How Much Money Do You Get on Level 10, 20, 30 in Bloxburg Pizza Delivery

Based on the research, Delivery Person is one of the most used Jobs in the game of Bloxburg. It is the highest paying job in the game. By the way, how much money do you get on Level 10, level 20, and level 30 in Bloxburg Pizza Delivery? To find out that great information, you have to read this text until the end.

How Much Money Do You Get on Level 10, 20, and 30 in Bloxburg Pizza Delivery?

Apparently, there are 50 levels you can reach in Bloxburg Pizza Delivery. Of course, level 50 is the highest level. Now, you want to know how much money you get if you are on level 10, 20 and 30.

  • Level 10

    As a delivery Person, when you are on level 10, you are going to get $296 (For normal employee) and $318 (For excellent employee).

  • Level 20

    As a delivery Person, when you are on level 20, you are going to get $829 (For normal employee) and $1246 (For excellent employee).

  • Level 30

    As a delivery Person, when you are on level 30, you are going to get $1852 (For excellent employee).

How Much Money Do You Get on Level 10, 20, 30 in Bloxburg Pizza Delivery

Bloxburg Pizza Delivery Earnings

You have to know that all Pizza Delivery earnings are calculated at maximum Mood for the first delivery of the shift.

Here is a list of Bloxburg Pizza Delivery earnings:

Level Pay Per Task
Normal Employee Excellent Employee
1 $25 $44
2 $36 $52
3 $48 $105
4 $90 $115
5 $110 $116
6 $183 $137
7 $151 $226
8 $120 $287
9 $268 $302
10 $296 $318
11 $325 $696
12 $505 $530
13 $272 $818
14 $293 $879
15 $625 $940
16 $658 $1000
17 $707 $1061
18 $748 $1122
19 $788 $828
20 $829 $1246
21 $870 $1307
22 $910 $1368
23 $951 $1428
24 $991 $1489
25 $1032 $1549
26 $1609
27 $1113 $1670
28 $1731
29 $1791
30 $1852
31 $1913
32 $1973
33 $2033
34 $2095
35 $2157
36 $2217
37 $2278
38 $2338
39 $1599 $2399
40 $1640 $2460
41 $2522
42 $2582
43 $2651
44 $2712
45 $2771
46 $2821
47 $2882
48 $2942
49 $3007
50 $2500 $3062

About Bloxburg Delivery Person Job

Some of you may not know about the Delivery Person job in Bloxburg. Do not worry, here we are going to explain what a Bloxburg Delivery Person job is. If you are a Delivery Person at Pizza Planet, then you are going to be given special access to drive a Moped to deliver pizza to a customer waiting somewhere on the map. You have to know that the delivery area is accessible from inside and outside of Bloxburg Pizza Planet. There will be a conveyor belt which dispenses the pizzas for the player to pick up. After the pizza is picked up, then a translucent yellow arrow will pop up. It will indicate where the waiting customer is on the map. A Delivery Moped is located directly outside the delivery area. Of course, it is required to deliver pizza to the customer.

The customers are seen waiting outside in many different areas. Usually, they are on the side of the road. When the pizza is delivered, then the customer is going to thank you and then disappear. Afterwards, you are able to return to the delivery area for getting the next pizza. Unfortunately, a major disadvantage is the slow process of delivering pizzas. Besides that, the delivery person’s earnings for the first three pizzas are reduced. It is to prevent you from quitting the job to get a customer closer to the delivery area. Do not worry, next, the earning will be higher.

You will be able to obtain more money from this job, and any other job by improving your mood, particularly the Fun mood. Warning: If you have a low fun mood, it will decrease your pay. Also, you are able to earn more money from a job by buying the Excellent Employee gamepass.

Some Tips for Bloxburg Delivery Person

Here are some tips for Bloxburg Delivery person:

  • It is highly suggested to stay on the moped to go inside the Pizza Planet Building. You have to get a pizza while it is still on the moped. Then, you are able to deliver the pizza. This is really efficient because you do not have to leave your moped to get the pizza.
  • When on duty, it is highly suggested to get down the Delivery Moped. Also, you should interact with the items that improve mood such as food, plumbing, and comfort. This will assist when you recharge your mood to get a higher pay again after driving the Delivery Moped.
  • As a Delivery Person, you have to follow the path of the arrow as it points to the direction of the customer.
  • Sometimes, the job is really easy to get bored. Thus, you are able to listen to several kinds of music or something else to keep you going.
  • Always keep your mood. Remember that the higher your mood, then the more money you will earn.

Other Information About Bloxburg Delivery Person

Here is other information about Bloxburg Delivery Person:

  • Sometimes, when you ride a Delivery Moped onto the yellow decorative ramp on Pizza Planet, that Delivery moped is going to glitch. Your head is going to stick through the ramp. Do not worry, this will be fixed after several seconds.
  • The moped functions like any other vehicle. It is restricted to Pizza Planet. As a delivery person, you do have the ability to purchase the Pizza Planet moped. However, you are able to buy a regular moped for $12,500 in Build Mode or Mike’s Motors. Also, the moped does not have a radio system.
  • Delivery Person is the only job implemented into the game where you are going to receive two promotional points per task without requiring the Excellent Employee. If you have the Excellent Employee game pass, then you are going to obtain four promotional points per task completed with this job.