How Much Does Among Us Cost on Switch

Surprise! Among Us game is available on the Nintendo Switch right now. The Nintendo Switch  version features cross-platform so it allows PC, Mobile and Nintendo Switch players to play a game simultaneously. Apparently, the game of Among Us just launched on the gaming platform after becoming a hit during the pandemic. Previously, the game launched in 2018 and its popularity is still soaring until now.

How Much Does Among Us Cost on Nintendo Switch?

According to the research, Among Us game has dominated the gaming world over the last few months. There are millions of players who have downloaded the game on PC and Mobile. Right now, Nintendo Switch players will have an opportunity to play Among Us with their friends since it was released on the system yesterday. By the way, how much does Among Us cost on Nintendo Switch? For your information, Among Us game is available on the Nintendo Switch right now for $5.00.

How Much Does Among Us Cost on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of Among Us was said during the Nintendo World event today that showed some iconic tasks being played on a Nintendo Switch. The players will still complete the tasks while an Imposter attempts to kill everyone without being detected. We get information that Among Us was the most downloaded game on Mobile last month with 53.2 million downloads across all devices. It is maintained a steady player base on Steam and won two awards at The Game Awards 2020.

The Nintendo Switch version will likely introduce more players to the game and help it maintain momentum. Recently, Among Us developer said that a new map named The Airship that will be released in early 2021s. This map is going to include multiple starting locations that the players are able to choose after meetings. As we know that Among Us game costs $5 on Steam and it is free on Mobile devices; Android and iOS. Probably, it is unclear if the game will also be free on Nintendo Switch, however the players will not need to pay a high price.

Is it worth playing Among Us on Nintendo Switch?

Among Us works best on your phone or tablet. The PC version does a good job at emulating the mobile version’s features while offering the comfort of a keyboard and mouse and also a big screen. The Nintendo Switch version is nearly like a combination of the two. The game works well in docked and handheld. You do not worry as the option to play with those across platforms is still there. However the text options leave many desires.

The Nintendo Switch version comes with some pros and cons. But the biggest issue is that it is difficult to communicate, that puts Switch players at a big unbenefit when it comes to one of the most important parts of the game. It’s probably unfair to call the Nintendo Switch version the worst version, as it is mostly similar with other versions; PC and Mobile in almost every other regard. It is just a shame that such an important part of the game has become clunky on the system. Based on that case, it is no matter what version you select to play on, you are going to get one of the best party games available on any system.

What are the differences between Among Us on Nintendo Switch version to other versions?

There are some differences between Among Us Nintendo Switch version with the other version; PC and mobile version. It will determine where you make your purchase. Some controls are easier on Nintendo Switch, but it is harder to communicate.

  • On Nintendo Switch: It costs $5 on Nintendo eShop.
  • On PC: It costs $5 on Steam.
  • On your Android: It is free to download on Play Store.
  • On your iPhone: It is free to download on Apple Store.

Among Us Nintendo Switch version marks the game’s first appearance on a home console. The Switch version looks and runs in handheld and docked mode. It is priced at an affordable $5, the same amount it cost on PC. So, the cheapest option is still on the Mobile version; Android and iOS, where they are still free. You are also able to play with the players on other platforms which is always a good bonus. But, you will need Nintendo Switch Online to get online.

Among Us is a game where you have to argue, collect clues, debate, and shout accusations. The bad news is on the Nintendo Switch version, the game has no voice chat option, not unlike other versions. However the text option is very slow, and those precious seconds typing out a response with your controller can create a big difference in whether your crew keeps you around or sends you hurtling through the space or into a volcano. Remember that communication is key to playing Among Us, and now it is a bit clunky on the system. You will be able to use the touch screen to type while playing in handheld mode, however it still pales in comparison to typing on your phone or your PC. If you want to play with friends, it is worth jumping into a free Google Meet on your phone or PC to get around the Switch’s communication issues.

There is another prominent difference between Among Us Nintendo Switch version and the PC or Mobile version. The difference is the lack of cosmetics. Unlike Among Us PC version, spending $5 does not get you any suits or different hats. In fact, there is no cosmetic store on the Nintendo Switch version at all. It means that you cannot purchase hats, pets, or suits. Of course, we will hope that the Nintendo Switch version would at least have the same outfit selection as the PC version, considering it costs the same amount. This is possible to add in a future update. We are going to update or post that information if we learn anything new about that.

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