How Many Places Can You Have on One Account if You Are a Builders Club Member?

If you are a player in Roblox platform and you just joined this platform not long ago, you may wonder about the number of places that you are able to have on an account if you are a Builders Club Member. Let’s find the information about it here.

The Maximum Places To Have on One Account For Builders Club Member Owner

According to the Roblox blog, if you were member of Builders Club, you were able to have up to 10 places on a single account. Besides, you would also be granted the ability to place your creations such as shirts in the catalog and put them on sale to get Robux. You would also receive 15 Robux daily income and do not ever see external ads on Roblox. If you decided to cancel your membership, or let it expire, you would retain all 10 of your places.

But, the problem is, now the membership in Roblox is not Builders Club, but Premium. However, the benefits that you can get is almost the same as Builders Club members with some discontinued benefits as you are able to see from the list below.

    • In early May 2019, the 100 Robux sign-up bonus was deleted.
    • Builders Club exclusive items have been able to be accessed to all players.
    • Builders Club only games have been able to be accessed to all players.
    • Builders Club beta features do not exist anymore.
    • Creating badges has been able to be done by all players.
    • The feature for Creating a MEGA Place was deleted in 2014.
    • For all users, the place limit has been set to 200.
    • Personal servers were deleted in June 2016.
    • The group building was deleted in 2011.
    • The feature that permitted users to get a Robux streak up to x3 has been deleted.
    • There has been a decrease in Robux Purchasing bonuses.

How Many Places Can You Have on One Account if You Are a Builders Club Member1

Knowing More About Premium Membership

Premium membership in Roblox is a membership that is substituted for the Builders Club. It is a rebranding because most of the current benefits were provided with Builders Club. However, there are new features which are added to it over time.

Officially, Premium was released on September 23rd, 2019 where it replaced Builders Club for most players and continue to be rolled out to those users who had yet to get it. All users of Roblox have access to Premium.

As explained on the Roblox Wiki, membership plans for Roblox Premium are categorized by how much monthly Robux they provide. If we compare Premium with Builders Club, all memberships share the similar name and icons rather than having different ones. Robux is also given once each month after each renewal date and not given gradually each day.

And here are the current monthly premium plans according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Roblox Premium 450

The price for this type of premium is $4.99 USD. It is the same as Builders Club (BC).

    • Roblox Premium 1000

The price of this type of premium is $9.99 USD. It is the same as Turbo Builders Club (TBC).

    • Roblox Premium 2200

The price of this type of premium is $19.99. It is the same as Outrageous Builders Club (OBC).

The Benefits of Having Premium in Roblox

What are the benefits of having Premium membership in Roblox? You are able to read it below.

Benefits Normal User Premium User BC Comparisons
Robux allowance x

Tier 1: 450/month

Tier 2: 1000/ month

Tier 3: 2200/ month

BC: 15/ day

TBC: 35/day

OBC: 60/ day

10% Robux purchase bonus x
Trading x
Selling shirts, pants, limiteds and plugins X previously, non premium members needed to buy premium to sell shirts, pants, limited and plugins. Now, there is a 10 Robux fee for all users to upload.
Developer Exchange (DevEx) x

BC: x

TBC: x

OBC: √


Group Limit 100 (formerly 5) 100 BC: 15

TBC: 35

OBC: 100

Membership Gear x x
Bonus accessories x BC: x

TBC: x

OBC: √

Google Ad-free x (in mid-2019, Google ads were removed) √ (In mid 2019, Google ads were removed) √ (has always been Google ad-free)

Other benefits by having Premium membership is that certain games may provide benefits to Premium players as exclusive items or access to exclusive locations. Besides, UGC item creators may offer discounts on their items to Premium users where this feature started testing on April 28th, 2020 and now it is being rolled out through an A/B approach.

And here is the Robux stipend comparison between Premium and BC.

    • Tier 1

In Premium, Robux for 12 months is 5,400.
In Builders Club, Robux for 365 days is 5,475.
So, the difference is -75.

    • Tier 2

In Premium, Robux for 12 months is 12,000.
In Builders Club, Robux for 365 days is 12,775.
So, the difference is -775.

    • Tier 3

In Premium, Robux for 12 months is 26,400.
In Builders Club, Robux for 365 days is 21,900.
So, the difference is +4,500.
Some Trivia About Premium

Here are some trivia about Premium membership in Roblox according to Roblox Wiki.

    • Roblox users who owned the prototype version of this exclusive membership do not have a corresponding Roblox badge which shows the ownership of Premium. Instead, they have the Outrageous Builders Club badge on their profile. It may be because the highest level of Builders Club, namely OBC is directly replaced by Premium given to these users.
    • Roblox Developers are able to prompt Premium purchases in-game for rewards and it leads to Premium Payouts.
    • After you can cancel the Premium membership, there is a 3-day grace period for Premium membership that will be given past the original renewal date.
    • Roblox deleted the difference in the marketplace fee for members without Roblox premium on April 2nd, 2020. All users now get 70% of the revenue that they earn.
    • It is not like any other previous membership, Roblox Premium was the first membership program which has the ability to lengthen your group from 5 to 100 without seeing what tier you choose. Nevertheless, premium and non premium members are able to join up to 100 groups.