How Long Does Roblox Digital Gift Card?

Roblox gift cards are the kinds of cards with so many uses, including for various online video games or platforms, for getting membership, and for getting currency. In some cases, they are also able to be used for getting exclusive items that can be used in the game or on the platform.

Apparently, Roblox gift cards are able to be purchased. One of the stores that sell these cards is called Before purchasing Roblox gift cards from this site, you may want to know how long does Roblox gift card delivery take.

How Long Does Roblox Digital Gift Card

According to the official website of, 99% of the orders that have been approved are sent in 15 minutes. However, eGift delivery can take up to 24 business hours from the time of the purchase in order to review the order and the eGift to be sent. For anyone who specifies a future delivery date, the eGift will be sent on the date that you requested.

Roblox Gift Cards Q&A

If you have so many things to ask about purchasing Roblox gift cards from, you may want to check out the Q&A below to find the answer:

  1. Question: Who is the one that is available to purchase Roblox gift cards from

Answer: Any United States resident that is 18 or older with a valid credit card is allowed to make an order. If you are wondering if people outside the United States can make an order, unfortunately, they cannot.

  1. Question: How are Roblox eGift cards delivered?

Answer: Here is how the Roblox eGift cards are delivered:

  • Someone that you send the gift to will get an email message sent by The email contains your message, chosen video or picture (if included) and a link to the gift card.
  • By clicking on the link, that person will be taken to the eGift card where it is able to be redeemed online.
  • Not only that person, as the one that sends the gift, you will also get a confirmation email. If that person does not get the merchant eGift card, ask him or her to check email for an email from If nothing is found in the inbox, it is possible for the email to be found in SPAM or promotion folders or automatic filters.

If after 24 hours that person does not get the eGift, you are suggested to reach out to the customer service of for assistance at Before contacting them, make sure to get the invoice number and the email address of the recipient in your hand.

  1. Question: Can a Roblox eGift card be redeemed for Robux?

Answer: Apparently, the Roblox eGift card from is only able to be redeemed for a Roblox subscription.

  1. Question: Is it possible to redeem a Roblox eGift card on your mobile device?

Answer: Redeeming Roblox eGift card on your mobile device is not possible.

  1. Question: Is it possible to cancel your purchase of a Roblox eGift card?

Answer: The sad news is that Roblox eGift orders cannot be canceled once they are placed.

  1. Question: Are Roblox eGift cards able to be refunded?

Answer: After getting sent, a Roblox eGift card cannot be refunded. In case the recipient does not get the card or if they delete it by accident, ask them to check SPAM folders, deleted email folders or automatic filters. If it is still nowhere to be found, the best thing is to reach out to the customer service for assistance.

  1. Question: What is the return policy of the Roblox eGift card?

Answer: Roblox eGift cards are not the kinds of things that are able to be returned to Not only that, there is also no way for them to be redeemed or be exchanged for cash, check or credit, unless required by law.

  1. Question: are there restrictions on purchasing Roblox eGift cards on

Answer: As stated on its official website, there are no restrictions on purchasing Roblox eGift cards. Keep in mind that the card value denominations are preset for all merchant card brands.

  1. Question: When is the time when your credit card is charged for your purchase?

Answer: Take note that your credit card is charged at the time of the purchase. The purchase will show up on your credit or debit card statement as

  1. Question: How do you tell that the recipient actually received the Roblox eGift card that you sent to them?

Answer: When the one that you send the Roblox eGift card gets the card, you will get a confirmation email. Aside from that, you will also get a message that notifies that the Roblox eGift card has been viewed.

If you think that the time that takes to send the Roblox gift cards is long or if you just do not want to purchase the Roblox gift cards from this site, there are some other options to choose from, as follows:

  • United States: Toys “R” Us, 7-ELEVEN, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Fry’s, Amazon, Dollar General, Safeway, Family Dollar, Albertsons, Kroger, WinCo Foods
  • Canada: 7-ELEVEN, Best Buy, Walmart, EB Games, London Drugs, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Toys R Us (Canada), Petro-Canada
  • United Kingdom: Sainsbury’s, EB Games, Curry’s PC World, GAME, WHSmith, ASDA, Smyths, Startselect
  • Australia: EB Games, BIG W, Woolworths, JB-Hi-Fi, ZING! Pop Culture, Coles, 7-ELEVEN, New Zealand:EB Games, B-Hi-Fi, Woolworths (Countdown)
  • Sweden: GameStop
  • Ireland: GameStop, Smyths
  • Netherlands: Kruidvat
  • France: Micromania, ZING! Pop Culture
  • Belgium: Carrefour

Feel free to purchase Roblox gift cards from any stores mentioned above. Before anything, make sure that that store is available in your country. Before making a purchase, it is also better for you to visit the official website of these stores so that you can find out which one is best for you. If you have anything to ask, do not hesitate to ask the customer service of these stores. Just tell them anything that you want to know and please do it clearly.

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