Genshin Impact Festering Fang Quest (Dragonspine Spear Location & Reward)

The Festering Fang is the name of quests in the Genshin Impact that is included in the World Quest. Here is everything that you will need to learn to unlock this one and where it is found. Apart from this, you will be also informed about its rewards and a full guide to complete the quest.

Festering Fang Quest Details:

  • Quest Type: World Quest
  • Rewards: 450 Adventure Rank EXP, 50 Primogems, Dragonspine Spear, Diagram: Dragonspine Spear

How do you get the Festering Fang quest in Genshin Impact?

In order to start the Festering Fang quest, the first thing that you will need to do is to go to the red cave, just like the one area in Wyrmrest Valley. Then, you will be able to find a strange tooth located near the center of the area. Upon finding it, you have a chance to pick it up. Please take an item and you will be asked to go back to the camp to ask for more information.

Find Strange Tooth 0/3

Find Strange Tooth 0 3
Scarlet Quartz,,

For the one located in the upper right, you can find the strange booth in a small island in between Dragonspine mountain and south of Springvale. The frozen ice is the location where it is inside, so you will need to use a Scarlet Quartz that you can find in the marked area shown on the picture above.

second strange tooth location is marked on the map
 strange tooth

The second weird tooth location can be spotted easily on the map. There are a few bones sticking out of the floor. Please try to get close and interact with the possible things that you can interact with so you will be able to pick up the strange tooth.

The third location is located down to the south east. This one is called a Frost Lawachurl area. You might need to defeat it to pick it up. If you have to do so, you are recommended to use the Scarlet Quartzes so that you can find everyone for an advantage in the fight.

Vitalize the Strange Tooth

Vitalize the Strange Tooth

Once you have obtained 50 Starsilvers, the next thing that you will have to do is to go back to the smith at the camp. There, you will be asked to go back to the heart. There are 3 Fatuis that will appear when you get there. Those are Elector, Geo and Pyro. Do not forget to bring the required elements to help take down their shields. In case you forget about it, you are advised to keep using the Scarlet Quartz that is available in the area.

Please interact with the Heart once the 3 Fatuis have been defeated. By doing so, you will be surrounded by 8 more Fatuis that come in waves. If you want to make everything easier, it is better for you to bring a Pyro, Cyro, and Hydro characters. actually, the Scarlet Quarts that are lying around in the area can be helpful. However, it is still a slow progress.

  • 1st wave Fatuis: 1 Cyro and Electro
  • 2nd wave Fatuis: 1 Cyro and 2 Geo
  • 3rd wave Fatuis: 1 Electro, 1 Pyro, and 1 Geo

Crafting the Dragonspear

For anyone who wants to craft the Dragonspear, you will have to go back to the smith, Orban, and give the required materials to craft the spear to complete the quest. Finishing it will reward you with the weapon that has been crafted called Dragonspine Spear, the blueprint to craft the Dragonspine Spear, and an achievement Dragonspear in the category written Visitors on the Icy Mountain.

Dragonspine Spear

Dragonspine Spear

The effects of Dragonspien weapons are all the same. There is a 60% chance at level 1 refinement to deal additional damage by dropping an ice. The damage is worse if the opponent is affected by Cyro. Apparently, the dropped icy deals physical damage, and does not apply Cyro to the opponent.

When you explore the Dragonspine, you will be able to meet the special Strange Tooth that is guarded by some different kinds of gimmick. All that you have to do is to collect all the teeth to craft weapons for Dragonspine Spear.

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As the tasks are different, the rewards for each World Quest are also usually different. If you want to get everything that is offered, please try your best to complete these quests. Some of them are hard to complete while some others are not. If you have a hard time completing any quest and have some questions related to those things, you can address your curiosity at the members of the communities or forums related to Genshin Impact.

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