Genshin Impact Scribe Box, Priest Box, Princess Box Locations to Unlock the Secret Room Door Easily

You may not know yet that there’s plenty of stuff that you can discover in Dragonspine region. However, this place holds a lot of  secrets which many genshin impact players don’t know about. One of the secrets can be found at the top of Starglow Cavern. What is it?

In the Dragonspine region, you surely have to find all of the three golden boxes to open the secret room door and then get one of the Stone Tablets. However, all boxes here have the precious materials and you should unlock it in order to unlock the secret room.

Genshin Impact Scribe Box, Priest Box, Princess Box Locations to Unlock the Secret Room Door Easily

Well, the Golden Boxes here include Scribes Box, Priest Box and Princess Box. Finding them can be actually easy as long as you really know where they are located. Don’t worry! This post will guide you to find all the Golden Boxes locations. Let’s see where it is!

Getting the Scribes Box, Priest Box and Princess Box, Here’s the Guide!

Need to know, all the Golden Boxes are hidden in the Dragonspine region. Of course, your concern here is to explore the Dragonspine area in order to obtain the golden boxes. To note, the location of each box may be different, so better for you to follow our guides as follow:

The Location of Princess Box

The first Golden box that you should find is the Princess Box. This box can be found at the top right of the Dragonspine region. Here, you will find the box on a small island in the center of the lake. After you find it, you really need to do some interactions with the blue tree on this island to begin the search.

In this location, there will be a total of three Cyro Mages which will spawn. Then, you need to take them out. Once you take them, you will have a chance to get this box. When you defeat them, you have to touch it in which you just have 60 seconds to take them out.

The point is, you can find the Princess box in the middle of the small island in Dragonspine region. To note, you should defeat three Abyss Mages/ Cryos Mages before.

In getting the Princess box, you surely have to compete with Sheer Cold. It means that you need to bring your Warming Bottle or some Goulash to help it with that.

The Location of Priest Box

The second Golden box that you should find is the Priest Box. However, finding this box will be easier than finding the Princess Box. You surely can find the Priest Box on the top of the old ruins. Well, the old ruins here are shown on the northeast side of the Dragonspine region.

To get the box, you just simply spawn the wind tunnel.  Then, you need to follow the steps of this path beside some small ruins to find Anemo Fairies. You absolutely can use them to make a wind current and ride it to the top of the ruined tower for about 10 feet away. Then, by seeing on the top, you definitely can get the Priest Box.

The Location of the Scribes Box

The third Golden Box that you should find once you successfully got the Princess Box and the Priest Box is The Scribes Box. To find it, you just simply travel to the south of the Teleport Waypoint located outside of the Starglow Cavern. In this place, you surely will find a Stone Monument near the northeast. Here, you should place some fresh flowers beside the monument to unlock the chest that contains the Scribes Box.

Now, you successfully obtain all the Golden Boxes that you will be ready to open the secret room door.

How to Unlock the Secret Room Door?

Once you successfully obtain all Golden Boxes, you can start heading to Starglow Caverns secret room door. In your way, you should place them all in the device. When you have reached the top of the cave, you just fly back to the east into another ramp that must be going upwards.

Important! Inside the secret room, there are a lot of precious items including the gold chests with Artifacts, Mora and Primogems, level up material, and the Crimson Agate

In this place, you will find the secret room located above the Teleport Waypoint on the other side of the cave. Here, you just need to search another location in this region to get out and then the door will be automatically next to the Fire Seelie Torch.

Congratulations! You can now unlock the secret room door by getting all the Golden Boxes before. In order to successfully get all of them, make sure that you follow our ways above.

More Dragonspine’s Secrets

Just like other regions in Genshin Impact, Dragonspine is one of the regions which has a hidden secret within. Then, one of them is a locked room that you should open to track down eight different stone tablets. Here’s for the location of all tablets:

  • First Stone Tablet – The first stone tablet can be found by simply heading to the west of the Snow Covered Path. Here, you will get it on a mound of earth.
  • Second Stone Tablet – This one can be found on the side of a footpath which is protected by a large enemy.
  • Third Stone Tablet – This stone is very awkward in which you should discover while you are working to thaw the shards. You can find it underground after you break through a sheet of ice.
  • Fourth Stone Tablet – This stone can be found by heading to the point which is usually marked on the map.
  • Fifth Stone Tablet – This stone is not hidden but it spawns at the Starglow Cavern teleporter. Make sure to make your way across the mountain to find it.
  • Sixth Stone Tablet – This stone can be found at the Statue of The Seven. Find it by heading around the mountain.
  • Seventh Stone Tablet – This Stone can be found outside of the locked door. Then, you have to find all the ruins to open.
  • Eighth Stone Tablet – This stone is the most awkward in which you will not get it until you can access the Domain.

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