East Brickton Roblox Controls & Commands

You may be playing East Brickton in Roblox now and you need to know the controls and commands that you have to use in the game. Here, there is some information about it together with the other information about East Brickton.

Controls and Command for Roblox East Brickton

East Brickton is a roleplay simulator in Roblox. In this game, you have to create and customize your own character and then you have to control your destiny. After you have created your character, then you have to act to the character’s role at all times while playing. And here are the controls, terms and rules of this game as explained in the Pro Game Guides.

East Brickton Roblox Controls & Commands

For controls, you are able to see from the list below.

    • WASD

It is used to move around.

    • Shift

It is used to hold shift.

    • Space

It is used to jump.

    • 1, 2, 3…

It is used to equip/unequip item.

    • Backspace

It is used to drop item.

    • Left Mouse Click

It is used to use item.

    • ` (Button which is left of 1)

It is used to open or close backpack.

    • Mouse Scroll Wheel

It is used to zoom in and out.

    • /

It is used to chat.

If you play East Brickton, you need to learn and memorize the terms below. For your information, these are universal roleplay terms in a lot of games. If you do not understand the terms, it can lead to permanent ban from East Brickton.

    • Random Killing (RK)

It means that killing another player for little to no reason.

    • Random Brawling (RB)

It means randomly punching another player for no reason, beginning combat for no reason.

    • Car Hopping

It means randomly jumping into a car of another player.

    • Power Gaming (PG)

It means roleplaying unrealistic actions which are defined by the developers of the game.

    • Meta Gaming (MG)

It means acting out of character.

    • Fail Gun Fear

It means ignoring a player when they have pulled a weapon on you.

    • Fail Cop Fear

It means ignoring police authority.

    • Gun Begging

It means randomly approaching a player and asking for a weapon.

    • Admin Interaction

It means ignoring an admin or harassing an admin in-game. Admins want to roleplay too.

    • Ban Evading

It means running away from an admin confrontation.

And here are the rules of engagement. If there is a roleplay reason behind the action, you may only attack another player. Reasons are disagreements, gang retaliation or other in-game conflicts. You must initiate every confrontation by the /me command. It indicates that you are about to engage in combat. If combat has been engaged, the other player does not have to use the command.

And here are the rules of robberies. As a player, you may only rob another player once per day in the game. If you rob sprees, it will lead to instant bans, including robbing gas station clerks. If there is a player who is robbed, they must comply with the robber’s request and roleplay Gun Fear accordingly. You may not rob items in the safe or trunks of another player. You are not able to hold another player at gunpoint and force them to withdraw cash from an ATM. It is important for you to know that the maximum robbery is $300. It is forbidden to kill a player after a successful robbery.

In Roblox East Brickton, there are safe zones and those are Hospital, Police Station, Bank, and Any Workplace for Jobs. It is important for you to know that before you pull out any type of weapon, you need to declare the location where you are pulling out the weapon by using the /me command.

About East Brickton

East Brickton was created by marcus760 on June 13th, 2018. When this article was being created, the last update of this game was on August 10th, 2021. The size of the server is 85 and the genre of this game is Town and City. This game has been visited more than 3.5 million times and it has been favorited more than 50k times.

In the description of the game, it is described that the game is not to work on mobile devices because it needs a mouse and keyboard. In this game, a city is set in the modern 21st century. You are able to create and customize your character how you want to and you are able to select its destiny whether you want to live life as the best detective of the city or as the most infamous criminal. So, you will control the destiny of your character and become what you want to be.

In this game, there is a badge that you will be able to obtain. The badge is Early Access. This badge is obtained if you bought the game in Early Access. You will get rewards for your characters when the final product releases. Besides, you are also able to buy a game pass in this game. The game pass that you are able to buy in this game is Extra Safe Storage. The price of this Extra Safe Storage game pass is 250 Robux. The last update of this game pass was on March 13th, 2020. In the description section of this game pass, it is described that safes are designed to save important items that players stumble upon in game. Safes are also a major pillar in the economy and thrifty player are able to use them to keep their business assets protected. With this game pass, you are able to increase the amount of items that you can place in your safe. It is only recommended for you who are looking for an entrepreneur build or stacked veterans with a large quantity of weapons.

About The Developer of East Brickton

Marcus760, the developer of this game, has more than 87k followers on his Roblox account and has 76 friends. His Roblox avatar is wearing Dominus Aureus, Versace Robe pants, Versace Robe shirt and Beast Mode face. He has a number of Roblox badges such as Warrior, Homestead, Veteran, Inviter and many more. He also has a lot of badges from games such as New Career, You Invaded and many more.