Highest Paying Job in BitLife

Do you want to be rich in BitLife? If you want to be rich, then you have to make sure that you choose the right job. It means that you need to have the highest paying job. But, what is it? Let’s find out the facts about it here.

The Highest Paying Job

There are a lot of jobs that you are able to choose in BitLife. Same as real life, there are some career options in this game that you can take up either from an educational background or a non-educational background. From those available jobs, what are the highest paying jobs in this game? There are some jobs that we can say that can give you a good salary. Here they are.

Highest Paying Job in BitLife1

  • CEO of A Company

As you know that in real life, the richest people are usually a CEO, for example Elon Musk who is the CEO of Tesla, Jeff Bezos who is the CEO of Amazon, and Mark Zuckerberg who is a CEO of Facebook. So, same as in real life, in ButLife, you are also able to get a lot of money by being a CEO. However, it is not easy to be a CEO in the game. Nevertheless, it is not as difficult as in real life. In the game, you are able to expect to make a 7 figure salary and it is based on how huge your company is. You need to know that you will have a long road to be able to be a CEO in the game. So, be prepared.

  • Lead Actor

Same as in real life, if you become a lead actor, it will give you not only fame but also a lot of money. So, being a lead actor is one of the highest paying jobs. You can be a lead actor in movies or TV where you will always be in the spotlight. If you choose to be an actor in this game, you will have a seven-figure salary and it is a good thing. To be a lead actor, you are able to start it with being a Voice actor and then you have to work hard and then make your way up to the top so that you can be a lead actor. Of course, you will face a lot of hard work and selection of the right options.

  • Chief Justice

It is a good thing if you are able to maintain law and order. However, if you are able to be the top of the judicial system of your country, it is great. If you want to be a chief justice, the requirement is to have years of hard work. Besides, you also need grit and the sense of truthfulness before you can be a Chief Justice. If you are successful to be a Chief Justice, you will get a boosted salary and you will be paid more. When you become a Chief Justice, you will not be at the top of the justice chain, but also you will have the right to put the wrong people in jail. It means that when you become a Chief Justice, you will not only have a lot of money but also power. It is a good combination, isn’t it?

  • Doctor

You may agree that becoming a doctor is a traditional route that you can use to make money. If you want to be a doctor in the game, you have to do very well at school. Then, it requires you to take Medical School and it will take a long time to complete. However, if you are successful in making it through all of the classes, you will be very well paid after you are out of school. At the end, you are able to get to Brain Surgeon where it is the highest paying career.

  • Model

Another job which can give you the highest salary is a model. If you have a good look, you can be a model. There are a lot of people who dream of being a star model where they can use their beauty to make a fortune. Then, if you also have a good look, you can decide to be a model in the BigLife Runway Model. If you choose to be a model, it will get you close to getting a six figure salary and it is a great thing. By becoming a model, you will not only be famous, but also you will get a lot of boosts. You will be surrounded by social media, do photo shoots and advertisements and many more things.

  • Criminal

In real life, this is not a good choice of course. However, in the BitLife game, this job is one of the highest paid jobs. By being a criminal, you are able to get a fortune. Nevertheless, becoming a criminal is a dangerous thing. It is because you will have to jump through cars, steal things, rob banks, and some other challenging but bad things. If you decide to be a criminal, you also have higher risks of getting caught by police and the worst thing is that you may end up in jail.

Jobs in BitLife

In the BitLife game, jobs are forms of employment. They provide characters with different levels of income. If you want to get the highest paid job, you can choose one of the jobs that we explained above and you have to make sure that you plan it well when you start the game.

Some jobs in this game can lead to a very successful career in your life of this game. The payment of the jobs that you will receive are various. Some jobs even require a greater level of education and certain schooling.

When you choose careers in the game, it relies on steady planning and where you live. If you emigrate, it forces you to get a new career. Most jobs in this game provide raises of salary based on performance or depending on the looks, smarts and job.

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