FFXIV Hydaelyn Extreme Guide Text

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FFXIV Hydaelyn Extreme Guide

Here are Hydaelyn’s mechanics in chronological order:

FFXIV Hydaelyn Extreme Guide Text

First Phase

    • Hero’s Radiance: This is group-wide AoE.
    • Shining Saber: hard-hitting AoE which must be stacked by the entire group.
    • Crystallize: Consider the element she chose. It will be solved after her next move. If you struggle to view the surrounding element, you are able to focus on the sound she makes.
    • Magos’s Radiance: This is group-wide AoE.
    • Lateral Aureole/ Aureole: if she casts Lateral Aureole or Aureola, so you have to stand in the south or north sides. If it is the other, just stand towards east or west.
    • Crystallize: she will cast a different element from a colour than the first ones.
    • Mousa’s Scorn: a tank-buster which must be shared by the two tanks.
    • Crystallize: the third cast is going to be the only colour which has not popped before.

Second Phase

Six crystals are going to appear around her. It makes Hydaelyn invulnerable to all attacks. They have to be destroyed before the Conviction gauge reaches 100%. The tanks have to drag an addition on the opposite side from the other players as they reinforce the crystals which are near them. DPS must focus the glowing crystals first as they fill the gauge faster. After that, you are able to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise, to destroy each crystal one by one. After this second phase, she is going to cast a group-wide AoE and also change the platform back to its initial appearance.

Third Phase

    • Halo: This is group-wide AoE.
    • Lightwave: summon 4 crystals and two tides which will flow in a straight line.
    • Infralateral Arc: Hydaelyn is going to hit three attacks which need to be soaked by three distinct groups such as tanks, DPS and healers.
    • Lightwave: Hydaelyn will summon 5 crystals in the form of a dice’s five-roll, also three other waves. One wave is delayed. You only need to wait for the next attack before you hide behind the central crystal to avoid the splashes.
    • Hero’s Glory: This AoE attack which covers the entire platform in front of the boss, just hides behind her.
    • Hero’s Glory: Before the last tide gets the central crystal, Hydaelyn is going to cast another spell in front of her. You have to discover the crystal which stands behind her and hide to avoid the wide attack and the last splash.
    • Halo: This is a group-wide AoE attack.
    • Hero’s Sundering: This is another hard-hitting tank-buster. Ensure the tank is topped off and protected. You have to be careful. The attack is a cone-form AoE. So, the tank needs to stay in the opposite direction from the group.
    • Shining Saber: AoE which must be stacked by the entire group. After that, she will summon two colored sigils once again.
    • Mousa’s Scorn: This is a tank-buster shared by the tanks.
    • Parthelion: Hydaelyn will cast 3 consecutive ways of chakrams which will cut through the map once again after the Crystallize mechanic, making significant damage in their path.
    • Crystallize: the element is nearly always water. You are able to split into two groups in the safe spot. You have to be prepared to move after this mechanic resolves. As soon as the Crystallize attack is cast, you have to run into the first chakrams’ area and keep running in that direction to avoid being on the path of the returning chakrams.
    • Lateral Aureole/ Aureole: it is going to resolve after the previous mechanic. It means that you have to adjust quickly. For your information, North or south is the safe place for Lateral Aureole, and east or west for Aureole. Afterwards, Hydaelyn is going to cast both colored sigils.
    • Magos’s Radiance: This is group-wide AoE.
    • Crystallize: The element cast is going to be ice. It will be fixed after her next attack, so you have to be prepared.
    • Parhelic Circle: Hydaelyn will summon a massive bubble and green lines around her. The bubble is going to divide into smaller ones which will appear at the lines’ pointy ends and explode. Please avoid them, wait for them to explode, and then you are able to adjust for your element mechanic right later.
    • Lateral Aureole/Aureole: You have to go to her south/north or east/west safe side. Need to note that the direction of the attack is not boss relative. Therefore, keep your map as the reference. Then, Hydaelyn is going to summon the two colored sigils once again.
    • Radiant Halo: This is group-wide AoE.
    • Lightwave: Now, four waves are going to be summoned at each corner of the platform. Just look for the widest corner between two waves and then wait there for the next attacks to solve.
    • Echoes: This group-wide AoE that should be soaked by all players. It is going to hit 5 times. So, you do not run away too early, even if the next attack’s symbol is going to appear during this AoE. During the last hits of Echoes, a tide is going to appear behind the group. The markers are going to appear on every player. Do not panic. You only need to stay to soak the last hits of Echoes. Then, you are able to run away from the group to soak your individual attack. After this attack, the safe place between waves will be the centre of the platform. Keep staying there.
    • Crystallize: You do not adjust this mechanic yet. It is going to resolve after the next attack.
    • Shining Saber: the group-wide AoE which must be stacked by all players. After that, Crystallize is going to resolve, and Hydaelyn is going to summon colored sigils once again.
    • Lightwave: this mini-phase is going to be the same as before, with Echoes, individual markers, and the tank-buster.

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