Fortnite Deal Damage Near an Abductor

Alien invasion-theme season is on Fortnite’s Week 4 challenge. There are some new Epic quests for the players to complete for several bonus XP. Lots of these quests have involved several futuristic elements which have come to Fortnite, such as the UFOs, the mothership, and the powerful IO tech weapons. In this page, we are going to explain a certain quest that needs the Fortnite players to deal damage near an abductor.

For those who are wondering what an abductor is, it is a huge UFO which appear on the map that hover over several of Fortnite’s major points of interest, like Retail Row and Coral Castle. The players are able to see where the abductors are at before they are dropped from the battle bus, or they are able to use the image below with some of the locations circled. Please look for the UFO icons.

Fortnite Deal Damage Near an Abductor

Dealing Damage near an Abductor in Fortnite

This Fortnite challenge is a simple, and easy to accomplish solo, probably within one game. Dealing 1,000 damage seem like a lot, however the Abductors aspect of this is what’s tricky and an advantage. If you are new in Fortnite Season 7, now the Fortnite Battle Island will spawn three UFOs, or the Abductors, at the start of the game. Please be sure to note that the Abductor at Believer Beach is just one of the three which does not have random spawns around the map.

Easily, the Abductors are able to be landed on right out of the Battle Bus and hold scarce, low-tier weapons which will help you get the job done in dealing damage to other players. We suggest you to land at the Believer Beach Abductor as the POI is generally a very famous hot drop at the start of games. After you have dealt 1,000 damage near any of the three Abductors, then another 30,000 XP is in the bag for the Battle Pass.

How to Deal Damage near an Abductor?

To complete the Fortnite challenge, the players will need to deal 1000 damage to enemies on or around the spaceship. Even if you are on the ground near the ship, any damage dealt is going to be counted towards completion. One of the easiest methods to get this Fortnite challenge done is to head over to Believer Beach (that previously known as Sweaty Sands) and then look for the IO Guards, which are NPCs who can be killed easily. Best of all, any damage dealt to them counts, this way might be easier for those who do not want to mess with other human Fortnite players.

The players need to shoot down the IO guards near the abductor until 1000 damage is dealt. But, instead of outright killing the IO guards, just knock them down and wait until they get revived by one of their allies. After they are back on their feet, the players are able to keep shooting them to get closer to the damage goal. Please rinse and repeat, and then try not to let the IO guards get the win. They probably be weak alone, but after they get together in a group, it will be able to be trouble.

After the players complete this Fortnite challenge, they are able to search for this week’s batch of Alien Artifacts. More of them are added to the Fortnite map as the weeks go on, however the players are able to go back and collect previous artifacts from past weeks.

What are Abductors in Fortnite?

Abductors in Fortnite

One of the Fortnite challenges in Season 7 is to deal damage near an Abductor. For your information, Abductor are newly introduced alien aircraft which abduct people and teleport them to the mothership. They are huge purple craft which give off pink energy from their engines. They are able to be found floating above the map in random locations at the start of matches. They are very enormous, making them really difficult to miss. There are two primary ways to deal damage near them. Firstly, land on the Abductor. The players need to do this, and some loot will spawn there so you are able to arm up and have a gunfight if you want.

Another way is to land on the ground under them, looting whatever you are able to find. Then tracking down other players. It must be noted that damage dealt to IO guards, and even animals count toward the challenge. Please ensure you act fast, as it will not be long until the Abductor teleports you away to the mothership if you are close to it.

Where to find Fortnite Abductors?

Their primary mechanic is to beam you aboard Mothership if you go inside the tractor beam that they fire beneath them. But, if you decide to land on the top of the Fortnite Abductors instead, then you are going to find some sweet loot, thus it is always an option if you are looking for somewhere a little less populated.

For the challenge to deal damage near an Abductor, ensure that you check the map when the Battle Bus starts flying in. Please identify the Abductor you want to land at. We suggest the earliest or closest one to the path of the bus, as it is the one likely to have the most players nearby. Then fly down and take a weapon as soon as you can. As long as you deal damage in and around the tractor beam, you must be golden.

In addition, you are able to find other Epic quest below:

    • The players ask to destroy the hiding places: 30,000 XP
    • The players ask to destroy objects at Retail Row, Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Holly Hatchery: 30,000 XP
    • The players ask to experience low-gravity with Alien Nanites or on the Mothership: 30,000 XP
    • The players ask to hunt an infected animal: 30,000 XP
    • The players ask to travel in a saucer: 30,000 XP
    • The players ask to abduct an enemy with a saucer tractor beam: 30,000 XP

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