Elden Ring Could Not Verify Playstation Plus Subscription

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game that can be played on PlayStation, in addition to PC and Xbox One. But as of the recent update,  it actually affects both PS4 and PS5 players trying to access this online game and tell the players that ‘Elden Ring could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription’.

If you receive this message, you cannot log into online-based games such as Elden Ring, Overwatch, Call of Duty or many online games. If you also cannot verify PlayStation Plus Subscription for Elden Ring, no worries, you can try to find multiple solutions to fix this problem that we’ll mention below.

Elden Ring Could Not Verify Playstation Plus Subscription

What Causes of Elden Ring could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription?

Because of the new 1.05 patch update on PlayStation, some online-based games on PS4 and PS5 could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription. In fact, the players who received the ‘Elden Ring could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription’ have been reporting for a few hours. Reportely, they’re still facing the same error, even after restoring their license.

Aside from the latest PlayStation update, Elden Ring also released a new update that went live on PS4, PS5, Xbox and also PC a few hours ago. The new Elden Ring updates addressed issues with Nepheli Loux’s questline, Ash of War and Endure not working as intended. It also handles a multiplayer bug which allows the players to teleport others to incorrect map coordinates.

So far, the PlayStation update has caused several issues for Elden Ring players. Then, people look for a solution for the current issue that they are facing with their PlayStation Plus Subscription.

According to Sony’s PlayStation Network service status page, it is found that ‘Some services are experiencing issues’. The issue in question includes gaming and social features, the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Now game streaming.

Eurogamer reported that the errors that appear are associated with a new software update for PS4 and PS5. It actually results in Elden Ring players being greeted with an error message and then the game beginning in offline mode.

Even though the error was previously attributed to FroSoftware’s game’s maintenance that was scheduled for this morning, this issue is likely independent of this which affects some other game’s multiplayer servers with the same message regardless of player’s PlayStation Plus Subscriptions.

The Elden Ring Twitter account has published an update in the time since the error was first reported, stating that ‘The server maintenance for PlayStation/Steam will be prolonged’. In this case, a subsequent update revealed that maintenance for Steam was now over, though any mention regardless of ongoing error for Sony.

Is There a Way to Fix Elden Ring that could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription?

Since the issue is pertaining to online verification, it actually prevents many players from logging in, spinning them in circles when they try to login and play Elden Ring. Need to know, this issue is not specific to Elden Ring, since a lot of other PlayStation Plus-accessed titles are experiencing the same issue. In a Twitter post, PlayStation has acknowledged the issue and they are looking for the solution to fix it. So, you can just wait until PlayStation fix this issue and bring all the online games to normally run again.

However, if you do not want to wait for PlayStation’s solution, you can take two temporary solutions in the meantime. In this case, if your console is not set for auto-update, the main thing to fix is to not download the latest patch for Elden Ring. Unfortunately, a lot of players will not be lucky, as automatic-update is so popular and naturally saves a lot of waiting time.

If you have already downloaded the fateful patch and you cannot log into your Elden Ring account, you do not have to worry, as the classic re-set is always available that many times lets you fix around spontaneous errors.

Here’s the step-by-step to restart Elden Ring that you can try:

    • First, you need to restart your Elden Ring title by quitting out to the PlayStation home page. Then, you can reload the page.
    • Second,  you can restart your PlayStation console
    • Last, you can try to restart your internet router

We emphasize that there is a chance none of those solutions will work and others may not work, so you can be stuck unable to log into Elden Ring. However, it is encouraging that PlayStation has been experiencing this problem, so you do not expect it to last for too long.

About a Latest PlayStation Update

We can see that PlayStation is aware of this issue, as they have posted on social media that they are investigating. According to Forbes.com, there are likely two main options:

(1)   You don’t install the update. However, it is possible, because of auto-installing. Sometimes, you have a right to select whether a system update goes forward or not. So, if you see this option, make sure to not install it.
(2)   Reportedly, some users have found success by logging out of their account and logging back in or they have been taking hard restarting on their system. Certainly, it may fix whatever issues that are being triggered by this latest update. That said, it is an early fix, but now it may not work since the problem appears to be increasing.

However, there does not seem to be anything wrong with PlayStation Plus in certain circumstances, since the service does not go down or anything like that, as of this writing. Perhaps, there is something on the update side which is having trouble recognizing the users’ existing subscriptions.

As a suggestion, you should not  try to like resigning for PlayStation Plus or anything like that as a solution. However, that is overkill that may only create things worse and more complicated. What you should do is to stay clear of PlayStation until you fix the problems.

Keep in mind, when issues like this occur, it actually reminds us of just how much we rely on online servers, even during a solo Elden Ring playthrough.