Efficient Boss Hours OSRS Vorkath

It is highly recommended to weaken Vorkath’s defence by using a Dragon Warhammer or Bandos Godsword’s special attack. Vorkath drops Superior Dragon Bones and Blue Dragonhides. Assuming you kill Vorkath 20 times per hour, you are able to get a profit of 2.7M GP P/H.


Average profits from a single kill roughly 140k to 160k OSRS gold. After you become very skilled in Vorkath, you are able to  expect to hit 30+ kills per hour that results in 4.5M gold per hour. However, that also depends on your gear. Without regular drops like famous dragon skins, coins and various alchables etc. There is an opportunity to accept one of some unique drops that will increases your trips. You are able to see unique drops with current prices below:

    • Draconic visage: 6M
    • Skeletal visage: 36M
    • Dragonbone necklace: 104k
    • Vorki: a dope looking pet.

Efficient Boss Hours OSRS Vorkath

More valuable info:

Vorkath will give you two drops that will remain on the ground for 30 minutes (unless you are going to leave the instance, this is going to result in losing your dropped items). You will be able to get all your items from a boatman with a 100k fee, if died. But after several practice this should not be a problem, because Vorkath is an easy solo boss that could be killed while watching YouTube or doing some other background activities.

Need to know that Salve amulet (ei) attack bonuses does stack with dragon hunter lance’s bonuses, as Vorkath is considered as undead monster. If you are on the blue dragons’ slayer task, you are also able to bring your slayer helmet and switch your salve amulet (ei) for torture, or fury amulet for faster kills.

Combat Requirements

Actually, there are no strict combat requirements to kill the boss called Vorkath, but having these combat skills can make your trips more efficient:

    • 90+ Attack
    • 90+ Strength
    • 90+ Defence
    • 90+ Hitpoints
    • 70+ Prayer (for using Piety)

Vorkath Mechanics

    • Before entering Vorkath’s instance, you have to ensure that you have set your quick prayers.
    • For Fire bomb attack, you need to move two squares away in any direction. Failing to move will kill you instantly. If you move one square away, it will result in up to 70+ damage. This attack is very slow, so it should not be an issue to dodge it. Next, let us take a look to Vorkath’s basic and special attacks.
    • For basic attacks, Vorkath usually use Ranged, Melee, Venom, Dragonfire, Magic, Fire bomb, and Prayer-disabling attacks. Your good defence bonus such as Super anti fire potion, Serpentine Helm, and prayer protection will neglect most of his attacks. In fact, you only need to care about two of his basic attacks.
    • For Prayer-disabling attack, simply you are able to press your quick prayers icon. Also, it is going to turn your prayers back on.
    • First Special attack – Zombified Spawn: Vorkath is going to will cast ice breath. It will prevent you from moving. For this case, you have to press anywhere on the map quickly to stop attacking Vorkath and get your Crumble Undead spell ready. After every six basic attacks Vorkath is going to use one of two special attacks.
    • Vorkath is going to spawn a zombie minion that will start moving towards you for suicide attack. You have to use your Crumble Undead spell on him as soon as possible. If you failed to kill Vorkath on time, it will result in up to 60+ damage.
    • Second Special attack: Acid spills & Fireball bombardment.

For this special attack, Vorkath is going to spill acid all over the instance. It quickly will spit fireballs that will track your movement. Please toggle your running off and then start moving around the instance to dodge acid spills that will deal 10 damage to you and heal Vorkath for the same amount. Moving around instance is really important. It is better to step on the acid spill rather than stop moving, as every fireball hit will deal up to 30+ damage and Vorkath shoots these attacks every tick.

The fight

Before entering instance, ensure you have your quick prayers. After that, you have to sip an extended super antifire and Super combat potions, then enter. While in instance, Vorkath will not attack you until you poke him. Next, you have to free up one inventory space by dropping a shark etc, you are able to pick it up after the fight. At this time, get your Bandos godsword ready with special attack and poke Vorkath to start the fight.

If Bandos godsword special attack fail to hit Vorkath, we highly recommend teleporting back to your house, drink from Ornate rejuvenation pool and then start all over again. Vorkath owns high defence bonus and successful special attack on the start of the fight that will make your trip much faster. It means that you have less time for mistakes.

After successful special attack, Vorkath is going to attack you with six basic attacks before he use one of his special abilities. Now, we highly recommend toggling your run off after fifth basic attack and get yourself focused if he use his acid spill attack. Once his special attack, he is going to continue with 6 basic attacks. Then, he will use different special ability. If the first special attack was Acid spills, so the second special attack come as Zombified spawn. Then another 6 basic attacks are going to follow. It will lead to another Acid spill attack.

After you kill Vorkath, you are abe to pick up the loot and teleport back to your house if you have Ornate rejuvenation pool there. If not, you are only able to poke him again and start all over. If you died during the fight against Vorkath, you have to go to the boatman to gather your lost stuff for 100k fee. You do not need to have 100k in your inventory, it is going to be taken straight from your bank.

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