How Much is the Black Panther Skin Cost in Fortnite?

The developer of Fortnite called Epic Games recently added the Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack to the item shop in the game, which includes the Black Panther. How much does is cost for the Black Panther skin in the game?

For your information, the Black Panther skin is going to be part of the Fortnite Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack. Feel free to check out for the full rundown but some people have predicted that the skin will be included in a bundle that will likely cost between $15 to $20. There are also some other ones that think that the whole set is $24.99, which is not that bad considering these skins usually cost 2,000 V-Bucks by themselves. If you purchase separately, it would cost a lot more than $25. Having a real life currency is a bit rare since Epic Games usually sells it with the in-game currency V-Bucks.

How Much is the Black Panther Skin Cost in Fortnite

A short trailer of all the Marvel superheroes was uploaded by Epic Games as the honor of the arrival of Black Panther in Fortnite. The superhero is known as a cultural icon that has been adding its legacy via Fortnite. In the trailer, you will be able to see the classic Panther Mountain from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

It is normal for the payers to run through the map as Black Panther in the game. Aside from Black Panther, the Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack also features Captain Marvel and Taskmaster.

A Youtuber that usually talks about everything related to Fortnite called Tabor Hill revealed the Battle Pass with all the skin edits in-game. He said that the style of Captain Marvel looks like a super Saiyan version of the hero and he is actually not 100% incorrect. Just like Captain Marvel, Black Panther also stands out with the glider. The Youtuber explained how it is extremely similar to the Wakandan technology due to the enhanced graphics in the game. These were such good observations, but he was really fast to remind his viewers that the cape is a little too large and interfere the visibility of the skin.

The aesthetic vibe of Black Panther in Fortnite resembles of the armor image in the Marvel chain. This character stands out with a violet color during the night time in the game. Apart from the cape, everything about Black Panther in the game looks stunning.

Talking about the price, Epic Games have priced the packages at different range, but this one pack where the Black Panther is included is worth the cost for overall things included. The price is really affordable.

The Fortnite community has been collecting any different kinds of the skins in the game since the game released. That’s why having the Black Panther skin in Fortnite is like a must to complete your skins collection.

Some people think that the Marvel skins feel a bit out of the world in this season. It would have made more sense if it were released last season, which everything was all about the Marvel superheroes and villains. It seems like the release of the Black Panther was delayed due to the passing of the main actor of the movie who played as Black Panther named Chadwick Boseman. Actually, waiting for a couple of months does not really change anything. Fans of the Marvel movies think that this Black Panther skin should have been a charity skin collaboration between Marvel, Epic Games, and the family of the actor. Rather than purchasing a skin in the Item Shop, raising money for a good cause like the fight against cancer would have been a better thing if they really want to memorize the actor.

Talking about Fortnite and Black Panther, you might also want to know about the Wakandan Salute emote, which was released to celebrate the legacy of the king of Wakanda. For those who have no idea about it, it is the popular gesture from the movie where you cross both of your hands in front of your chest. There is a free way to obtain this emote for the players of the game. According to the official release of the Fortnite’s developer, you can earn it by completing the easy Wakanda Forever challenges, which will be available on Fortnite from December 21st (9 AM ET) to January 12th (7 PM ET).

Even though the Wakanda Forever challenge is considered really simple, you will have to complete them before the deadline that has been announced. As there are only three tasks for you to complete, it should be not too hard. The three tasks included in the Wakanda Forever challenge are:

  • Play Matches – you will have to complete 10 matches in Battle Royale mode
  • Outlast Opponents – you will have to survive longer than 500 other players
  • Play Duo or Squad Matches – you will have to play five matches in Duo or Squads modes

After completing all those three challenges mentioned above, you will be rewarded with the Wakanda Forever emote, which is also known as Wakandan Salute emote. The good news is that it is not the only reward that you will get. Besides, you will also able to get XP that is really useful for you to progress in the Battle Pass. As the challenge scheduled to end on January 12th, you are encouraged to complete the Wakanda Forever challenges as early as possible to get your own Wakandan Salute emote.

Apart from that, in order to extend the celebration, the series of community screenshots was announced. There is a hashtag that will be used in the event. It is #Fortography. Everything will revolve around the Black Panther themed emote.

Epic Games introduced Black Panther to Fortnite along with the Marvel Royalty and Warrior Pack. In addition, Captain Marvel, as well as the Taskmaster, have also made their way into the game. With the Black Panther being celebrated with the special themed emote, no one knows if Epic will introduce the similar in-game additions for the other characters.

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