FFBE Tier List – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

It is very important to consider the abilities of each character that brings this amazing adventure to life. With them we are able to survive and enjoy all the challenges. Well, we are going to share FFBE tier list.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier list


Name Role Chain Family
Paladin Cecil Debuffer and Support Stardust Ray
Lightning (FF XIII-2) Magical Tank and Support Absolute Mirror of Equity
Rena Healer and Magical Attacker  –
Alphonse Elric Physical Tank Stardust Ray
Angel of Death Kuja Magical Attacker Awakened Mystic Cross
Sacred Shield Charlotte Physical Attacker and Support Disorder Absolute Zero Aureole Ray
Seeker of Freedom Vaan Debuffer and Physical Attacker Aureole Ray
Warrior of Dawn Galuf Physical Attacker and Support Absolute Mirror of Equity
Hallowed Aegis Charlotte Physical Tank and Magical Tank Absolute Mirror of Equity
Lucas Magical Tank and Healer Divine Ruination Absolute Zero
Lunafreya Support Flood
Awakened Warrior of Light Physical Tank and Support Divine Ruination Stardust Ray
Healing Avatar Lid Debuffer Absolute Mirror of Equity
White Knight Physical Tank and Magical Attacker
Nichol of the Epsilon Star Support and Debuffer Aureole Ray Flood
Rikku (FF X-2) Debuffer and Support Absolute Mirror of Equity
Warrior of Light Lenna Healer and Support


Name Role Chain Family
A.I. Katty Versatile Stardust Ray Chaos Wave Bolting Strike Tornado Quake Flood Freeze
Doctor Aiden Healer and Physical Tank  –
Emperor Foo Support and Debuffer Awakened Avalanche Kick
Daughter of Destiny Vanille Debuffer and Magical Attacker Awakened Quake
Benevolent Beauty Rem Debuffer and Magical Attacker Awakened Bolting Strike Tornado Freeze
Elephim Debuffer and Support  –
Ignis Healer and Support  –
Kryla Debuffer Absolute Zero Bolting Strike Chaos Wave
Folka Healer and Support  –
Myra Healer and Support Bolting Strike
Qin Magical Attacker and Support Absolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination Aureole Ray
Regis Physical Attacker and Support Aureole Ray Stardust Ray
Sakura, Ayaka Healer and Magical Attacker Bolting Strike
Sylvie Support and Debuffer Bolting Strike Absolute Mirror of Equity
Wildcard Ace Magical Attacker and Debuffer Bolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened
Sweet Luka Support and Debuffer Absolute Mirror of Equity Divine Ruination
Summer Fina, Lid Debuffer and Healer Aureole Ray
Sieghard Physical Tank and Debuffer Aureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity Piledriver Stardust Ray
Yuraisha Support Quake
Zenaida Physical Attacker and Debuffer Absolute Mirror of Equity
Umbral Dragon Dark Fina Magical Attacker Bolting Strike Chaos Wave Awakened
Adventurer Locke Physical Attacker and Debuffer Stardust Ray
2B Physical Attacker and Debuffer Absolute Mirror of Equity Stardust Ray Graviton Cannon
Aerith Healer and Support  –
Chow Magical Tank and Healer  –
Dancing Heart Penelo Magical Tank and Debuffer Awakened Aureole Ray
Flame of Rebirth Jake Physical Attacker  –
Garland (FF IX) Magical Attacker and Debuffer Chaos Wave Awakened
Kitone Physical Attacker and Debuffer Stardust Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity
Maritime Strategist Nichol Support and Magical Attacker Flood
Noel Physical Attacker Absolute Mirror of Equity
Olberic Physical Attacker and Physical Tank Aureole Ray
Sieghard and Ignacio Physical Attacker and Physical Tank  –
Rico Rodriguez Physical Attacker Bolting Strike Avalanche Kick
War Hero Raegen Physical Attacker and Debuffer Absolute Mirror of Equity
Sylvando Support and Physical Attacker Bolting Strike
Sterne Leonis Physical Attacker and Debuffer Absolute Mirror of Equity


Name Role
Auron Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Blue Mage Fina Healer, Support
Awakened Rain Magical Tank, Support
Edward Elric Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Elena Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Four Winds Physalis Magical Attacker
Gilgamesh (WOTV) Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Kimono Fina Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Lezard Valeth Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Lilith Physical Tank, Magical Tank
Lone Lion Squall Physical Attacker
Machina Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Mercenary Ramza Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Seifer Physical Attacker
Mont Leonis Physical Tank
Mystical Ice Laswell Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Neverending Hope Support, Debuffer
Selphie Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Serah Magical Attacker
Serena Healer, Support
Sol Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Tifa (FF VII: AC) Physical Attacker
Strange Gourmand Quina Magical Attacker, Support
Xuan Wu & Qing Long Physical Attacker, Physical Tank
Adam Jensen Physical Attacker, Support
Beryl Magical Attacker, Magical Tank
Basch Physical Tank, Magical Tank
Beowulf Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Dark Spirit Sol Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Demon Rain Physical Tank, Support
Kimahri Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Infernal Fire Rain Physical Attacker
King Bradley Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Madam Edel Physical Attacker
Lilisette Physical Attacker, Support
Loren Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Mystina Magical Attacker Support
Rakish Thief Zidane Physical Attacker
Quistis Magical Attacker
Rivera Support, Healer
Seaside Nichol Magical Attacker, Support
Untamed Wolf Edel Physical Attacker
Supreme Deva Akstar Physical Attacker
White Mage Rosa Physical Attacker, Healer
Wilhelm Physical Tank, Support
Yuna Healer, Support
Zeno of the Beta Star Physical Attacker, Debuffer


Name Role
Ayaka Healer, Support
Beatrix Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Awakened Onion Knight Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Crimson Physical Attacker, Support
Cloud (FF VII: AC) Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Blue Sky Belle Fran Physical Attacker
Elly Magical Attacker
Erik Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Dragon Knight Freya Physical Attacker, Healer
Kadaj Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Irvine Physical Attacker
Graceful Champion Fang Physical Attacker
King Edgar of Figaro Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Morgana Magical Attacker
Nagi Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Primrose Support
Reberta Physical Attacker
Knight of Pluto Zidane Physical Attacker
Levinson Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker
Tifa Physical Attacker
Star Player Tidus Physical Attacker, Support
Yunalesca Magical Attacker, Support
Zargabaath Support
Agent Olive Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Ardyn Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Wizardess Shantotto Magical Attacker
White Lily Dark Fina Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Assassin Shadow Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Black Mage Vivi Magical Attacker
Bart Physical Attacker, Support
Aurora Fryevia Physical Attacker, Magical Attacker


Name Role
Eiko Healer, Support
Fina & Dark Fina Magical Attacker, Healer
Esther Physical Attacker, Physical Tank
Flammie Physical Attacker, Support
Gladiolus Physical Tank, Physical Attacker
Jasper Unbound Physical Attacker
Jecht Physical Attacker
Kurasame Physical Attacker, Magic Attacker
Hess King Lasswell Physical Attacker, Support
Lovely Katy Healer
Palom & Porom Magical Attacker
Operative Zyrus Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Prompto Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Physalis Physical Attacker
Radiant Lightning Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Rab Magical Attacker, Physical Attacker
Rem Magical Attacker, Healer
Sweet Nichol Magical Attacker, Debuffer
Warrior of Light Bartz Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Yun Physical Attacker
Yego Physical Attacker, Debuffer
Yuna (FF X-2) Physical Attacker