Easy Tips How To Deceive Your Friends with Sneaky Way on Among Us

Do you need Among Us sneaky way to help you be a winner? How about learning how to sniff bad apples as a Crewmate? Getting into a game with friends can be tricky when you’re not in the know, but don’t slow down. I’m here to help you realize your potential as a top-notch fraudster while enhancing your skills as a confident prosecutor.

It’s one thing to be safe and on duty as a crew member, but I’d like to find a better strategy to disguise myself. Whether you’re an honest Crewmate or a slippery cheater, we’ve written this About Us guide to help you get started.

Among Us is one of the best laptop games to play with friends on an inexpensive computer.

Essential tips for new players

Among Us supports 4 to 10 players, split into two teams: 1 to 3 imposters and the rest of the team. The gang member wins by completing a simple task on the map or by removing all impostors. The impostors win by killing team members and avoiding eviction until only a handful of team members are left.

When the body is discovered and reported, all players are invited to a meeting for discussion. Players can then vote on who they think is a potential impostor, or skip the vote if they are unsure. Here are some general tips to help you prepare for your match.

Check out the map and work

As with any game, watching a few rounds on Twitch and exploring specific rooms and challenges is a good place to start. We recommend keeping the tab open with the map you are currently playing on until you know the name of each room. Knowing the name of each mission and where it can be done is also helpful because it allows you to confidently make sense of everything you’ve done as a crew member or lie convincingly as a cheat.

Be quiet !

There is not a word during the task. The only times you can have a conversation (usually via Discord) is before a match or during a meeting. Also, you cannot speak after killing. Crew members can hover around the map, completing missions like ghosts, but cannot speak during a meeting.

Vigilance is key

Remember what other people are doing when you walk through the station. For example, if you see three other players on their way from Skeld to the administrator, and a corpse is found nearby, you can share this information with the rest of your team. Likewise, if you are playing as a rogue, knowing where the other person is on the map will help you stay hidden and can also help you organize others for sneaky behavior.

Complete your tasks

This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in the game or forget that you have a goal to work on. It has a mix of long and short tasks depending on the settings chosen by the game host. Fortunately, these tasks are as easy as typing numbers on the keyboard or dragging leaves into a vacuum. Exercise caution when observing suspicious activity and watch your winnings to put pressure on impostors.

Don’t ignore the sabotage events

If the Impostor is interfering with the station, you may have to rush to a specific room to fix the faulty equipment. The impostors can easily win if the entire team ignores the O2 and Reactor events. Therefore, in such a situation, immediately follow the arrows that appear on the map and work with the rest of the team to quickly get rid of them. Another disturbing behavior is closing doors and turning off lights. You can fix the lighting, but there isn’t much you can do until your teammates open the door, other than hope you don’t get stuck in a room with impostors.

Don’t delay, call an Emergency Meeting

If you think you have found valuable information about the impostors, you can call us for an emergency appointment. All maps have an emergency call button, and the number of emergency meetings in the game can be adjusted by the organizer. You can use this button as part of our strategy to narrow down who may be fraudulent. The location of the button is different for each card. At Skeld and MIRA headquarters, he is in the cafeteria, and at Polus, he is in the office.

It takes a few seconds for the animation to complete after pressing the emergency button, so if the Pretender is hiding nearby you can be vigilant. Interference with O2, reactors, communications and lighting all makes it impossible for crew members to interact with the emergency button, and there is also a recovery time after each emergency meeting.

Deceive your friends

Unlike teammates, Impostors can move the map much faster by getting in and out of vents like the little gray grill on the floor. You can hide here when deciding which room to move to next, but interrupt and kill cooldowns are paused until you can see. It’s worth waiting a few seconds to see the crew members nearby before jumping through the vents. I don’t want to appear in front of them and not give up myself.

As a rogue, your goal is to destroy and take your gang members, but be aware of backup work that will help you stay in tune with the rest of your team. You can choose from several tasks that you can claim to have worked on between meetings, so you can confidently get the job done when asked. It’s a reliable strategy among us, but it also helps if you know how to lie. But remember, you cannot fake visual work. This is one way to admit that you are a fraud.

It’s also helpful to walk up to a terminal and pause for a few seconds so it looks like it is doing something. The rest will watch, and good teammates will highlight those who have not finished their work in the meeting. After hours of play, you will see how you can blame others by seizing the right moment and creating a convincing defense.


Turning off lights, shutting down reactors and closing doors are just some of the ways to slow down your team and orchestrate assassinations. There is a cooldown after sabotage, so plan ahead, pick players, and think about quick escape options later. A kill near the air vent will give you an escape route, but it’s a good idea to lock the team in a room to prevent the crew from leaving, or to prevent others from breaking in and witnessing the attack.

Turning off the lights limits the crew members’ field of vision, allowing them to quickly get rid of them before fleeing to other parts of the ship, even if others are nearby. You can even initiate a sabotage event in which your gang members have to fix a car and then fix it yourself to appear innocent.

Watch out for cameras

Crewmates use CCTV cameras to see others. It is best to look into the camera and avoid killing, but sometimes it only takes a few seconds to seize an opportunity. Luckily, when your security camera is activated, you will see a flashing red light to let you know. If you notice that someone is watching an area even when killing outside of the surveillance camera’s range, you need to take extra care to make sure you can handle normal room entry and exit.

Report bodies

Gaining the trust of others can be difficult, but you can form an innocent team by reporting the body of a player you killed. This strategy is certainly risky and can easily backfire if other members of the organization are already unclear. However, if you’ve been careful up to this point and let others organize you at the previous meeting, hiding in an inconspicuous place can be surprisingly good. Likewise, if you know your team is suspicious of innocent players, reporting a corpse when they are nearby will help create compelling evidence and will be removed from the exit line.

Coordinate with other Impostors

The strategy is difficult to start out of them, but you can finish the game quickly. If you are playing with multiple impostors, you have to watch what they do. You cannot talk to them, but you can figure out what their intentions are based on the disturbing actions they initiated, as well as their movement and location on the map.

If you run them individually, you have different Crewmate alibis, but if the story makes sense, you can vouch for each other. By the end of the match, there will be little or no team left, or when you get close to completing all the tasks, teaming up with another impostor can help you get out of the game quickly. Choosing a subversive action that benefits both, such as putting out a fire, can result in a double kill. This way, you can make the most of the time between recharges.