Fun Things to Do in BitLife When Bored

Sometimes, you get bored when playing BitLife, particularly if you do the same activities every day. The boredom you feel at BitLife can also be because you have literally done everything including already taking every job, getting every ribbon and everything. If that happens, you may need a bit of a different touch to your game.

In BitLife, there are a number of activities and challenges you can do, but if you do it every day, it will earn you boredom, right? Okay, it’s time to find out what fun things you can do in BitLife when you’re bored. Let’s see our post below to  get some fun activities in BitLife!

Fun Things to Do in BitLife When Bored

Here’s a List of Fun Things to Do in BitLife When Bored

Thankfully, we finally got some fun activities you can do in BitLife when you’re bored from a YouTube Channel named Lexi Roo. In the video, she shows 15 new challenges in BitLife for when you’re bored at home. Here are they:

    1. Battle Royale

      She puts battle royale as the first activity you can do in BitLife when bored. This challenge allows you to kill at least 100 people in one generation. She thinks that killing at least a hundred people will be difficult, as it needs some extra ways to do so.

    2. Family-Friendly

      The second one is about a family-friendly challenge where you need to have at least 100 children in a single year. Well, it’s such a tricky challenge to do. Even though it’s likely a joke, it’s very possible for you to do it.

    3. Redemption Arc

      She stated that this one is a bit hard to explain. Basically, you will need to ruin your life until you turn thirty. It talks about dropping out, going to jail, getting an addiction and many more, as long as you stay alive. When you are 30 years old, you can try to turn your life around and become a billionaire. The goal of this one is to reach $1 million.

    4. GTA 5 Challenges

      Why not try taking the GTA 5 challenge in BitLife. This challenge allows you to steal a hundred cars and then sell them on the black market. She thinks it would be a kind of cool challenge to do in BitLife.

    5. Real Estate Tycoon Challenge

      This one will challenge you to drop out of high school to get a job. After you turn 18, make sure to quit your job and make a million dollars by purchasing and selling houses. This challenge does not allow you to get a new job, inherit money, buy lottery tickets or gamble. If necessary, you may need to destroy your relationship with your parents as a kid to prevent inheriting from them.

    6. 101 Dalmatians Challenge

      In this challenge, you will need to buy Dalmatians or pets if you’re not a citizen in one generation. She says that it was close to getting yet, but you can try to put a little card, so you can check out how she was able to obtain a 100 in more donations. She also emphasized getting two generations.

    7. Black Widow Challenge

      Black Widow challenge would be funnier to do in BitLife. This challenge is not allowed to get a job or go to university. As soon as you turn 18, you can start to get a job and all income should come from your spouses that pass away. Your goal in this challenge is to get to 10 spouses and as few years as possible, you can either do this by marrying them and hiring someone to kill them or just taking it the long way without ending up in jail.

    8. Breed out the Weird

      To do this challenge, you can start with 10% looks and smartness. It can also be called Ugly to Beauty Challenge. This challenge will be fun to do, as it really needs a very long progress to do. That’s fine, but you cannot do the boosts and you cannot do plastic surgery. Your goal is to marry somebody who is good-looking and have the babies with him.
      Since you should look ugly, you do not do anything to increase your look. In the BitLife Sims 4 challenge, in order to get a bar full, you can try to do things like plastic surgery and all that kinds of stuff.

    9. Legacy Challenge

      The Legacy Challenge allows you to live through 10 generations. Then, you may need to give each generation a different job or a different goal, so that it is a bit more fun and just see how long it takes you to get through 10 generations.

    10. Social Influencer

      In this challenge, you can try to get 20 million followers in as few years as possible. The goal of this challenge is to get as many followers on social media as possible.

    11. Crime Only

      This may be an anti-mainstream challenge, as you will need to make a million dollars only using criminal activities. If you end up in jail, you definitely need to escape to make sure that you can reach the 1 million mark.

    12. BitLife Wheel Spin Challenge

      If you want a more fun challenge, BitLife Wheel Spin Challenge is a perfect option for you. You can use the wheels that are linked to make a unique challenge. You definitely can put different tiers, like education, job, marriage, kids, house, transportation and many others. You can spin the wheel one time and whatever thing it lands on, that’s what you have to do.

    13. 100% Perfect Challenge

      This challenge is the opposite of the Breed Out the Weird challenge where you should have 100% bars on everything.

    14. 100 Ex’s Challenge

      It’s such a fun challenge both for women and men, as you will be allowed to date 100 people in as few years as possible. In one year, you should date and then break up with 100 people. That’s so hard to do, isn’t it?

    15. Dream Life

      The last fun thing you can do in BitLife is Dream Life. This challenge allows you to create yourself and live out your dream life.

Watch the Lexi Roo’s videos about fun things to do in BitLife when bored on YouTube here.