Fastest Way How to Find Katrina’s Fortune Shop

Katrina is one of the villagers in Animal Crossing. You May want to find Katrina’s Fortune Teller Shop fast. But, is there any way to find Katrina’s Fortune Shop fast? Let’s find out the explanation about finding Katrina’s Fortune Teller Shop below.

The Way To Find Katrina’s Fortune Teller Shop

According to Thonky website, let’s say that you want to discover the fortune teller shop. So, you or any other residents of your town are required to have Katrina tell your fortune 20 times. If it is possible, you are able to go to other towns and visit Katrina in those towns. It may count to unlock Katrina’s shop in your town.

Fastest Way How to Find Katrina's Fortune Shop

After you get 20 fortune that she tells you or anyone from your town, then you will be stopped by her when you try to leave and she will suggest you to build a public works project for her. The mayor of your town is able to sit in the mayor chair in your town hall and select the Fortune Teller’s Shop from the list of public works projects. There will be Lloid who will be in the train station to gather donations for the fortune teller shop. If you have given donation of enough Bells to Lloid, then the Fortune Teller Shop will open the next day.

So, the thing that makes people find Katrina’s Fortune teller shop in a long time is because you have need to have Katrina tell your fortune 20 times. So, as explained above, you can invite other residents of your town to have Katrina tell your fortune 20 times.

In the Bell Tree Forums, there is someone who asks about the quickest way to unlock Katrina’s Fortune Teller Shop. Then, someone else said that you need to get a fortune from her tent 20 times and it adds up between characters. If you have 4 players in your game and you all get a fortune, you will have to have Katrina come 5 times to be able to unlock the shop. It means that if you have more characters in your game, it can make you get the fortune teller shop faster.

In another discussion in Bell Tree Forums where the title of the discussion is Debunking Katrina, a user named Jennifer says that she has seen a lot of members offering things for people to come to their town to be able to unlock Katrina’s Fortune house faster. However, the thing is that only characters who live in your town count and if you have people come over does nothing. Then, she says that her first day she got Katrina, she had 17 friends come over and get fortunes told after she finished on all 4 of her characters for a total of 21 people by not counting the Mayor. Because she did not go last, she would have been told on her second visit from Katrina.

On that said second visit, nothing was said. Then, she found she tried the other idea as at this time, it was not clear if it could be anyone or had to be characters in your town. So, she continued to see her everytime on all 4 of her characters to make sure her Mayor went last. On the 5th time Katrina came which made a total of 20, she suggested the project after she got her fortune read and she was able to build the Fortune House on Main Street.

According to that post, if you want to invite people to come over to get their fortune read, you can do it. However, you have to realize that it will not help you get the project faster. You are still able to get Katrina in a day. Let’s say that you create and delete a character 19 times to get their fortune told each time and then do the 20th time on your mayor. If so, you will get the project request. So, this is the fastest way to unlock the Fortune Teller Shop according to a user named Jennifer in the Bell Tree Forums.

About Fortune Shop

The Fortune Shop is a shop in the Animal Crossing series where it is run by Katrina. The shop has a lot of appearances throughout the Animal Crossing series. Usually, it has predominantly dark red purple tent with green and gold stripes. In Animal Forest, Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+, the tent is built by Katrina in a random acre in the town owned by the player.

Outside the fortune shop in Animal Crossing  New Leaf.
Outside the fortune shop in Animal Crossing New Leaf
Inside the fortune shop in New Leaf
Inside the fortune shop in New Leaf

In Wild World and New Leaf, the appearance of the store is the same, but the position is outside the Town hall or the Town Plaza.

About Katrina

About Katrina

In Animal Crossing, Katrina is one of the characters and she is a fortune teller. Her German name is from Esmeralda. In the series, Katrina is the only panther and her gender is a female.  Her birthday is on October 28 and in the game, she has a male voice like Saharah and Gracie. However, then she has a female voice.

Katrina is a panther and she has navy blue color. She also features violet eyeshadow and bright almond shaped orange eyes with white eyelashes. She has paws and a tail and the color of them is lighter blue. If her headdress is not word, there is a small tuft of hair on her head. How about her clothes? She wears a red, purple and gold stereotypical ‘fortune teller’ robe and headdress and also she wears gold bracelets.

In Happy Home Designer, if her house is designed, she can be visited and she can be discovered in casual wear. The casual wear that she wears includes a leopard-print tank top, white jeans, silver bracelets and a necklace with a red, circular pendant. Her headdress is not worn by her when you visit her in Happy Home Designer.

Well, in this game, Katrina is a fortune teller. It is important for you to remember that this is just a game. Never ever to be inspired to go to a fortune teller because it is not a good thing.