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There are lots of duck Villagers in the series of Animal Crossing. One of them is Freckles. When you are at this page, you may want to know some information about Freckles. If so, you should read this entire article. Here we are going to share some information about Freckles. We get all that information from Freckles Animal Crossing Wiki.

About Freckles ACNH Wiki

Freckles is one of the peppy duck villagers from the Animal Crossing series. Need to know that her English name references the freckles on her face, while her Japanese name is the word for tuna. Her catchphrase, ducky, relates to her species, as she is a duck. Freckles has a fashion hobby. According to research, prior to the Animal Crossing 2.0 Update, all villagers with this fashion hobby were female. Many of them had the Peppy or Snooty personalities.

Freckles ACNH Wiki

Appearance of Freckles ACNH

By the way, how about the appearance of Freckles? You have to know that Freckles is a pink duck with a brown tuft of hair. Freckles has 5 freckles in the middle of her face and her eyes are off to the side. Her feet and bill are yellow, and the tips of her feathers are white. In addition, this peppy duck villager named Freckles wears the Bright Tee.

Personality of Freckles ACNH

The Peppy villagers seem to be in a good mood frequently. They are easy to become friends with. As a peppy villager, Freckles are going to have the tendency to overreact in conversations regarding trivial subjects. Usually, she will be over-excited to see the player or other villagers. Like other peppy villagers in the game of Animal Crossing, Freckles is going to be discouraged from doing anything, including her usual hobbies. We get information that the Peppy villagers dream to be popular in the future. They read Ms. Nintendique, an unseen magazine that is read by normal, snooty, and other peppy villagers in the series of Animal Crossing.

Also, Peppy villagers are going to have a very short attention span. Thus, immediately they are going to forget several arguments or the tasks given to the player which were not completed. Freckles can easily get upset in conversation when the wrong things are said. Freckles is going to be kind with normal, jock, sisterly lazy, and other peppy villagers. However, Freckles may annoy and upset the cranky and snooty villagers, who have personalities that differ to hers. Due to the nature of peppy villagers, Freckles may mention how old or boring the cranky villagers are compared to her personality.

The House of Freckles

House of Freckles In Animal Crossing (interior)
In Animal Crossing (interior)

In Animal Crossing, the house of Freckles has no particular theme to it. She has lots of plants, a scale and two lawn chairs. Also, she has a small bathroom corner with a toilet placed behind a Cabana Screen. The wallpaper of Freckles is the Green Wall, while her flooring is the Bamboo Floor. Freckles has a stereo which will play K.K. Calypso.

House of Freckles In Animal Forest e+ (interior)
In Animal Forest e+ (interior)

In Animal Forest e+, the house of Freckles resembles a bath house. She has Froggy items, the table and the chair, as well as a bucket. Also, she has a milk case and a stack of spa chairs. Her flooring and wallpaper are the same as they are in her previous room. Aside from that, Freckles also has a Dice Stereo which now plays K.K. Song. It plays in subsequent entries.

House of Freckles In Wild World (interior)
In Wild World (interior)
House of Freckles In City Folk (interior)
In City Folk (interior)

In Animal Crossing: Wild World and City Folk, the house of Freckles has a relaxed feeling to it, consisting of a Kiddie Wardrobe and a froggy chair and also two puffoids. There is a Dice Stereo which plays K.K. Song. Freckles utilizes the Green Wall and the Bamboo Flooring, like in her other appearances.

House of Freckles New Life (interior)
In New Life (interior)

In Animal Crossing: New Life, the house of Freckles is very strange, with lots of different types of items scattered throughout. In her bathroom, she has a water cooler and a bathtub. Also, she has two fish that can reference the fact that her Japanese name means Tuna. Her Reel-to-Reel will play K.K. Song.

e-Card of Freckles

e-Card of Freckles

#217 Freckles

    • Gender: Female
    • Type: Duck
    • Star sign: Pisces
    • Clothes: Alt-seen print
    • Petphrase: Ducky
    • Password: nmSHjNiiVwEaEx

Amiibo Card of Freckles

Amiibo Card of Freckles

#236 Freckles

    • Type: Duck
    • Star sign: Pisces
    • Birthday: 2/19
    • Roll value: 1
    • Hand sign: Rock
    • Request: A fishy room under the sea


About Duck in Animal Crossing

Duck is a species of villager in the series of Animal Crossing. Ducks are distinguished by their wide rounded bills. Most ducks in the series of Animal Crossing have frontwards eyes, but several ducks have sideways eyes, like Freckles. According to research, only a few ducks have visible nostrils. In the series of Animal Crossing, there are 19 duck villagers; four are jock, four are snooty, four are lazy, four are peppy, one is smug and two are normal. As far now, there are no sisterly and cranky ducks. Most of the ducks’ catchphrases consist of the word “quack”.

Here are all duck villagers in Animal Crossing:

    • Bill (Jock)
    • Deena (Normal)
    • Derwin (Lazy)
    • Drake (Lazy)
    • Freckles (Peppy)
    • Fruity (Jock)
    • Gloria (Snooty)
    • Joey (Lazy)
    • Ketchup (Peppy)
    • Maelle (Snooty)
    • Mallary (Snooty)
    • Miranda (Snooty)
    • Molly (Normal)
    • Pate (Peppy)
    • Pompom (Peppy)
    • Quillson (Smug)
    • Scoot (Jock)
    • Shinabiru (Jock)
    • Weber (Lazy)

Based on the list above, we are able to see that other peppy duck villagers are Ketchup, Pate, and Pompom. Now, you may want to know about Ketchup. She is only able to move into a village if the player possesses her E-Reader card. Her name comes from food, tomato ketchup. She has a play hobby. She will come on the cover of Steep Hill. In fact, Ketchup returned to the series in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as part of the Welcome Amiibo update. By scanning Amiibo cards, you are able to find this duck via the campground and are invited to the town.