Easy Tutorial How To Use Apple Handoff

There are Macs and other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. If you want to start a specific task on one device and continue on another, you can do it using Handoff.

This feature provides seamless switching between all devices. Start an email, text message, or other item on your Mac, then restart it on your iPhone. Start working on your iPhone and continue on your iPad. You can also start working on your Apple Watch and continue on your iOS device.

Get started on one Apple device and pick up where you left off on another using Continuous Handoff.

For example, when you start typing emails on your Mac in OS X Mail, then an icon will appear on your iPhone lock screen so you can continue typing. When you open the Safari website on your iPhone, the Safari icon will appear on your Mac Dock and download the same website. Or read the articles on AlfinTech Computer official site will fast loading on your iPad device.


Handoff mainly works with Apple apps like Safari, Calendar, Contacts and Podcasts, but it also supports some third-party programs. Front-end streaming requires OS X Yosemite or higher on Mac like macOS Catalina, iOS 8 or higher on iPhone or iPad, and watchOS 1.0 or higher on Apple Watch. In terms of hardware, this feature supports all Apple Watch, although at least certain iOS and Mac device models are required.

To use Handoff, each device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and signed to iCloud with the same Apple ID. Here’s the easy tutorial how to set up and use Handoff on Apple device.

And many of them have large colorful facial features to use Apple Handoff. There aren’t many hidden tricks here that only true iOS enthusiasts will love. It’s sure that by recognizing handoff as well you can be the master of iOS 12 too.

Handoff compatibility

To use Handoff, you must have at least an iMac or MacBook and other Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad. The pre-installed apps that come with Apple devices are Handoff compatible, including Calls, Contacts, Mail, Maps, Messages, Notes, Reminders, and Safari. Also the third party apps such as Airbnb, iA Write, PC Calc and Pocket are also compatible with it.

Enable Handoff on Mac

Handoff is not an app, so you don’t need to download anything from the App Store. Instead, you need to enable this feature on all devices. To set this up on your Mac, select the Apple menu icon and click System Preferences > General. If it’s not already enabled, select the option “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices“.

Enable Handoff on iOS Devices

On iOS devices, this process is simplified, so you can follow the same process on iPhone and iPad. Go to Settings > General > Handoff on your iOS device. Turn on the handoff switch if it is not already on.

Enable Handoff on Apple Watch

Click “General” in the “My Watch” section. Switch on to activate handoff on your Apple Watch, and then open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Switching from Desktop to iOS

Let’s use Handoff to switch from desktop to iOS device with Safari. Open your web browser and start searching. Now check your iPad and you should see the Safari icon in the Dock. You could say that the little Mac-like icon docked in the upper right corner is the Handoff icon. Clicking this Handoff icon opens the same webpage that you saw on your Mac on iPad in Safari.

Switching from Desktop to iPhone

On iPhone, you need to show the app switcher. Swipe up from the bottom of iPhone X screen. Double-click the Home button on your old iPhone. You should see Safari notifications on your Mac. Tap on it and you can continue on the same web page.

Continuity between Apps

Several standard Apple apps can be used to switch devices, most of which maintain continuity between the content written. If you open Mail on your desktop and start composing new messages, you can go to your iPad or iPhone and open the same email on another device. Go ahead and write your message and then send it.

Handoff also work seamlessly with other apps like Messages, Calendar, and Maps, allowing you to exchange important dates, routes and text messages between different devices without wasting space.

Switching from iOS to Desktop

You can go to another way again, take Safari as an example. Open it on your iOS device and go to a specific web page.

On a Mac, the Handoff icon appears on the left side of the Dock. In this case, the icon is for Safari, but it has a small icon attached that looks like an iPhone or iPad. When I hover over this icon, I get a message saying it’s for Safari on iPhone or iPad. Click this icon to view the same webpage on your iPad.

Notes, Reminders, News, and Maps

Other apps that work between macOS and iOS include Maps, Notes, and Reminders (see above). Mojave has also added a News app to your desktop so you can start reading on your phone while on the go and pick it up at your desk.

Switching from Apple Watch

To exchange data between your Apple Watch and your iOS device, click on Digital Crown to go to the home screen. Click an app like Messages, News, Stocks, or Podcasts.

Tap the Icon or Notice for Handoff utilization

For messages utilization: please open an existing message or write a new one if you like. Tap the Cast icon or notification on your iPhone or iPad and you’ll see a message on your iOS device. As you can see above, it appears as a small clock icon in the upper-right corner of your iPad’s Messages app.

The conclusion of Apple Handoff

Typically, MacBook users use iPhone as the primary smartphone. Also, those who use iPhones already have a MacBook, but they want a MacBook. This way it is much more efficient to have one identity across all devices, and it is undoubtedly the most user-friendly environment.

Now, with continuity features like Handoff, it’s easier to maintain this connection. Now all your photos, videos and documents are available on any device. Once you take a picture on your iPhone, you can use it immediately on other devices.

With Handoff, the concept has become more familiar, and students in particular can make the most of it. You can see the usefulness of this feature by testing Handoff on your device.

For example, you can use the specified link in WhatsApp to go to a webpage on your iPhone and then open it instantly on your MacBook. You don’t need to enter a URL in Safari, Handoff takes you directly to the page you left off on your phone.

You can easily switch between devices as you fill out forms, read articles, and save important documents to Safari. So isn’t it more convenient than usual? Try and experience it with your favorite apps.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave an answer below.