Halo Infinite Crossplay PC and Xbox

The multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite has been released by the developer called 343 Industries a few days ago. As for the single player campaign, it is going to be launched on December 8 this year. Following that, the co-op campaign mode of the game will be released later. As of now, the players can try the online multiplayer modes only.

The release of the multiplayer mode makes people wonder if the crossplay feature is available in Halo Infinite. So, is there a crossplay feature in the game? If you are curious about this feature and if it is available on PC and Xbox, check out the following information.

Halo Infinite Crossplay PC and Xbox

Does Halo Infinite multiplayer have crossplay for PC and Xbox consoles?

Those who are wanting to play a game called Halo Infinite should be happy because the game does have crossplay between all of its platforms. With this feature, you will be able to play the game with the other ones who have it.

With the Halo Infinite crossplay, it can attract the other ones to play and enjoy the game with their friends. It has been known that a lot of people prefer playing the game with their friends rather than by themselves. The chance of getting more audience is higher knowing that the game itself is free to play. Since Halo Infinite is also on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, those who do not have an Xbox system or gaming PC will be able to stream it. It will be better if Microsoft gets cloud gaming working on smart TVs.

What should you do to turn Halo Infinite crossplay on?

In fact, Halo Infinite crossplay is always on by default. As of now, there is no need for you to do anything in order to activate it.

Is it possible to turn off Halo Infinite crossplay?

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to turn off Halo Infinite crossplay right now. For those who are good enough with playing against mouse and keyboard players, with a few input-based queues, you will be allowed to matchmake with similar players.

There will be an option to switch to the solo or duo queue if you are playing ranked and click on the crossplay option. From here, you will be able to choose either Keyboard/Mouse or controller options. After that, you will be put in a queue with those players. By following the method, matchmaking should be a bit easier for those who do not want to play against mouse and keyboard players.

Is there Halo Infinite cross progression?

Those who are planning to split your game time between PCs, there is good news for you. Apparently, Halo Infinite cross progression is live. The information about it was confirmed and it was posted on the Halo Waypoint Blog. With the Halo Infinite cross progression, you will be able to play the game on either platform and the progress will carry through to that platform. As a free to play player, monetization of cosmetics will be an important part of the game going forward. The statement means that you will be able to keep the rewards on one account that is shared across more than one platform.

Is there input-based matchmaking in Halo Infinite?

There is input-based matchmaking in Halo Infinite. However, it is only in one mode as of now. You will be able to find an option on the matchmaking screen to select your input if you are playing Ranked as a solo player or with one friend as a duo. Feel free to select between Keyboard/Mouse and Controller. Regardless of the option that you choose, you will only be matched with those who are using the same input.

Keep in mind that the Ranked Solo/Duos is currently the only mode with this feature. There is a drop down menu in the larger Arena Ranked mode with an option to turn the crossplay off. However, to keep it on is the only option in the menu right now.

What should you do to tell when Halo Infinite crossplay is working?

Apparently, the crossplay of Halo Infinite is always on. However, there is no certain sign that tells that those in your lobby are on PC or Xbox. Both pre-game lobby and the in-game scoreboard do not have Xbox or PC symbols next to the username, which is different compared to Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends. It is believed that the developer wants to hide the information from the players. So far, it seems like the PC users have more benefits compared to the users of consoles. However, the thing might change knowing the game is still considered new. There is a possibility for the developers to hide the thing that is used by a player to prevent something bad from happening.

How do you invite Steam friends?

How do you invite Steam friends

It is really easy to invite Xbox friends that are playing on PC or consoles. Unfortunately, the social menu of the game does not surface Steam friends just like that. There are two options to choose from to invite Steam friends to your fireteam. The first one is by pressing Shift + Tab to summon the Steam overlay, right click a friend, and invite. The second one is to go to the social menu of the game by pressing Tab that is found on the main menu and then click Find Friends that is located at the bottom. Aside from clicking Find Friends, another alternative is to click G. After that, choose Steam.

How do you invite Discord friends?

It is really easy to invite Discord friends. The easiest one is to do it on your Discord client and not in the game. If it works well, you should be able to see an invite option in the text box of the server that you are in while the game is running. After sending an invitation, it will show up in the text channel that you are viewing along with a join button that will immediately place the friends in the fireteam.

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