Giorno’s Theme Roblox ID

In Roblox, you can play many different songs while playing your favorite Roblox games. Songs will be a mood booster when you are stuck playing the game. With a wide selection of audios in Roblox Library, you definitely can select your favorite song and play it.

If you like very upbeat and fast-paced songs, you can select a Giorno Theme song that is perfect for gaming. Certainly, you must know the ID of the Giorno Theme song, before you can add and play it while playing a game. Thankfully, this post will show you the Giorno Theme Roblox ID below!

Here’s the ID Code of Giorno Theme!

Giorno Theme is a soundtrack from Jojo Bizarre series. The original Giorno Theme can be found on Jojo’s Music YouTube Channel. This song has more than 6 million viewers with over 125K likes. To listen to the official Giorno Theme by Jojo, you can click the link here.

Giorno Theme is rapidly popular after many Roblox creators changed a different version to the original tone of Giorno Theme. Since then, there are a lot of Roblox players who really want to use this song for their background music and they are looking for the Giorno Theme ID.

The ID code of Giorno Theme is 4456886461.

After finding the ID code of Giorno Theme, you can then add the ID used to play the song while you are playing your favorite games. Here are the other Giorno Theme IDs that you can use in your game:

    • JOJO Golden Wind Giorno’s Theme : 4417688795
    • Giorno’s Theme Roblox ID (New): 2890284127
    • Giorno Theme (REMIX): 6049213444
    • Giorno Theme HARDBASS: 3970220702

How to Listen to Giorno Themes While Playing Games in Roblox?

Giorno's Theme Roblox ID

Everytime you want to listen to any Roblox Audios while playing your favorite games, you will need a Golden Boombox. You can find it in the Roblox catalog. So as with Giorno Theme audio, if you want to listen to this audio, you also have to add Golden Boombox to your game.

After the Golden Boombox already appears in your game, you can then click on it to show a GUI window. You can then enter or paste the Giorno Theme ID into the GUI code bar. After that, you can click the ‘Play’ button to start listening to Giorno Theme audio while playing your favorite games.

Aside from using Golden Boombox, you can also play Giorno Theme through the admin command. However, this way can only be used by an admin whose game. If you are an admin and want to listen to Giorno Theme, you just simply press the ‘CTRL + V’ key to paste it in your music ID. You can now enjoy listening to Giorno Theme audio in Roblox.

How to Use Giorno Theme as a Sound Effect in Roblox?

In addition to just listening to Giorno Theme while playing the Roblox game, you can also use this audio as Sound Effect. To use this audio as a sound effect, you will have to use the audio model for interactive GUI objects. Then, you can hook it up to the ‘Activated’ event listener for the GUI button.

If you want to add the GUI sounds, you can add a new ‘ScreenGUI’ in StarterGUI. After that, you must enter a new ‘TextButton’ within it. You can get more tutorials to read basic information here.

Afterwards, you need to choose a new button and then attach a LocalScript and remove all contents on the script bar. You can then start to paste the scripts, as follow:

Local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”)

— Require audio player module

local AudioPlayer = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“AudioPlayer”))

— Set up sounds


            [“SimpleClick”] = 3061551819


— Reference the button

local textButton = script.Parent

— Function activated when button is pressed

local function onButtonActivated() 




Once you’ve inserted the script, you can then play and test the game first. If you do the guide step-by-step procedurally, you will successfully use Giorno Theme as a sound effect. Additionally, the sound effect may be ideally heard specified in the bold line of the following script:

— Function activated when button is pressed

 local function onButtonActivated()




More Roblox Audios IDs

In addition to Giorno’s Theme, you may also want more Roblox audios that you can play while playing Roblox games. Of course, you will find many audios in Roblox Library, as Roblox provides millions of audios in a variety of genres. So, here’s a list of popular Roblox audios you can find in Roblox audios:

Track Roblox ID
Egg hunt 2022 leak 5128532009
Caillou Trap Remix 212675193
ZEROTWOOOOO 3951847031
SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS (100,000+ sales) 16044208
shrek anthem 152828706
Banana Song (I’m A Banana) 169360242
raining tacos 142376088
GFMO – Hello (100k!!) 214902446
Wide Put in Walking Audio 5356051569
Raining Tacos (check desc) 142295308
NARWHALS 130872377
Old Town Road 2862170886
CRAB RAVE OOF 2590490779
no 130786686
Nightcore – Titanium 398159550
KFC is illuminati confirmed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) 205254380
I Like Trains 131072261
I’m Fine 513919776

What Is Roblox ID?

If you are trying to add audio into a Roblox game, you will need to use Roblox ID. In Roblox, ID is a source of when the players, groups, items or assets were created in relation to other items. Well, the ID number can be found at the URL on a player, asset, group or item page.

In Roblox, there are a number of different IDs that represent some different fields including user ID, Item ID, Song ID and many others. The user ID is a unique number that helps you determine how long you have been in Roblox.

In addition to user ID, the item also has a unique ID where the shorter the IDs found at the URL, the longer the user/ item has been on Roblox. For Roblox audio, the ID can be used to play the song while playing Roblox. For Roblox game developers, the Asset ID can be used to add the audio into their own game.