How Does Halo Infinite Ranked Work

The Halo Infinite ranks and ranking system is confusing some players jumping into the Halo Infinite beta because some things have already changed from previous games in the franchise. The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta surprise-launched on November 15th despite the full launch not coming till early December. If you are wondering what the ranks in order are throughout the first season, we are able to help. This is everything you have to learn about Halo Infinite ranks, rewards, ranking system, and more.

Aside from the complaints about the method the battle pass XP system works, the players are having a blast despite the surprise release. It is still being in beta. There is a litany of the maps and modes available, and the ranked is playable from the beginning with modes such as Slayer, Oddball, CTF, and Strongholds. Here is all the information on how the ranked mode works, and an explanation about the ranking system.

How Does Halo Infinite Ranked Work

What Are The Halo Infinite Ranks?

Like lots of other competitive shooters out, Halo Infinite follows a ladder structure with 31 ranks split across 6 Halo Infinite ranking tiers.

Halo Infinite Ranks: Ranking System

To begin with, you are going to be given the option to enable crossplay, letting you select to enter a queue for controller lobbies, mouse and keyboard lobbies, or both. Also, you are able to queue solo or with a group of friends.

Now, the differences between ranked mode and standard matchmaking are:

    • All players start with a Battle Rifle.
    • The combat sensor is disabled.
    • Friendly fire is enabled.
    • Grenade hit markers are disabled.
    • Static item spawns are enabled.

Halo Infinite Ranks

To get a rank, first the players will need to compete in 10 placement matches, with your overall performance deciding which rank you are going to be placed into. Now, the ranks are divided into 6 different groupings, with multiple levels in each.

Halo Infinite Ranks

Currently, Here are the Halo Infinite ranks:

    • Bronze I-VI
    • Silver I-VI
    • Gold I-VI
    • Platinum I-VI
    • Diamond I-VI
    • Onyx

As you are able to see, Bronze is the lowest ranking tier. And Onyx is the highest. Each tier, apart from Onyx, has 6 ranks within it, so you have to prepare for a bit of a grind to make it to the top.

Once again, need to note that when you boot into the game for the first time, you will need to complete 10 ranked placement matches to get your first Halo Infinite rank. So, ensure you warm up first. After you have that rank, then you will be able to grind the Ranked Arena where there are separate queues for controller or mouse and keyboard, duos and solos.

After you have your rank, the idea is to continue the climb until reaching that Onyx. The winners are going to award you with a chance to rank up, while losses are going to drag you back down to the lower ranks.

How Does The Halo Infinite Ranking System Work?

Actually, there is not really any clear cut information on how the Halo Infinite ranks work. However, it is clear that the ranking system is based on performance. The in-game message says that your rank improves when you perform better than expected, but who knows what the actual metrics are.

For this time, you have to keep grinding on putting on good performances. If you win, you are going to have a good K/DR, and also if you contribute towards the objective you will be able to see your rank go up.

Halo Infinite Ranks And Rewards

Apparently, there are not any rewards for reaching the different competitive ranks at this time. Even though it was able to change as time went on. The only method of getting rewards such as new armours, the effects, and skins are via the battle pass, which has a free and premium track for unlocks. For your information, the max battle pass level is 100. The current theme is based on Halo Reach, allowing the players to obtain armours which resemble Noble team from the campaign of the game.

That is pretty much the gist of the competitive ranked mode in Halo Infinite. The game’s first season is set to carry on for a while, so you have lots of time to reach the highest rank and to work your way via the battle pass.

How to Improve Rank in Halo Infinite?

By the way, how to improve rank in Halo Infinite? To obtain any rank at all, first you have to complete 10 matches in Ranked Arena. You have to know that the game uses your performance in the initial series for placing you in a starting tier. Although you may not be stuck in Bronze rank, you do not expect too much landing in Onyx rank soon. The system is going to likely need more than these small matches to place you among the elite few.

To improve your initial rank, it is rather simple. Please get good, with more eliminations, more points scored in the games like Capture The Flag and Stockpile. And most importantly, more wins, you are going to see your rank improve over time. One suggestion will be to play with a reliable group whose skills you believe and equate roughly to your own. That way, you will not be reliant upon random players who may bring any number of character flaws to the game, such as team-killing, rage-quitting, or only general tomfoolery.

With consistent and solid play, your hard work is going to be visualized via regularly improving ranks. Ranks are going to reset with the end of each season. If Halo follows the path set by similar games before it, there may be cosmetic rewards to obtain based on how high you climb the ranked tiers. For this time, we have only the first season’s May 2022 end date to go by. We have to wait and see if such rewards are revealed later this season.

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