Fight Arena OSRS Guide

Fight Arena is categorized as an experienced quest in OSRS with short length duration. This quest requires you to rescue the Servil, a very prosperous family which has been abducted by the infamous General Khazard. He has a plan to make the family have battle for his entertainment in the fight arena.

Then, can you get a gorgeous way to save them before General Khazard kills them? If you really are so willing to save them, we think by using the following ways, you will be able to save them easily. Let’s see how to save the Servil’s in Fight Arena!

Step 1: Talk to Lady Servil

Talk to Lady Servil

To get started completing this quest, you have to talk to Lady Servil who is located next to the north west corner of the Fight Arena. This location is by the north-east corner of the Tree Gnome Village maze.

Ask her to tell what’s wrong with Servil’s family. She will then explain that her family has been abducted by General Khazard as she rejected his hand in marriage. Once she explains what is wrong with her family, you can then offer to help her. Then, she will suggest you wear the armour to trick the Khazard guards.

Step 2: Looking for the Armour

Looking for the Armour

The important thing before going on rescuing the Servil’s family, you firstly have to wear the armour. Your task here is to look for the armour. For a clue, the armour is located in the chest.

To try getting the armour, you should walk east to a group of buildings which are located in the local Monastery. You will find a chest which contains the armour from the north eastern most house. You can then head toward the house and pick up the armour.

You can also take multiple sets of armour by using the drop and click method to drop the armour then looking for the chest again. Once equipping both pieces of armour, you can then head to the prison that forms the south and east boundaries of the Fight Arena.

Step 3: Enter to the Khazard Prisons

You totally know that the Servil’s family is in the prisons. So, the first place that you should visit is the Khazard Prison. You should infiltrate the prison which is located south of the building with the chest. When you’re trying to enter the prison, sure the door will be locked.

Of course, every Khazard guard will think that you are also a guard and they will let you in. After inside the prison, please don’t remove the armour as the guards. Well, you must still wear the armour to trick the guards because they won’t notify you a lot as long as you wear Khazard armor.

Step 4: Fooling the Khazard Guards in Prison

Fooling the Khazard Guards in Prison

Inside the prison, you will meet Sammy Servil, the boy who wears the purple shirt. He can be found in the northernmost cell of the east wing of the prison. Meet and ask him where the cell keys are, he will then explain that the guards have the keys.

You will find a Khazard guard by the staircase in the south-eastern corner of the prison. You have to talk with the guard and find out that he wants a decent drink, exactly Khali brew. He will tell you if he drinks too much, he will fall asleep.

In the way of talking to the guard, you should be careful and not to try attacking him. Here, you should be patient to wait for him to respawn again, if not you may lose the chance to save Servil’s family.

You should talk to the guard before buying the Khali brew. Well, the only bartender which sells the Klai brew is located the one west of the western entrance to the prison. The Khali brew costs five coins. Once you purchase the Khali brew, you should head back to the arena and offer it to the guard. When he gets drunk, he finally will give the keys to you.

Step 5: Rescue Servil’s Family

Once you hold the keys, you can then get out your battle equipment. Prepare your equipment at least to defeat three enemies in a row though most players will find them easy as there are safe spots. You can use the key to free Sammy Servil. After that, you and Sammy should enter the main arena to look for his father, Justin who is being attacked by a Khazard ogre.

To rescue Justin, you need to kill level 63 Khazard Ogre. To kill this melee, you can use Magic, Ranged or a halberd for an easy fight. You can also lure the Ogre behind a skeleton. If you already kill the first Ogre and successfully rescue Justin, you can then talk to Justin, then the second Ogre will spawn so that you have to kill it.

Step 6: Start for Battles

Start for Battles

General Khazard finally will know that there’s something wrong in prison. He will then appear and tell you if you want to save Servil’s family, you should be locked in a prison cell. To continue the Fight Arena quest, you should talk to Hengrad, your cellmate to continue with the fights.

You will face a level 44 Khazard scorpion but it’s not poisonous. So, it may be easy to defeat by using smart tactics to defeat this Ogre. Once you successfully defeat the scorpion, you will then confront a level 137 Bouncer. Please don’t underestimate it. To defeat Bouncer, you can also use the safe or other alternatives as Protect from Melee will help you. Trying to use a high healing food to defeat Bouncer.

After Bouncer is successfully defeated, General Khazard will try to kill you by himself. In this situation, Servil’s family will run away to save themself. To get the rewards, you shouldn’t fight General Khazard, the only thing that you have to do is to walk out, and once you’re gone, General Khazard won’t come after you.

However, if you want to fight him, you can simply trap him behind a skeleton. If General Khazard kills you or you leave him, you cannot re-enter the arena, it means that any items left in the arena cannot be picked up.

Once you exit the arena, return to Lady Servil to complete the quest and claim your reward. Congratulations! You successfully rescue Servil’s family and complete the Fight Arena quest.

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