Fortnite 3D Skin Visualizer to Know Your Best Combinations

When you want to buy a back bling, you may wonder whether it is suitable for your Fortnite skin or not. To know whether the combinations are cool or not, there is a tool that you can use. What is it? The name of the tool is Fortnite Visualizer.

About Fortnite Visualizer

Fortnite Visualizer can be accessed at This tool is created by a Fortnite fan named _Player1_and this web-based tool permits you to be able to preview a skin with back bling that you want before you buy it. So, by trying first and seeing how the combination looks, you will not waste your V-Bucks on buying something wrong which is not suitable with your Fortnite skin.

Fortnite Visualizer

In the Fortnite Visualizer tool, you will be presented a 3D model of your character. On the model of your character, there are some options to choose including outfit, backbling, pickaxe and background. As we know that in the Item Shop of Fortnite, there is no preview of the skins with the  back bling that we want but they are presented with the back bling which is associated with the skin or even nothing at all. So, the existence of this tool is really helpful. Nevertheless, this tool is still in early version so that it does not include every outfit.

How to Use Fortnite Visualizer

If you want to know how the look of certain backblings with the skin that you like, you are able to use this Fortnite Visualizer. The use of this web-based tool is very easy. The first thing that you have to do is to access the Fortnite Skin site at There, you will find some menu at the top of the screen including Visualizer, Item Shop, Leaked Items, All Items, Creative, Quiz, Earn Free Skins. To use Fortnite Visualizer, you have to click on the Visualizer menu.

When you are in the Visualizer page, there will be a space for you to put the skin. Above the space, there are some button options including Select Outfit, Select Backbling, Select Pickaxe and Select Background. The thing that you have to do is to add the skin to that space. Choose the skin that you want by clicking on the Select Outfit button. When you are in the Outfit section, you can scroll down until you find the skin that you want. Alternatively, you are able to use the Search bar to search the skin directly without having to scroll the skin page. After you find the skin that you want, then click on it and then the skin will appear in the space.

After adding the skin in the space, then you can add the backbling by clicking on the Select Backbling button. Same as in the skins section, you will also be presented the options of backbling and you can scroll down to find the backbling that you want to pair with the skin that you have added. If you do not want to scroll it down, just use the search bar there. After you have found the backbling that you like for the skin that you have added in the space, click on the back bling. You will see that the backbling will automatically be put on the back of your skin.

When you are in the pairing space, you may wonder how to see the backbling because the skin stands towards you. You are able to move it by pressing your left mouse, hold it and move it. Now, you can move it so that you can see the backbling on the skin.

If you want to see whether the certain pickaxes are suitable with the skin or not, you can click on the Select Pickaxe button. Choose the pickaxe there. If you cannot find the pickaxe that you want, you are able to scroll down or you can use the search feature. After you find the pickaxe, then click on it and it will automatically appear next to the skin in the space.

There is also a Select Background button. This button can be used to set the background that you want in the space when you are pairing the skin with the backbling or pickaxe. Until now, there are four options of the background including Core, Sky1, Sky2 and Green. Click on the background that you want to set it.

When you pair certain backbling to the skin that you want in the Visualizer, you can see whether it is suitable or not. If you think that it is suitable, then you can decide to buy it in the Item Shop of Fortnite. But, if you think that it is not suitable, then you are able to look for the other backblings which are suitable for your skin. By doing it, you will not waste your V-Bucks to have something that is not used.

Other Things in Fortnite Skin Site Beside

As we explained above that Visualizer tool is available in the Fortnite Skin site. Besides the Visualizer tool, you can also find the other things in the site. One of them is an Item Shop. In the Item Shop menu, you are able to see the current things such as skins, backblings, pickaxes, gliders and emotes which are sold in the Item Shop of Fortnite. When you click on one of these things, you can see the details of the item such as the first seen, last seen, the price, occurrences and the dates of occurrences.

There are also Leaked Items where you are able to find a list of all the upcoming and leaked Fortnite skins, gliders, pickaxes, backblings and emotes. The list will be updated when a cosmetic has been added to the game.

All Items, Creative, Quiz and Earn Free Skins are other menus that you can find on this site. In the Creative menu, you can find a lot of creative maps and codes. So, if you want to play a certain world in Fortnite, you can play on Creative and choose the maps here.