The enemies who are frozen by Frostgnaw will drop additional Element Particles.

    • Hidden Strength Hidden Strength

This Kaeya’s skill can decrease the sprinting Stamina consumption of your characters in the party by 20%. It cannot stack with Passive Talents which provide the exact same effects.

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  1. Okay so I’m seeing the same things by the same person on multiple website and they are incorrect. Firstly, there is no citation on where you are getting the info about Kaeya being with the knights for 10 years. Secondly, the manga clearly states Diluc was the youngest captain of the knights at age 14. Thirdly, if you listen to the Chinese dialogue; Kaeya is calling Diluc his older brother. Given we don’t know exactly how much time has passed since the manga and the game take place but we speculate it to be about 1 or 2 years after; that puts Diluc’s age at 22-23 making Kaeya about the same age being at 21-22. Klee is also a knight and is clearly not 15 as well. What we have to realize here is that these are much different times. People of our time would not recruit children under 16 or 18 but in times like those within Genshin, they would recruit children at age 10 especially if they have a Vision.

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