Fortnite Sound Not Working on Xbox: Does It Happen Often?

You may be one of the Fortnite players who experience that the Fortnite sound is not working on your Xbox. If so, then you may wonder whether it happens often or not. Not only that, you also need the methods for fixing it for sure.

Does Fortnite Sound Not Working on Xbox Happen Often?

There is no information whether Fortnite sound not working often happens or not. However, the latest report is that this happens after Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 was launched. However, according to the Fortnite Insider site, sound not working is not the only issue which happens on Fortnite. There are some other issues which are experienced by players.

Fortnite Sound Not Working on Xbox Does It Happen Often

When the new season was launched, the servers were down for some hours because of the large number of players who were trying to log on at the same time. Epic Games explained that it was the biggest season launch with a record number of players trying to log in.

After the issue above was solved, then there were other server issues where it resulted in Epic adding a queue system which had its own issues. The queue counter showed that it counted down to zero, but players still could not access the game.

After this issue, there was also another issue where players got a blank white screen. However, this problem could be fixed an hour later.

And now, there are a number of reports that Fortnite audio/ sound on Xbox does not work, lag or cut out. Once again, there is no information whether this sound issue happens often or not. However, the important thing is that on December 16th, 2021, Fortnite Twitter account @FortniteStatus stated that they were investigating an audio issue that is occuring for Xbox players.

Before the sound issue on Xbox is finished to be investigated by the Fortnite team, there are some methods that players can try to do to fix this sound issue on Xbox. The explanation to fix the issue can be read below.

The Ways for Fixing Fortnite Sound Lag, Cutting Out, or Not Working on Xbox

There are a number of methods that you are able to try to fix the Fortnite sound issues including lag, cutting out or not working on Xbox. The explanation of each method can be read below where some of the methods and explanations were from the Game Revolution site.

    • You Can Try Restarting The Game
      Some Fortnite players made reports that they restarted the Fortnite game to fix this issue and it worked. However, even though this method worked for some players, there were some other players who tried to fix the issue with this method, but it could not work. Now, you do not know whether this method is able to fix the issue in your Xbox or not. So, it is better for you to try this method and hopefully it can fix the sound issue in your Xbox.
    • You Can Try Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Game
      Some players stated that the game was uninstalled and then reinstalled and they found that the issue could be fixed. So, why don’t you try this method to fix this sound issue on your Xbox?
    • You Can Try Restarting the Console
      There are some issues which are able to be solved by resetting the Xbox console. Sometimes, when you find that the game is buggy, restarting the console is the solution for fixing the issue.
    • You Can Check A/V Receiver Settings
      According to the Game Revolution site, there are two methods for  connecting an Xbox to an A/V receiver. If you have the console which is directly connected to your receiver, this issue may not appear. However, if you have the console which is connected to your TV, the issue may appear where sometimes ARC malfunctions. If you want to solve this problem, you are able to try the TV speakers. If this method works, you may need to check the ARC settings on your TV or reset your receiver.
    • You Can Make Sure The Headset is Configured Properly
      Do you use a headset? If so, you have to ensure that it is connected well and also you have to make sure that it is turned on as explained on the Game Revolution site because it may happen because the headset is not configured properly.
    • You Can Change Out The Cords
      Sometimes, HDMI cords can stop working. However, it  seldom happens. If you find that a cord on its way out shows video, but it does not generate audio, it means that you have to change out HDMI cables to make sure that you have a good connection as explained on the Game Revolution site.

About Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

About Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Here is the information about Weapons and People in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.


    • Ranger Assault Rifle
      This weapon is made for distance and it is forceful at medium range. In addition, it is able to be used at long range.
    • MK-Seven Assault Rifle
      This weapon is created from The Seven’s technology and it is a medium to long range weapon and it has a high rate of fire. This weapon has a sight which you are able to use while aiming.
    • Striker Pump Shotgun
      It is able to shoot a whole lot of pellets and boasts high burst damage.
    • Auto Shotgun
      Even though this weapon may not deal as much damage as the Striker Pump per shot, but it has a fire rate which is faster. Besides, it reloads two shells at a time.
    • Sidearm Pistol
      This is a trusty weapon that you are able to have. Sidearm Pistol is accurate and it can deal high damage at medium range and high headshot damage at close range.
    • Stinger SMG
      It can deal high damage to opponents and structures. It is also able to sting at medium range more than one may expect.
    • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper
      This weapon is able to deal high damage. Also, it has the ability to shoot three shots per clip.


By using the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass, some characters like Spider Man and other characters can be unlocked. Here are some other characters in this season.

    • The Lotus Walker, Shanta, which can be unlocked with the Battle Pass.
    • The wanderer, Ronin.
    • The nonsense Lt. John Llama.
    • The flavor-synthetic but attitude-authentic, Gumbo.
    • The optimistic outlaw, Harlowe.
    • The island-raised and island-defending, Haven.

In the season, you are also able to unlock the leader of The Seven, The Foundation.

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