Halo Infinite Skewer Rifle

Are you looking for information about a Skewer Rifle? If you are a player of Halo Infinite, you may be looking for information about this weapon. I tried to find information about the Halo Infinite skewer from some online sources, and here is what I found about the skewer.

What is Skewer?

According to Halopedia, the Skewer is an infantry-portable anti-tank spike weapon which is used by the Jiralhanae, mainly the Banished. The design of this weapon is a traditional one of Jiralhanae origin before the Brutes’ joining of the Covenant hegemony.

How about the usage of this weapon? This weapon is used by Banished Skewer-bearers. Jiralhanae troops often use the weapon to give devastating effect against enemy infantry.

Halo Infinite Skewer Rifle

Skewer Design Details

As explained on the Halopedia, here are the design details of the Skewer. The Skewer is a weapon which is anti-tank where it is used by Banished Jiralhanae. The operator is known as Skewer-bearers. A rocket-sized spike is fired by the launcher and it can pierce through the armor of a main battle tank or punch through the energy shields and titanium shell of GEN3 MJOLNIR armor even from range.

There is an emitter of some kind in the launcher which is used to launch the spike round and it is able to be intensified. It probably can adjust the muzzle velocity of the fired projectile.

When it is ready to fire, the spike projectile of the Skewer in the barrel is able to be seen appearing from the weapon and you can see that under the barrel, there is a sword-length bayonet. When this weapon is used to combat infantry, the force of the projectile impact can send the target flying back or drop them from the elevated surfaces. You can also use them as anti-air weapons with the spikes which can penetrate the armored cockpit of a Phantom dropship.

The Operational History of Skewer

According to the Halopedia, here is the operational history of the skewer.

In the Pre-Covenant era, the design of the Skewer predates the Jiralhanae’s joining of the Covenant empire circa 2492.

The Jiralhanae Choros used a Skewer during the raid on the keyship Anodyne Spirit during the Second Ark Conflict. And then, Banished forces used some Skewers on Reach during Operation: WOLFE.

Other Information About Skewer

Other Information About Skewer

If you access Youtube, you will find a video entitled The Skewer Rifle In Halo Infinite Is *Chef Kiss* which was uploaded by Ayo Veezy on November 17th, 2021. The length of the video is 43 seconds and it has been watched more than 150 times.

In the GamesRadar, it is explained that the Skewer is another of the Banished new Halo Infinite weapons where it is a long-range sniper weapon which has the abilities of the vehicular destruction  and the appearance is like a rocket launcher. Furthermore, it is also explained that this weapon is a massive shoulder-mounted cannon which can fire a giant javelin spike at very high speeds. If you hit a Spartan with one of these spikes, it will result in a one-hit kill. This weapon also has a variable zoom scope like the S7 Sniper Rifle, and it is effective against vehicles where it can be one shot small and fragile vehicles such as Ghost, Mongoose, and Wasp. If you want to balance it out, the size of the skewer means it handles slowly and it is only able to hold one spike at a time with a lengthy reload between each one.

Some Other Weapons in Halo Infinite

As explained on Games Radar website, there are 22 weapons in Halo Infinite and here are some of those weapons according to Games Radar. To find the complete list, you can access Games Radar site.

    • Battle Rifle
      Battle Rifle can be used in this game where it features as one of the top precision weapons in Halo Infinite.The BR75 version of the Battle Rifle which is able to be seen in this game brings back the original Bungie-era appearance where it is completed with the mounted scope to give accurate aiming at longer ranges. In this game, if you want to defeat an enemy Spartan, it can be done in just four bursts as long as every bullet can hit the head of your enemy. Let’s compare it with Halo 5: Guardians. Battle Rifle BR75 has a fire rate which is slower and vertical recoil. With these things,  so it is much less effective at closer range unless you are able to get those headshots consistently.
    • Commando
      In Halo Infinite, the VK47 Commando can be found and used. This weapon has a fully automatic fire mode and 3x tactical optic but slower rate of fire and high recoil. Besides, this weapon also has a small 20-round magazine so that it is aimed for accurate fire at medium range which is able to go toe-to-toe with the Battle Rifle. However, it also gives players fighting at close-range which is able to control its strong recoil.
    • Sniper Rifle
      In Halo Infinite, you are able to use the original UNSC Sniper Rifle where it returns as the S7 Sniper Rifle. It is one of the weapons which has not changed  from game to game. Same as previous versions, this weapon still has the usual four-round magazine, its variable zoom scope but this time in a 5x-10x configuration and can still one-shot kill in multiplayer if you are able to pull off a headshot.
    • Assault Rifle
      You are able to use a Halo Infinite iteration of the Assault Rifle namely the MA40 where it features a high rate of fire, a 36-round magazine and decent handling. With the features that it has, this weapon becomes a versatile close-range weapon. With smart-link sights which returns from Halo 5: Guardians, it is able to be effective up to medium ranges if you have good recoil control. However, you need to know that the Assault Rifle will be outclassed by any of the precision weapons such as the Battle Rifle. The reason is because it is not accurate enough and the bullets do not deal enough damage.