Easy Death Runs Fortnite Codes

Fortnite deathruns are the most challenging custom maps in Creative Mode. However, the best code for a deathrun map will really unlock brutal challenges, force you to get your perfect Fortnite skills and also require more than a little luck as well. That means it may be a lot of death and even more luck.

In fact, most deathrun maps are supposed to be quite hard and then if you are starting out, you may run into quite a wall if you really try those versions out. If you really love the concept of this type of map but aren’t searching for painstaking difficulty, of course, you come to the right page now.

Well, this post will show you a list of deathrun codes to help you find some easy maps. Here you go!

Stand Still Deathrun

Code: 1453-2094-7948

Stand Still Deathrun

If you are tired of having to run around and really want to try completing deathrun by running and jumping, of course, this is a perfect deathrun for you. However, after you enter into the levels, you do not have to move your character around to do anything.

In addition, there are some things where you should interact by pressing buttons, throwing some clingers, and shooting some bots. However, you will mostly just chill out and let the game perform all the work for you.

75 level Default “WATERWORLD” Deathrun

Code: 4451-0561-6061

75 level Default WATERWORLD Deathrun

This deathrun map has a whole lot of levels that will let you slide around and bounce off of obstacles. In this map, you’re able to use impulse grenades to get around and even perform a bit of surfing to make it across one of the levels.

Moreover, you can also run through the obstacle fast as you take the damage. Otherwise, if you go too slow, you will be taken back to the beginning. Need to know, there’s Slurp Juice waiting for you to get your health again at the end of that level. If you’re just starting out in these, it’s better for you to hold off a while as it’s slightly harder than some of the others.

Egg Climbing

Code: 5032-6975-8948

This deathrun really provides a colorful map which actually challenges you to climb higher and higher rather than the usual horizontal stumble-fest. However, this map design is perfect for you who love the use of lighting and flower arrangements to draw your eye.

Moreover, this map totally helps to keep things looking like a real tower where naughty fairy lives on. We guess that you will bang your head against the wall on this one a few times.

50 Level Spherical Default Deathrun

Code: 9872-6210-0983

50 Level Spherical Default Deathrun

This deathrun map is a pretty gorgeous design with attractive visuals to see while it looks very simple. However, it utilizes plenty of basic shapes with an adorable color palette which looks quite stylish. Moreover, this map will challenge you to give you some good practice for future maps, though it’s an easier deathrun.

Fall Guys Default Deathrun

Code: 4064-4388-1056

Fall Guys Default Deathrun

In fact, Fall Guys is actually a popular game which has taken the world by storm especially among just about anyone who can access it. Then, if you have not gotten a chance to play the game yet, you can give this Fall Guys themed deathrun a shot which at least gives you a taste of what you’re missing.

Escape Your Nightmare

Code: 3226-5801-0514

Escape Your Nightmare is a deathrun map as a fun collection of parkour puzzles, escape runs, and treasure hunts. Well, all of them set on a creepy man full of giant mouths, one big ol’ Kevin the Cube and also celestial hands. If you really like scary challenges, sure, you must try to enter this deathrun code.

Kenworth’s Super Easy Default Deathrun

Code: 0666-9293-5226

Kenworth’s Super Easy Default Deathrun is a  50 level of easy parkour where it starts off easy then progressively gets a bit harder, however it was created in mind, so everyone can complete it easily. Surely, you will have an opportunity for completing this deathrun even if you are bad at parkour.

The Easiest Default Deathrun Yet

Code: 1297-8902-8351

This is a good starting out map to give a try especially if you are really bad at deathruns or never played one before. In this map, you will learn how to use impulse grenades, how to bait the traps, how to avoid any sneak traps placed in areas you cannot see.

Aside from that, you can also go through numerous little challenges which get you prepared for your future in deathrun maps. Then, if you’re really looking for an easy experience, well, this map is the best option for you to choose.

Inspire Your Chi Deathrun

Code: 6484-4533-3864

This deathrun map will attract you as if hop into a lush landscape which is inspired by ancient Chinese cities with shrine gates, tall pagodas and dense villages serving as the backdrop to a punishing run.

Easy 100 Level Deathrun 2020

Code: 8761-5509-4243

Easy 100 Level Deathrun 2020

When you’re taking part in this code, at least there are easy 100 levels to manage deathrun challenges. In this map, you will gather cute little Peely eggs to make your progress when you get further into the map.

Of course, you will feel the hard ramp up a bit as you go on even though it starts out very easy. However, there will be numerous traps to avoid and some parts where you will be driving a cart to get through certain obstacles. Then, there will be enough variety in this to make it precious for you, though completing 100 levels really takes some time.

100 Level Jonesy Deathrun

Code: 0226-6326-8437

By choosing this deathrun map, you actually help  Jonesy out and also find his pickaxe in this simple, ultimately quite fun way. Well, this deathrun really takes you all the way from verdant greenlands to desolate lava fields.

Well, those are a bunch of easy deathrun  Fortnite codes that you can use to get your perfect Fortnite skills. You can also look for other deathrun codes to challenge you as much as easier.

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