Everywhere I Go Roblox ID Babyxsosa

One of the Roblox features which allows you to make your games more dynamic and immersive is through the use of audio. You definitely can add the audio to your places as narration, background music, sound effect and more.

Playing any games in Roblox while listening to your favorite music is such fun activities to do. However, there are numerous audios that you can choose from in Roblox. So, what’s your favorite? Certainly, you need to discover the library of Roblox if you want to find your favorite songs and add it to your library.

Everywhere I Go Roblox ID Babyxsosa

The ID of ‘Everywhere I Go’ Song by Babyxsosa

We think that you will fall in love with the song titled ‘Everywhere I Go’ from Babyxsosa. This song has rapidly become popular in Roblox. Certainly, if you want to add this song into your library, you need to know this song ID beforehand. So, how to find the ‘Everywhere I Go’ song ID in Roblox?

Thankfully, this post will share to you the ID of ‘Everywhere I Go’  song which will make it easy to add into your library. Well, the ID of the song ‘Everywhere I Go’ in Roblox  is 7156629013. You definitely can add this ID into your library and play it as your background music.

How to Add ‘Everywhere I Go’ into Your Library?

After you have found the ID song for ‘Everywhere I Go’, you surely can add this song into your library. However, adding this song into your library is pretty easy to do, as long as you know the ID. Once you know the ID code of this song, you just simply add the ID in the option of ‘Add song’ to make it as the background of  the game.

Here’s how to add the ‘Everywhere I Go’ song in Roblox!

    • First, go to Roblox.
    • After that, go to the ‘My Songs’ option.
    • In this section, you will find the “Enter song ID” option.
    • Copy the ID code of ‘Everywhere I Go’ song on the blank bar.
    • Click  on the “Add” button and select the song.
    • Last, enjoy listening to this song while playing your favorite game in Roblox.

That’s it! You successfully add the ‘Everywhere I Go’ song into your library.

About ‘Everywhere I Go’ Song

‘Everywhere I Go’ is one of Roblox songs which is sung by a 20-year-old artist named Babyxsosa. She is known as a Soundcloud singer who mostly sings her songs with her shrill voice. Everywhere I Go is one of Babyxsosa songs which presents the range and control of her melodic, high-pitched voice.

Since joining the New York-based music collective surf gang six months ago, the rising Babyxsosa has slowly moved from the ground up, garnering a loyal and supportive fan base that is sure to grow.

Through it all, her authenticity and ability in music and singing began to shine. Both offline and online, Babyxsosa just does what she wants, though sometimes that means doing it herself. Today, Babyxsosa’s songs are rapidly popular in Roblox and used as background music for many Roblox players.

Additionally, you can find ‘Everywhere I Go’ song on Babyxsosa’s YouTube channel here. This song has been watched by 534K viewers and favored by more than 40K times. ‘Everywhere I Go’ was uploaded on June 28, 2019 on her YouTube channel. Listen to this song right now!

How to Play the ‘Everywhere I Go’ Song by Babyxsosa?

If you want to play the ‘Everywhere I Go’ song by Babyxsosa, you need to launch the game that has a gear icon. One of them is Golden Boombox which is available in the catalog of Roblox.  Certainly, the gear here will allow you to play the songs in Roblox.

Once you are at a game in Roblox, you need to click on the gear and then a GUI will pop up. The GUI will provide the music IDs. Here, click on it and tap ctrl-v (cmd-v on Mac) to paste the ‘Everywhere I Go’ ID into the GUI. Last , you can click on the ‘Play’ button.

If you want to play music through an admin command, make sure that you’re an admin in the game you select and you totally can use the commands. Fortunately, you just simply press ctrl-v to paste it in your music ID, thanks to the same commands.

How If You Want to Upload an Audio into Roblox?

As a Roblox player, you definitely can upload mp3s or OGG files into Roblox. Keep in mind that uploading  the audios in any other formats will run the risk of error in which the file won’t function properly.

However, uploading an audio into Roblox is pretty easy. You can perform it through the website of Roblox, here’s how!

    • First, log into your Roblox account.
    • Then, you need to click on the ‘Create’ button in the blue bar located at the top of the screen.
    • After that, you need to click on the ‘Audio’ option.
    • Click on the ‘Browse’ button and choose an audio file.
    • After selecting, you need to click on the ‘Estimate Price’ option to determine the Robux cost of your upload.
    • Once you make your selection, you need to click on the ‘Purchase for XR$’ button to complete your purchase.

Here’s for the cost of audio files:

    • 20 Robux for 0-10 seconds
    • 35 Robux for 10-30 seconds
    • 70 Robux for 30 seconds-2 minutes
    • 350 Robux for 2-7 minutes

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Banana Song (I’m A Banana) 169360242

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