Fidelity NetBenefits Phone Number Contact

Where to contact Fidelity NetBenefits if we have some questions about their products? You need to know the contact number of Fidelity NetBenefits if you want to contact them. Here, you will know where to contact this company.

What Is Fidelity NetBenefits Phone Number Contact?

According to, if you have questions related to an account or service, you are able to call 800-343-0860. You are able to contact this phone number if you also have questions on username and password and service-related transactions. For customers who are deaf or hard of hearing, you are able to contact 800-610-4015.

According to the Fidelity website, here are the specific phone numbers of some departments of Fidelity.

    • 401(k), 403(b), 457, pension, health plans, HR/payroll and Workplace benefit plans

NetBenefits representative: 800-835-5097

    • TTY services

For the deaf or hard of hearing, this number can be contacted: 800-544-0118

    • Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST)

Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST): 800-544-5555

    • International Trading

International trading representative: 800-544-2976

    • Managed Accounts

Fidelity managed account representative: 800-544-3455

    • ATM/ Debit and Credit Cards

Fidelity Debit Card: 800-323-5353

Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card: 888-551-5144

Fidelity HSA Debit Card: 888-377-0323

    • Fidelity Charitable Planning

Existing Fidelity Charitable Accounts: 800-952-4438

New Fidelity Charitable Accounts: 800-262-3518

    • Annuities

Existing Annuities: 800-634-9361

AnnuityLink Automated Service Telephone: 800-634-9361

New Annuities: 800-345-1388

    • Term Life Insurance

Existing Policies: 888-343-8376, enter 3

New Policies: 800-642-6904

Some FAQs Related to Fidelity NetBenefits

There are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to Fidelity NetBenefits that you may wonder. Here, there are some FAQs which may help you to know more about Fidelity NetBenefits as taken from the Fidelity NetBenefits website.

  • After my username was saved, why isn’t it in the list of saved usernames?

It can happen due to three reasons why your username may not be in the list of saved usernames. The first reason, it may be you are logging in from a different computer. When the Remember Me checkbox was selected and you logged in, your username was encrypted. It was also saved on the computer that you were using at that time. If you now login from a different computer, you must check Remember Me to be able to save your username. The second reason is that it can happen because there are more than seven Fidelity usernames which have been saved on the computer that you are using. On any computer, up to seven usernames may be saved. If customers try to save more than seven Fidelity usernames on a computer, it is important to note that only the seven most recently logged in usernames will appear in the dropdown list. The third reason, it can happen because your cookies were deleted. For your information, your username is saved in a file named a cookie. If the cookies are deleted from your computer, your username will not be available in the list of saved usernames anymore. If it is deleted, you have to close your browser and then open a new browser to start entering your username and password.

  • How do we use our username with telephone services of Fidelity?

In the usernames and passwords, there are letters. Those must be translated to numbers to enter them in a Fidelity phone system such as FAST or if you call a representative. You are able to use your telephone keypad to convert the letters to numbers. In the phone button, ABC is in button 2, DEF is in button 3, GHI is in button 4 and so on. So, if your username is Smith123, then you are able to press or say 7-6-4-8-4-1-2-3. It is important for you to note that even if you are using a wireless device with a keypad which is different, you have to use this standard keypad to convert any letters in your username and password to numbers before you enter them in the phone system.

    • Can the username and password that we have created on other Fidelity sites work on

The same username and password can be used to access all of your Fidelity accounts through any of the service channels including:

      • (personal retirement accounts like IRAs, Brokerage accounts)
      • (employer sponsored accounts like 401(k), 403(b), 457, pension, health plans, HR/Payroll.
      • (Charitable Gift FundSM accounts)
      • eWorkplace
      • Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST)
      • Wireless access through Fidelity MobileSM
      • To access Fidelity representatives on the phone
    • How is the work of ‘Remember Me’?

When the ‘Remember Me’ check box is chosen and then logged in, your username is encrypted and saved on the computer that you are now using. So, when you log in next time, your username will be prefilled and you only have to enter your password to log in. It is important for you to know that on a computer, it can save up to seven Fidelity usernames. Those can be accessed from the Username drop down menu. If you llg in from a lot of computers, you have to save the username on each computer separately. For security reasons, there will be the last three characters of saved usernames which are shown with Remember Me.

    • How do we change our username and password?

You are able to log in and make changes to your username and password on the Update Your Profile page.

    • What do we have to do if we do not want our username saved?

If you want to remove a username from the list of saved usernames, the thing that you are able to do is to clear the Remember Me checkbox when you are logging in. The username will not be saved on the computer that you are using at the time. Have you saved your username on a lot of computers? If so, you have to remove the username separately from each computer.

    • What do we have to do if our username and the username of another user share the same last three characters?

For the reasons of security, only the last three characters of a saved username are shown. If you save usernames on the similar computer, you have to make sure that the last three characters are different. So, you are able to tell them apart easily.