Fortnite Zone Wars Code

Zone Wars is one of Fortnite’s Creative maps which basically simulated the snaking, boxing, and tunneling style of play required in late games of competitive games. Of course, if you want to get better of your Fortnite skills, trying to enter zone wars code  is totally a must for you.

In order to practice end-game zones in a normal lobby, it firstly requires you to survive till the end-zone. Well, it could get daunting when you’re surrounded by numerous players who are just as good as you. Sure, it applies especially for high-level arena lobbies where timing, gameplay mechanics, and other aspects should be on-point.

That’s why the Fortnite Zone Wars maps come into Fortnite where they offer the same experience as end games will in a competitive or casual lobby. This post is going into more details of Fortnite Zone Wars code that you should choose to get your better gameplay style.

Here’s a list of Fortnite Zone Wars Codes:

Tilted Towers Map

Code: 2159-7741-9225

Tilted Towers Map

Tilted Towers is one of Fortnite Zone Wars maps which was created by u/PrettyboyAM. This map actually combined both elemental objects, they’re buildings and other props that can help you in practicing survival in tightly packed areas of the maps such as Lazy Lake, Misty Meadows and more.

However, this map is such a nostalgia of playing a game of Fortnite in Titled Towers with the fact that this is strategically designed in helping you up to your game in an area surrounded by objects.

Fox Clan Zone Wars

Code: 6130-6579-9491

Fox Clan Zone Wars

Fox Clan Zone Wars is one of the maps which hit the list almost as of how it looks. This map was created by Ducc who always creates the grand map, however, this one surely makes it to the top of our list. This zone wars map uses current Battle Royale loot and realistic zone movement and placement. Well, this map was really made for Fortnite Season 6.

Mountain Zone Wars

Code: 2120-6008-5979

When you hop in a game of Mountain Zone wars, you should be ready with the uneven mountain surface which will often pose a challenge to you. Just like most Fortnite creative maps, the best way to play this game is to hop into a party full of friends. So it can challenge each other to see who becomes the last-man-standing.

Moreover, it’s near impossible most of the time to predict end-zones in actual games. This map totally applies especially in competitive lobbies where the Storm surge can also be a problem. Of course, this map code will assist you to formulate strategies to survive the uneven mountain surface which may befall you every once in a while.

Sandman’s Box Zone Wars

Code: 6174-7596-9046

Sandman’s Box Zone Wars

Sandman’s Xbox Zone Wars was created by iiiSAndman where he provided an enclosed and fast-paced environment against other players. If you choose this map, you can only use shotguns such as Pump, Charge and Tactical as they are available weapons. Of course, you should think fast when you enter the match whether eliminate or be eliminated.

The Three Towers

Code: 1932-4066-7629

The Three Towers

This zone wars map really allows you to play in a fantasy setting in Fortnite. However, the three towers here offer a medieval experience mixed with the forests, villages and huge castles. You can go in as a solo, duo and also trio to play in this map.

Moreover, this map really assists you understand the game and also improve their game sense. You totally should save your materials and form reasonable strategies to outwit your enemies as the storm randomly moves to a particular location.

Synchronized Zone Wars

Code: 9210-4484-4006

Synchronized Zone Wars

This zone wars map really makes use of a rare game mechanic named the Storm Surge. After this feature is activated, the players in the round that has not eliminated other enemies will take 25 damage every 5 seconds.

Well, it means that this map is gorgeous for people who love to be in the heat of the action who do not want to sit around waiting to steal the kills of people crossing their path. So, make your own way to the top of the 16 players that this map allows.

Green Peaks Zone Wars

Code: 2557-4652-7806

Green Peaks Zone Wars

This is an aesthetic and seamless map to offer your gameplay experience. Green Peaks Zone Wars map features lush green mountain terrains. The design of this map seems to force the players to rotate upwards and then back down. We think it’s the perfect practice to get used to both low and high ground situations during end-games.

OG Fastest Realistic Solos

Code: 5509-1246-6699

OG Fastest Realistic Solos map will keep you on your toes by not only cycling your spawn points, but also other POIs as well. Of course, you will play this map by yourself against as many as 15 other players. In this case, Standard is the name of the game for the new and popular one. If you want to join the fray to shoot and loot as fast as possible, well, this map is perfect for you.

Sausage Zone wars (Mini-BR)

Code: 8325-5510-3277

Sausage Zone wars (Mini-BR)

Traditionally, most Fortnite Zone Wars maps are commonly tiny. Well, this map really offers you an entire island where you can run into your playground and indulge in end-game practice. In this map, you will find forests, water bodies, sands and some things you will normally find in a normal game of Fortnite.

Exiled Zone Wars

Code: 4063-2672-7711

Exiled Zone Wars

If you want to enjoy the aesthetics of a match and play in a new atmosphere on the regular, the Exiled Zone Wars is perfect for you. In this map, you can take a trip back to the dinosaur eras and should fight amongst a wasteland of bones and desert. Moreover, it uses life siphon and random loot spawns, so you should think fast and act on your intuition.

Grief – Zone Wars

Code: 2145-6942-8194

Grief - Zone Wars

This map really displays a serene island which is surrounded by nothing but the sound of the bullets and ocean. For more information, Grief is a small Fortnite Zone war map which is adjusted in a compact island with very little to protect yourself. You will then mainly need to rely on building using materials that can help them understand how to use mats in a stressful situation.

Well, those are some Fortnite Zone Wars code that you can use to get your perfect Fortnite skills.

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