Frostbite MM2 Value

In this page, we are going to inform you about the value of Frostbite MM2. If you want to know Frostbite’s Value in MM2, you have to read this entire article.

What value is Frostbite in MM2?

Frostbite is a godly knife in MM2. Formerly, it was obtainable through purchasing the Frostbite Item Pack gamepass for 1699 Robux during the Christmas Event 2019. Now, it is only obtainable by trading, since the Frostbite Item Pack Gamepass has been removed from the game.

Frostbite MM2 Value

To know Frostbite MM2 Value, read the text below.

    • Item Type: Knife
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Ways to Obtain: Purchasing The Frostbite Item Pack for 1699 Robux, Trading
    • Tier: 1
    • Value: x20 Seers (MM2V) 15 (Supreme)

From the explanation above, we are able to see that the value of Frostbite is x20 Seers (MM2V) 15 (Supreme). MM2 values and Supreme Values are the main value sites.

By the way, how about the appearance of Frostbite? Need to know that the handle of Frostbite is a black colored grip that is attached to 2 shiny silver guards. The blade of Frostbite knife is black in color and also it’s stamped into frozen ice.

Here are some facts about Frostbite MM2:

    • Frostbite was one of three godlies that released along with the Christmas Event 2019 update.
    • The other items in the Frostbite Item Pack gamepass were the Icey pet and the Frostbite knife effect.

About the Frostbite Item Pack gamepass

This is the new festive item pack that was released for 1699 Robux. The Frostbite Item Pack gamepass contained Frostbite (new godly knife), frostbite (new effect) and Icey the baby dragon (new godly pet). This pack was only available during the Christmas Event 2019. For your information, Christmas Event 2019 was an event which began on December 23, 2019 and ended on January 13, 2020. The Christmas Event 2019 displayed a new tier event, a mystery box, a challenge, a gifting center, a lobby, a leaderboard event, a gamepass and some new maps.

About Seer MM2

The value of Frostbite is x20 Seers (MM2V) 15 (Supreme). Now, we are going to talk about what Seer is. For your information, Seer is a godly knife which is used as the base value on lots of value lists, because it is the least valued godly item in the game. Seer knife was earned by crafting (salvaging 10 legendary weapons to obtain 20 legendary shards). Also, Seer can be obtained by trading.

About Seer MM2

By the way, what value is Seer in MM2? To find that answer, you need to see the text below. Here are details of Seer MM2.

    • Item Type: Knife
    • Rarity: Godly
    • Ways to Obtain: Crafting, Trading
    • Tier: 1
    • Value: x10 T1 legendaries, 6 (Supreme)

According to the research, Seer’s model was taken from the Overseer Short Sword. This knife features a jagged neon green blade with black hemispheres of varying sizes on its sides. The handle of this knife is black and jagged with neon green cracks. On its upper sides, there are 4 green eyes with vertical slit pupils of ranging sizes, the third eye from the top-down being the biggest.

Here are some facts about Seer MM2:

    • Seer utilized to be crafted by salvaging 5 legendary weapons for 10 legendary shards, before Season 1. But, now the players have to salvage twice that amount to craft one.
    • There was a short period of time in 2016 that Seer was unobtainable. It was due to crafting being closed temporarily during that time for updates. So, Seer could not be crafted.
    • Seer is the value indicator which is usually utilized on MM2 Values.
    • Seer has a chroma version named Chroma Seer.

How to get Frostbite through Trading?

As we explained above, originally , Frostbite was obtainable via purchasing the Frostbite Item Pack gamepass for 1699 Robux during the Christmas Event 2019. Now, it is only obtainable by trading, since the Frostbite Item Pack Gamepass has been removed from the game. For this case, here we will explain about trading in Roblox MM2. Some of you may not know about trading in Roblox MM2. After you read all the explanations below, we hope you will be able to understand the way to get Frostbite through trading.

Simply, we are able to say that trading is a method to exchange your own item to another Roblox player’s items. The item value is generally measured in Seers, rarity or demand.

    • To trade items in Roblox MM2, you have to click the desired person for trading. Then, a small menu will show the Profile and Trade buttons.
    • Now, you are able to click the Trade button. A request to trade will show on the screen of the person requested.
    • The desired person will be able to accept or deny your trade request. If the desired person accepts your trade request, a trading menu will cover the entire screen. But, if the desired person denies your trade request, then the trade request is going to disappear.
    • Your inventory is going to show on the left side on your screen.
    • To put an item into the trade, you have to click an item.
    • What the desired person puts into the trade will appear immediately. Every time the item is put into the trade, you will need to wait for approximately 6 seconds to accept. Please remember that you are only able to trade four items.

Aside from that, there is a button which allows you to disable your trade requests. So, if you do not want to trade items in Roblox, simply you are able to use that button. Meaning that you will not accept any incoming trade requests from other players. But, you are still able to trade with other players if their trades are on. There are many items that you are able to trade such as pets, guns, knives, and miscellaneous objects such as Wrapping Paper, Gifts, and Mystery Keys.