Geraldo Rivera Net Worth

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The Net Worth of Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera is an American attorney, author, reporter, journalist, and talk show host who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. He first rose to prominence in the 1970’s and 1980’s. He won awards for his investigative journalism reports on abused patients, Elvis Presley’s death and John Lennon’s death. Geraldo Rivera went on to host a number of talk shows, and currently he is the host of Geraldo at Large on Fox.

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Career of Geraldo Rivera

We get information that his news entertainment career began in the 1970s when he was hired as a reporter on WABC-TV. Geraldo Rivera obtained international popularity thanks to the eponymous show “Geraldo” that ran from 1987 to 1998. For your information, Geraldo Rivera hosted “Rivera Live” on CNBC from 1994 to 2001.

Two months after the nine attacks in 2001, Geraldo Rivera jumped over to Fox News. For the next some years Geraldo Rivera worked as a war correspondent, reporting from Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and more. Geraldo Rivera had 22 combat assignments during this period, most of which lasted weeks at a time and put him in extremely dangerous situations.

From the year of 2009 to the year of 2011 Geraldo Rivera hosted “Geraldo at Large” on Fox News. Geraldo Rivera served as a Fox correspondent on some Fox programs for the next decade. Beginning in the year of 2018 Geraldo Rivera launched a radio show in Cleveland.

During Geraldo’s career, he won about seven Emmy awards and a Peabody award for the report on abused and neglected mentally retarded patients. As of this writing, Geraldo Rivera has authored eight books. Also, Geraldo Rivera was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice.

According to research, Geraldo Rivera has been married five times. He has five children. Currently, Geraldo Rivera is married to Erica Michelle Levy. They married in the year of 2003. They have a daughter, while Geraldo Rivera has four other children from his previous marriages. In May 2015, Geraldo Rivera and Erica paid $5.6 million for an apartment in New York City. In November 2016, They put the apartment up for sale for $7.2 million. Eventually, they found a buyer for $6.1 million. Previously Geraldo Rivera owned a smaller unit in the same building which he bought for $3.4 million in the year of 2011. It sold in the year of 2015 for $3.96 million.

In the year of 2017, Geraldo Rivera moved to his wife’s hometown of Cleveland where they bought a $2.8 million 13,000 square-foot mansion. They still have a waterfront vacation home in Edgewater (New Jersey) which they attempted to sell in the year of 2015 for $3.75 million, but eventually removed from the market and still own to this right now.

Early Life of Geraldo Rivera

Early Life of Geraldo Rivera

Based on the research, Geraldo Rivera was born on July 4, 1943, in New York City. His father was a Puerto Rican Catholic. While his mother was Jewish descent from Russia. Geraldo Rivera was raised Jewish. He had a bar mitzvah ceremony. Geraldo Rivera grew in Brooklyn and West Babylon where he attended the West Babylon High School. Occasionally, Rivera’s family was subjected to prejudice and racism. We get information that his mother took to spelling their name as “Riviera” for avoiding to have bigotry directed at them.

Geraldo Rivera attended the State University of New York Maritime College in the Throggs Neck part of the Bronx from the year of 1961 to 1963. Geraldo Rivera was a part of rowing team. Afterwards, Geraldo Rivera moved to the University of Arizona. He accepted a B.S. in business administration in the year of 1965.

Geraldo Rivera took lots of jobs, from clothing salesman to a short-order cook. He enrolled at the Brooklyn Law School in the year of 1966. Also, Geraldo Rivera held internships with the New York County District Attorney under crime-fighter before accepting his J.D. in the year of 1969. Then, Geraldo Rivera held a Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship in poverty law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in the summer of 1969 before being admitted to the New York State Bar that year.

After working with organizations such as the lower Manhattan-based Community Action for Legal Services and the National Lawyers Guild, Geraldo Rivera often became an attorney for the East Harlem-based New York City chapter of the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican activist group, finally precipitating his entry into private practice. Later, this work attracted the attention of WABC-TV news director Al Primo when Geraldo Rivera was interviewed about the group’s occupation of a neighborhood church in the year of 1969.

Primo offered Geraldo Rivera a job as a reporter however was unhappy with the first name “Gerald” because he wanted something more identifiably Latino. Finally, they agreed to take the pronunciation utilized by the Puerto Rican side of Rivera’s family; Geraldo. Due to his dearth of journalistic experience, then ABC arranged for Geraldo Rivera to study introductory broadcast journalism under Fred Friendly in the Ford Foundation-funded Summer Program in Journalism for Members of Minority Groups at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in the year of 1970.

Personal life of Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera has been married five times:

    • Linda Coblentz (1965 to 1969, divorced)
    • Edith Vonnegut (1971 to 1975, divorced)
    • Sherryl Raymond (1976 to 1984, divorced), having a son named Gabriel Miguel who was born in July 1979.
    • Cynthia Cruickshank (July 11, 1987 to 2000, divorced), having children; Isabella Holmes who was born in 1992, Simone Cruickshank who was born in 1994.
    • Erica Michelle Levy (since August 2003 to now), having one daughter.

Geraldo Rivera has already admitted that they had a multi-year affair with Marian Javits, wife of New York Senator Jacob Javits, until the year of 1985.