FFXIV Market Board Guide

In Final Fantasy XIV, there is a market board. What is it? It is the market system which has been implemented in a Realm Reborn as a replacement for the Market Ward. Do you know how to access it? Then, how to sell and buy things here? We will give you a guide about the market board.

How to Access The Market Board

You are able to find the Market Boards in each city-state and residential district. The position is shown with an icon on the map.

How to Access The Market Board

How to Browse the Market Board

How to Browse the Market Board

Now, how to browse the market board? It is very easy to do. If you want to browse the market board, you just have to use the search functions to show the items. You are able to search by item name or by category.

The Search Filters in the Market Board

The various search filters can be used when you want to buy items which are able to be equipped by a character of a certain level, class or job. For weapons and tools, you are able to choose a category and item level and then choose Search. For armor and accessories, you can choose a category, class or job and item level and then choose Search.

The Search Filters in the Market Board

How about Partial Matches? This option permits you to be able to search for an item even when you only enter part of its name. If you want to use this feature, you have to check the Partial Match box and then enter part of the item name into the text field. Then, it is followed by the Enter key or the Search button.

Partial Matches

Transaction History in Market Board

In the Market Board, you are able to set your own sale prices as you want. So, no wonder why the cost of the items which are listed are various. When you see an item in the market board, you are able to see the prices which players have paid for that certain item. It will help you to decide a price when you sell items.

How to check transaction history in the Market Board? You are able to do that by searching the market board and then choose the item that you want to view. After that, you have to choose the History button that you can find above the item list to see the transaction history. For checking the previous transactions, you can see here. The things that you will see include the quantity, the price, name of the buyer and the date.

Wish List in the Market Board

Do you want to add an item into your wish list in the Market Board? But, how to do that? If you want to add items to your wish list, the first thing that you have to do is to access the market board and then search for the item that you want. After that, you have to right click on the item and then choose Add to Wish List from the subcommands.

Now, how about viewing our wish list? You can see your wish list by accessing the market board and then choose the Wish List button which can be found in the bottom-left of the menu. If you choose an item in the wish list, it will show those currently for sale on the market board.

Do you want to remove an item from your wish list? If you want to do that, you have to choose the item and then open the subcommand menu. After that, you have to choose Remove from Wish List. Now, you have removed the item from your wish list.

The Most Popular Type of Wood

Are you farming some materials to sell them? If yes, you are able to check which one is the most in-demand first. How to do this? You are able to go to the market board and then click on the type of material that you are trying to sell. After that, you have to order the list of materials by demand.

It is important for you to know that the sorting only can work for the current 100 items. So, you may want to do it again on other pages and then check how often an item sold. You need to note that being high demand does not mean that the item is sold very often.

The Right Price for My Item

If you sell an item at half the price of the competition, then it is called ‘undercutting’. We can say that it is not a good idea. Even though you are able to sell your item quicker, but you will lose a lot of profit that you should get. Also, it can create chances for the competition. You have to think that someone may buy your item that you sell at a low price, but then he will sell it again at a higher price.

So, a good thing that you have to do to be on top of the market board is to decrease the price of the item by one. By doing this, you will get the most of your items while avoiding the competition.

It is important for you to note that you are able to check the price of the similar item in high quality and then you can put a higher price if there is no one who is currently selling the High Quality version for it.

Items That We Should Sell in The Market Board

Have you ever thought about what items that you must sell in the market board? It depends on what you are able to farm easily or what your server is looking for. But, there is a list of some items which are usually sold well.

    • Materia

You can always sell it and when new PvE content/ Raids are released.

    • Timeworn Zonureskin Map

This item is able to sell always and when the map exclusive gear is released.

    • Glamour Items

It can be sold every week during the Fashion Report.

    • Dwarven Chromite

You can sell it very often when new gear that needs it is released.

    • Quest Items for Gatherers and Crafters

You are able to sell these items all the time.

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