How Did Glinda the Witch Reach the Oasis Wacky Wizards Roblox

‘How did Glinda The Witch reach the Oasis?’ is one of the questions which appears when searching for Pet Tags and Mount. Then, the answer to this question is ‘She crash landed’. In Wacky Wizards, Pet Tags and Mount are a brand new ingredient used for crafting pet potions. When consuming this potion, it will turn yourself into a pet.

To get the Pet Tags, you will encounter six questions that you need to answer correctly. Certainly, if you want to go through this quiz smoothly, at least you should know what questions will appear when looking for Pet Tags.

No worries! You are at the right page now, as we will show you a list of questions and answers that you will find when doing a search for Pet Tags and also Mount. So, let’s find out what you are looking for through our post below!

Pet Tags

Questions and Answers When Doing Search for Pet Tags

To make it easy to find the Pet Tags in Wacky Wizards, it’s highly recommended for you to know the answers of the questions that will appear on the doorway. By knowing each question, along with the answer, we think that you can easily get the Pet Tags and Mount.

Well, the six questions and answers that will appear on your way when you are looking for the Pet Tags include:

    1. ‘How old are Foryxe and Jandel?

The correct answer is  23 and 24

    1.  ‘Who created Wacky Wizards?’

The correct answer is Foryxe and Jandel.

    1.  ‘When was ROBLOX created?’

The correct answer is  2004

    1.  ‘How many eyes does Mr. Rich have?’

The correct answer is 1.

    1.  ‘How did Glinda The Witch reach the Oasis?’

The correct answer is She crash landed.

    1.  ‘What was the first live event on Wacky Wizards?’

The correct answer is Mr Rich.

Those questions above will appear on the door way. If you answer the question correctly, you definitely will get the Pet Tags.

Here’s How to Obtain Pet Tags in Wack Wizards!

How Did Glinda the Witch Reach the Oasis Wacky Wizards Roblox

To get the Pet Tag, the only one way that you need to do is by heading to the new area which is near the spider’s web cave. When you enter this place, you will locate a big white doorway that will lead you to a room. It means that you should pass the white door to enter the room.

When you are inside, you will encounter a list of questions which appear. You certainly need to answer the questions by walking through the correct answer’s doorway.  The answers of the questions are located on the top of each door.

To progress further and repeat the process, you should pick each correct answer from the available answer until you get the final room.  Once you have answered all of the questions correctly, you surely will obtain the Pet Tags.

Well, the questions and answers have been listed above. So, you need to memorize all of the questions and also answers in order to get the Pet Tags easily.

How to Use Pet Tags in Wacky Wizards?

In Wacky Wizards, you can use Pet Tags for creating potions. The potion that you create from Pet Tags will turn yourself into a pet, when drinking it. Here’s a list of potions that you can create from Pet Tags:

    • Long Rat potion

To create Long Rat potion, you will need ‘Spider + Witches Brew + Pool Noodle’. When you drink it, you will be a long rat.

    • Oink potion

You can create Oink Potion, you will need ‘Pet Tags’ that you can use to gain a pet pig.

    • Trunk potion

You will need ‘Pet Tags + Giant’s Ear’ to create Trunk Potion. You can use this potion to get a pet elephant.

    • Creepy-crawly potion

To create Creepy-crawly potion, you will need ‘Pet Tags + Spider’ that you can use to gain a pet spider.

    • Lizard potion

If you want to create Lizard Potion, you will need ‘Pet Tags + Chameleon’. You can use this potion to get a pet lizard.

    • Ssssssssssssss Potion

To create this potion, you will need ‘Pet Tags + Pool Noodle’ that you can use to gain a pet snake.

    • Magical potion

If you want a Magical Potion, you will need ‘Pet Tags + Fairy’. You can use this potion to get a pet unicorn

    • New Zealand potion

To create New Zealand potion, you will need ‘Pet Tags + Jandel’s Head’. You can use this potion to aain a pet Kiwi.

    • New Zealand Potion

You can also create New Zealand Potion by combining the ‘Pet Tags + Foryxe’s Head’ You can use this potion to get a pet Kiwi.

About Glinda the Witch Quest

Glinda is the Witch who will ask for your help to find a way to leave, after she crashed and landed into the oasis. If you want to help her, you can begin creating a Hot Potion to help light her cauldron’s fire. After that, she may also ask you to search for some randomized ingredients to brew a potion.

Well, Glinda’s request here is called the Glinda the Witch Quest. Certainly, completing this quest will be complicated, as Glinda asks you to make a Hot Potion and Speedy potion. After completing the quest, you can then trackdown a few items for completing the potion’s brew that the Glinda witch is creating.

Through the Glinda the Witch quest, for the first completion, she will give you the Witches Brew. The award that she gives will be repeated daily for 20 gems.

Need to know, Glinda the Witch Quest will only require you to craft a Hot Potion and a Speedy potion the first time you talk with her. She will also ask you to find the special ingredients which only witches use.

Afterwards, if you are trying to add one of the ingredients to your cauldron, instead it will be replaced with a similar ingredient. The ingredients that turn into the special ingredients coincidentally. You need to know that not all placed inside your cauldron are starter ingredients.