Elegy for the End Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Elegy for the End is one of weapons. The type of this weapon is a bow. The rarity of this bow is 5 stars and it is not the part of any series which means that it is independent. Do you want to know more about this weapon? You can read below.

The Story of Elegy for the End

Long time ago, there was a knight who was not friendly. There was only a certain song which was able to cause his brow to unfurl. Also, only a certain girl who sang that song in the square which could cause him to be able to forget the great burden of his duty for a time.

The Story of Elegy for the End

At last, there was a disaster which came to this land. The songs which had flown happily in the wind became drowned by a venomous dragon. After the footsteps shook the earth, and even the cries and the flames were ripped asunder. The Anemo Archon heard their pain, even though he has denied to rule. However, to protect his old friends’ dream, and also to defend the wind-kissed fields of green, he woke from his long slumber anew. With the sky dragon, he flew into battle. The Knight and his knights fought for their land as well.

In the ancient tower, the blue sky dragon fell asleep. It happened when the venomous dragon fell to ruin on the ice-sealed peak. However, the Knight was in the valley to spend of his life’s blood and when he fell, he was only able to think that she was abroad studying, so she should be well. But, how he wished to hear her sing again. Then, he also thought that at least Arundolyn and Roland were alright and when she came back, this disaster should have blown over.

There were a lot of songs in praise of the archon and tunes which recorded the battle of the two dragons. However, those all are slowly lost. After her voice and her tears were dry, the girl swore that she would use her life’s flame to be able to clean the crookedness of the world.

The Stats of Elegy for the End

Elegy for the End

As we explained earlier that the rarity of this bow is 5 stars. The base ATK of this weapon is 46. How about the secondary stat of Elegy for the End? The secondary stat of this bow is Energy Recharge Percentage and the secondary stat value is 12%.

The parting refrain perk is able to increase the elemental mastery of the character by 60. If the elemental skill or elemental burst of the character hits an enemy, the character will get a Sigil which stack every 0.2 seconds. It happens even if the character is off-field. After having four sigils, then they will be consumed. It is done to provide all characters with the Millennial Movement namely Farewell Song buff which can give them an increase of 100 elemental mastery and a 20% ATK bonus to the nearby allies for the next 12 seconds.

The Ascension of Elegy for the End

Ascension Phase Level Weapon Ascension Materials Common Materials Mora
1 20 to 40 Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth x5 Heavy Horn x5, Recruit’s Insignia x3 10000
2 40 to 50 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x5 Heavy Horn x18, Recruit’s Insignia x12 20000
3 50 to 60 Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth x9 Black Bronze Horn x9, Sergeant’s Insignia x9 30000
4 60 to 70 Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang x5 Black Bronze Horn x18, Sergeant’s Insignia x14 45000
5 70 to 80 Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang x9 Black Crystal Horn x14, Lieutenant’s Insignia x9 55000
6 80 to 90 Boreal Wolf’s Nostalgia x6 Black Crystal Horn x27, Lieutenant’s Insignia x18 65000

The Other New Weapons in Genshin Impact v1.4.

Elegy of the End is one of the new weapons that you can find in Genshin Impact 1.4 update. The other weapons which are also released in 1.4 update are Alley Hunter, Wine and Song, The Alley Flash and Windblume Ode. You are able to see the details of these weapons below.

  • Alley Hunter

This weapon is a bow and the rarity is 4 stars. This bow is part of the Alley Series and you are able to get it through Gacha. The base ATK of this bow in level 1 is 41. The secondary stat type is CRIT Rate and the secondary stat in level 1 is 8%. The DMG will be increased by 2% per second up to a maximum of 20% when the wielding character is present in the party but not on the field. However, if the character is on the field for more than four seconds, the damage buff will be decreased by 4% per second.

  • Wine and Song

Wine and Song is a catalyst and the rarity of this catalyst is 4 stars. This is also part of the Alley series. The base ATK in level 1 is 42. The secondary stat type is Energy Recharge and the secondary stat in level 1 is 10.0%. On hitting an enemy, the ‘Ever-changing’ will decrease the sprinting stamina consumption of the wielding character by 14% for five seconds.

  • Alley Flash

Alley Flash is a sword and the rarity is 4 stars. This is part of the Alley Series as well and it can be gained through Gacha. The base ATK in level 1 is 44. The secondary stat type is CRIT rate and the secondary stat in level 1 is 4%. The damage output of the wielding character is decreased by Itinerant Hero by 12%. If the character is damaged, for five seconds the passive will be disabled.

  • Windblume Ode

Windblume is a bow and the rarity of this bow is 4 stars. This bow is independent which means that it is not a part of any series. Windblume Ode can be obtained by you through an event. The name of the event is Windblume Festival. Until now, there is no information about the base stats, stats by level or ascension of this weapon.

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