How Long Do Roblox Private Servers Last for

Unlike the Roblox Client-Server that has no limited time, the private server has a limited time to last for. The private server will still run well, before reaching the time limit. Moreover, the private server is used by the players who want to play Roblox in one server per game.

If you are a Roblox player who always runs the games in one private server, you should know how long the private server will last for. By knowing the time, you definitely can choose another server when playing Roblox games. So, learn how long the private server will last for through our post!

How Long Do Roblox Private Servers Last for?

When you are looking for information about the time the private server will last for, there are two possibilities who you are, either a developer or a player. However, both must know the limited time when the private server will stop running.

Need to know, the private server will last for 60 days, since a developer of a game created it. We think that’s enough time for the private server to be active. So, roughly two months, the players will be able to join a private server.

As a Roblox player who usually plays games on a private server, you may be looking for a number of games that provide the private server within. In other words, the Roblox private server is such a VIP server that allows you to feel exclusive as a Roblox player.

For more information, not all games are built to support the private servers. To make it active, the game developers should manually enable the Private Servers feature during the beta period. If you are a game developer who wants to allow the player to create the private servers and invite their friends.

To activate the Private Servers feature, you can visit the game’s configuration settings. You may also need to check the new ‘Allow VIP Servers’ box under the Access tab and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Then, if you are a player who wants to play a Roblox game on a private server, but a game does not allow for private servers, you can also contact the game developer to enable the feature.

How to Create a Roblox Private Server?

When you have played Roblox for a long time, you may want to play Roblox on the VIP server. However, the private server will likely give you a great place to play Roblox exclusively. One of the requirements to create the private server is ensure that a game developer selects to enable the VIP servers on their game.

After a game developer activates the VIP server feature, you will then create your own server by visiting the game that you would like to play. When you are at the game page, you can open the ‘Games’ tab that naturally displays all of the running instances of the game where other players are playing in each one.

‘Create VIP Server’

Now, you will find a new category of  servers called ‘VIP Servers’. You will then  see a green button that is labeled ‘Create VIP Server’. To create the private server, you can only simply click the button. You will then be required to purchase your private server for 200 Robux. After that, you need to give your own server a name. You need to know that both the purchase price and life of the server will change.

purchase your private server for 200 Robux

After you buy your VIP server, you are able to find it on the details page of the game. The details page here is from which the server was bought or in your inventory as a tab within the Places category. Certainly, in both locations, you will find a screenshot and see the configure button, allowing you to add the players with a maximum of 50 players.

configure VIP Roblox server

Here, you can allow the players to join in your VIP server, by name who are allowed. After some players are added to your list, they will see your VIP Server on the game’s page under the Games tab or in their inventory under the Other VIP Server category. They will be able to click the ‘Join’ button to play the game with you.

How to Cancel Your Server?

After you have created your own server, you may then want to cancel your server as the period is over. Certainly, you can cancel your private server to unsubscribe the VIP server service. So, here’s how to cancel your private server subscriptions!

    • To cancel your own server, you can navigate to your server for a game.
    • Then, you need to click the Menu button represented by a three dots icon to the far right of the section.
    • You can then click on the ‘Configure’ button.
    • Click on the green ‘Active’ icon beside the Subscription Status to cancel your private server subscriptions.
    • After that, click on the ‘Cancel Payments’ on the confirmation window to cancel your monthly charge.

That’s it! You successfully cancel your private server subscriptions. It’s important to note that you can still use your private server for the remainder of the month which you have paid before, however your server will stop automatically at the end of this time.

How if you want to make your VIP server inactive? Sometimes, you may need to temporarily deactivate your VIP server, because of any reasons. Of course, you can do it a lot. To make your server inactive, you can navigate to your VIP server for a game.

After you are at the game, you need to click on the ‘Menu’ button and click the ‘Configure’ button. You can click the green ‘Active’ icon beside the VIP Server Status to make your server inactive temporarily. Then, click on the ‘Disable’ button on the confirmation window to deactivate your server.

If you want to make your server active again, you can click the button again at any time. Keep in mind, your renewal time will not be extended for this period of inactivity. It means that it will still renew or also expire on the initially scheduled date.

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