FFBE Unit Rankings by Role

Roles in the game of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) represent the functions and tasks that each individual unit is made to do and is capable of doing. Also, roles are used to describe the capabilities of certain units or to strategize adequately. Well, on this page, we are going to share information about FFBE unit rankings by role. Keep on reading.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Unit Rankings by Role

Here is a list of role rankings:

Role: Healing & Status Recovery


    1. Ayaka
    2. Tilith
    3. Rem
    4. Luka
    5. Charming Kitty Ariana

Role: MP Recovery


    1. Lunera
    2. Ace
    3. White Witch Fina
    4. Charming Kitty Ariana
    5. Bran

Role Damage Reduction


    1. 9S
    2. Crowe
    3. Zargabaath
    4. Rikku
    5. Veritas of the Earth

Role Elemental


    1. Marie
    2. Chloe
    3. Minfilia
    4. Zargabaath
    5. Orran

Role Staff Buff


    1. Soleil
    2. Roy
    3. Ramza
    4. Zargabaath
    5. Wilhelm

Role Debuff


    1. Veritas of the Dark
    2. Loren
    3. Kryla
    4. Basch
    5. Seabreeze Dark Fina

Role Status Ailments


    1. Noctis
    2. Any unit equipped with Toxic Rain
    3. Setzer
    4. Ling
    5. Dark Fina

Role General Chaining


    1. Tidus (enhanced)
    2. 2B
    3. Prompto
    4. A2
    5. Aileen (enhanced)

Role Magical Chains (raw damage)


    1. Trance Terra (enhanced)
    2. Christine
    3. Fryevia
    4. Barbariccia
    5. Grim Lord Sakura

Role Capping


    1. Ang
    2. Blossom Sage Sakura
    3. Olive (enhanced)
    4. Cupid Artemios (enhanced)
    5. Pyro Glacial Lasswell

Role Physical Damage (inc enhanced units)

Raw Damage:

    1. Ang
    2. Tidus (enhanced)
    3. 2B
    4. Prompto
    5. A2

Role Physical Damage (base units only)

Raw Damage:

    1. Ang
    2. 2B
    3. Prompto
    4. A2
    5. Nyx

Role Magical Damage

Raw Damage:

    1. Trance Terra (enhanced)
    2. Christine
    3. Blossom Sage Sakura
    4. Fryevia
    5. Barbariccia

Role Tanks – Provoke

    1. Wilhelm
    2. White Knight Noel (enhanced)
    3. Demon Rain (enhanced)
    4. Cagnazzo
    5. Barusa

Role Tanks – Cover

    1. Wilhelm, Demon Rain or White Knight Noel, paired with Illusionist Nichol
    2. Basch
    3. Warrior of Light
    4. Barusa
    5. Gladiolus

Role Arena

    1. Noctis
    2. Amelia
    3. Ashe
    4. Veritas of the Dark
    5. Ayaka

Role (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)

FFBE Unit Rankings by Role

As we said before, Roles in FFBE (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius) represent the functions and tasks that each individual unit is made to do and is capable of doing. Roles are used to describe the capabilities of certain units or to strategize adequately.

Roles are classified differently between the game and the players. However, generally more or less describe the same types of units. If one unit is classified as a Physical Damage by both, then the players are going to classify it between Finisher or Chainer, while the game is going to refer to it as a Physical Damage dealer. Even though roles are different from jobs in Brave Exvius terminology, they are gameplay-wise akin to the popular class system.

FFBE Role Classifications

Here are the Classifications of FFBE role:

Physical Damage (Physical Chainer and Physical Finisher)

Physical Damage units are units who are really heavily in ATK to deal damage. They like a wide-arrange of weapons and abilities related to the ATK stat to improve their effectiveness. Since ATK is calculated against DEF, lots of Physical Damagers are able to reduce the DEF stat. Physical Damagers involve the typical, Warrior, Monk, Thief, Dragoon, and similar jobs. The Physical units tend to have high HP and DEF, but low MP.

Magic Damage (Magic Chainer and Magic Finisher)

Magic Damage units reckon on their MAG stat to inflict damage on enemies. Because MAG is calculated against the SPR stat, MAG users are able to debuff SPR by having small support abilities. The users of Magic Damage involve the typical Black,  and even Red Mages from the series and similar jobs. Magic Damagers have high MAG, MP and occasionally SPR, but low HP and DEF, so they are rather frail.

Hybrid Damage

Hybrid Damagers utilize ATK and MAG for their attacks, inflicting Physical and Magical Damage simultaneously. Hybrid units need large ATK/MAG for their abilities to work, and tend to have bonuses which boost these stats. Their other stats and equipment selection tends to vary. Hybrid units only classified as such in the fandom, while the game treats them as Physical or Magic Damage units. Mostly aligned based on the stat of preference for that unit.

Support (Buffers and Debuffers)

Support units forsake damage to increase the party’s advantage against certain enemies. It is one of the most fundamental roles of the game. Support units are typically Green Mages, Bards, Dancers, and similar jobs. Usually, Support units have high MP, SPR and different values for their other stats, even though they almost never have any use for ATK or MAG. The Support role is the most ingrained role, since some others, like Physical/Magic Damagers, Tanks or Healers tend to have partial support abilities.

Tank (Cover Tank, Provoke Tank and Counter Tank)

Tanks are the game’s punching bags. They are used for heavy resilience and to defend the party from damage putting themselves at the most risk out of any unit. To complement, they have really high HP and DEF or SPR values, along with the abilities which mitigate the damage they take. Usually, tanks have low MP and MAG and average ATK values. Tanks are related to Knights or Paladins and similar jobs. Although their task is simple, they are able to be sub-classified in many categories: Cover Tank, Provoke Tank and Counter Tank.


The healers keep the party alive and healthy by restoring HP, removing or preventing status ailments, reviving KO characters and MP recharging. Usually, Healing units formed by White Mages and Red Mages. Also, the healers have high SPR values and high MP with other stats that are usually being average or low. Healer is the most streamlined role. Thus, it has no sub-classification. But, due to their duties, they are often filled with Support abilities.

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