Grand Summoners Tier List 2021

Grand Summoners has rapidly become one of the hottest mobile RPG games in the world. By cutting down the features for fantastic adventure riddles, it also makes the battle more fun and challenging. The players will enjoy the battle though it can sometimes get extremely hard especially toward the endgame.

Of course, in order to win more battles in the Grand Summoners game, using the best heroes and having a great strategy is a must for you. Sure, to get the best strategy, you need to place the best of the best heroes on your team.

 Grand Summoners tier list 2021

To know which heroes are worth investing and acquiring in, you surely can use the tier list to rank the heroes from best to worst. So, by seeing from the list, you can finally decide which heroes to put on your team. Well, here are the Grand Summoners Tier List 2021 to ease you find the best heroes.

S – Tier

The heroes in tier S can be mentioned as the best and recommended heroes to put on your team. Of course, they really have an advantage regardless of the circumstance they are put in. Please choose the heroes in S Tier if you want to win the battles.

Hero Role
Berwick Secondary Attacker
Vox Primary Attacker
Mako Support
Shuri Primary Attacker
Sakura Secondary Attacker
Holy Knight Goddess Feena Support
Melty Support
Priestess Healer/Support
Fen Support
Rosetta Support
Rem Secondary Attacker
Empress of the Spirit World Sonije Support
Swordsman Berwick Primary Attacker
Ashe Secondary Attacker
Rimuru Support
Ruthless Demon Divine Celia Primary Attacker
Spy of Darkness Fen Secondary Attacker
Norn Secondary Attacker
God of Dragon Knights Weaver Secondary Attacker

A – Tier

The heroes in A Tier are excellent heroes which constitute most of the game’s current beat. They can be categorized as very good heroes after the best heroes in S tier.

Hero Role
Raphtalia Secondary Attacker
High Elf Archer Secondary Attacker
Queen of Ancient Powers Aristela Healer
Ginzo Primary Attacker
Dragon Lord Gerald Defender
Blazing Flame Empress Lione Secondary Attacker
Kisaragi Primary Attacker
Sealed Terrible Tyrant Lygor Secondary Attacker
Hero of Darkness Zeorg Defender
Radiant Sword Goddess Talis Breaker
Icicle Spear Goddess Alvina Primary Attacker
Shining Divine Warrior Platina Breaker
Sealed Demon of Destruction Fosly Breaker
Riviera Primary Attacker
Hime Support
Naofumi Iwatani Luck/Defender
Blazing Divine Guardian Sanstone Defender
Saitama Primary Attacker
Celia Defender
Speed-o’-sound Sonic Primary Attacker
Ragsherum Primary Attacker
Goblin Slayer Primary Attacker
Tamae Primary Attacker
Milim Primary Attacker
Divine Fox Painter Sumire Support
Flame Spirit Empress Lian Secondary Attacker
Elusive Cannon Princess Courtney Breaker

B –Tier

The heroes in  Tier can be categorized as good heroes. You can use them if you really cannot use the heroes in A Tier. However, winning the battle by using them may be a bit hard.

Hero Role
 Bloody Devil Spy Millenia Secondary Attacker
 Illusory Twin Blade Melia Primary Attacker
   Benimaru Secondary Attacker
 Inferno God Ifrit Primary Attacker
 Duke Breaker
Secret Counsel Cathemilia Support
Saku Secondary Attacker
Master of the Six Demons Mixie Support
Divine Conqueror God Nies Secondary Attacker
Master of Dragons Louvet Primary Attacker
Amane Secondary Attacker
Intelligent Divine Governor Parlot Healer
Hades Knight Emperor Regulus Primary Attacker
Shining Winged Emperor Daki Primary Attacker
Leone Primary Attacker
Clyde the Crimson Sword God Primary Attacker
Destructio Machien Goddess Lapleh Secondary Attacker
Sword Ruler Luda Primary Attacker
Terrible Tornado Breaker
Hellish Blizzard Secondary Attacker
Dark Winged Swordsman Raki Primary Attacker
Garou Primary Attacker
Soul Destruction God Zenon Secondary Attacker
Spear Spirit Empress Daisy Breaker
Lord of Black Art Onfuan Defender
King of Beasts Lozze Secondary Attacker
Corsair, the Frozen Empress Primary Attacker
Blazing Axe Empress Rishley Primary Attacker
Branches of God Valhalla Healer
Emerald Blademaster Vogue Primary Attacker
Mira Primary Attacker
Phantom Operative Jill Breaker
Arth, The Emerald Sword Emperor Breaker
Ryuko Matoi Primary Attacker
Est Breaker

C – Tier

The heroes in C Tier are still good to use for battles. However, we don’t recommend you to choose them first than the heroes in B Tier and A Tier.

Hero Role
Sorceress of Space-Time Alma Support
Beast Hunter Goddess Shadie Support
Queen of Frozen World Selia Support
Shiki Secondary Attacker
Filo Primary Attacker
Magnificent Star Archer Mamori Secondary Attacker
Satsuki Breaker
Forbidden Knowledge Keit Secondary Attacker
Dragon Guardian Empress Nerim Healer
Liese Healer/Primary Attacker
Aquarias Empress Yomi Primary Attacker
Haden Flower Empress Pola Secondary Attacker
Kane Primary Attacker
Ninja Machina Jack Primary Attacker
Mad Creator Kayas Primary Attacker
Holy Sword Zeschia Breaker
Zeorg Primary Attacker
Inferno Emperor Ragna Breaker
Death Sickle Queen Lily Primary Attacker
Genos Secondary Attacker
Healing Sorceress Valentia Support
Holy Slasher Rhodia Breaker
Sealed Fox Princess Zeela Support
Radiant Spear God Reyon Breaker
Eternal Rage Marzex Primary Attacker
Roy Breaker
Maiden Princess End Secondary Attacker
Magical Shadow Goddess Dahlia Secondary Attacker
Evil Demon Empress Coco Breaker
Scarlet Giant Zoldes Support
Great Wolf Assassin Sly Primary Attacker
Inferno Guardian Goddess Anna Primary Attacker
Fatal Savior Marzex Primary Attacker
Silent Divine Palamicia Breaker

D – Tier

We think that if you choose the heroes in D Tier, you may have a hard time winning the battle. However, those heroes flaws which hinder the development of your party with too few redeeming qualities.

Hero Role
Dark Destroyer Leon Support
Mother of Dragons Alche Healer
Dragon Master Zoroas Breaker
Magical Warrior Mizyna Primary Attacker
Thunder God Rhiothis Support
Demon Assassin Voghan Breaker
Deus Ex Vaid Breaker
Blazing Spirit Feld Support
Forever Guard Duran Defender/Healer
Arrow Emperor Keiones Primary Attacker
Eden Support
Riana Primary Attacker
Azure Holy Beast Elfalla Support
Hammer Emperor Catilou Healer

F – Tier

The heroes in F Tier are the worst heroes in the Grand Summoner game. Well, replacing them with the previous tier list either D tier or C tier is better for you. Here are heroes that you can find in F tier.

Hero Role
Ultimate Swordsman Guard Rasaou Breaker
Godwyrm Dargeon Primary Attacker
Wise Behemoth Olgeth Primary Attacker
Demonic Blaze Teriodos Secondary Attacker
Leaf Guardian Ashe Toto Support
Dragon Ruler Arosdea Primary Attacker
Knight of All Nature Elmessio Secondary Attacker

Well, those are all Grand Summoners heroes based on the tier list in 2021.

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