Does Fortnite Have Skill-Based Matchmaking 2022

For anyone who is wondering if Fortnite has matchmaking that is based on skill, apparently, it does. In Fortnite, the skill base matchmaking is known as SBMM. This one was launched for the first time into the game through the v10.40 update that was released on September 25, 2019. You might be familiar with this update as it is the same one in which the bots were introduced into the game by the developers of the game called Epic Games.

The concept of the skill based matchmaking, which is also more known as SBMM, refers to an in game system that evaluates, examines, and matches players based on overlapping skill levels. If the description is too complicated for you, basically, a game lobby that consists of some players that have similar skill is created by this one. The aim of the concept is to make the gameplay experience fairer for every single player.

Does Fortnite Have Skill-Based Matchmaking 2022

Unfortunately, it does not always work as planned. For instance, the skill based matchmaking of another popular game named Call of Duty is really hated by most players. It has been known that Call of Duty has always been popular as a casual gaming experience. However, due to its developers (Activision) that do not bother to hear opinion form the others, it seems like the skill based matchmaking will remain in the game.

Aside from Call of Duty, another example is Apex Legends. This one has separate ranked and public playlists. Just like Fortnite Arena, the feature called skill based matchmaking is featured in the Apex Legends Ranked Leagues.

Back to the skill based matchmaking or SBMM of Fortnite. Apparently, this feature has been a thing that is looked for by a lot of players. As the Fortnite Battle Royale keeps getting sweatier, the community puts the blame on the skill based matchmaking.

In any multiplayer game, the feature named skill based matchmaking is considered as a complex process. It is such a normal case when players complaining about getting matched with sweats, professionals, and tryhards in public games, which means their experience in the game is getting ruined.

If you are curious about the skill based matchmaking feature in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, the following is everything that you will need to know.

What makes some people surprised is that the matchmaking in Fortnite is considered a lot of simpler that it looks like. Actually, it is not a good thing. Instead of a good thing, it is the biggest issue. The players who just recently played the game are still considered beginners are placed in bot lobbies. Aside from that, some others are matched with PC, Nintendo Switch, and console players.

When looking at the numbers, the newbies, the ones who just started playing the game, are placed in lobbies that consist around 70 to 75 bots. As their skills keep getting better, the number is down to 35, 20, and even 10.

There are a number of players that said that the skill based matchmaking in Fortnite is not really changed. They keep believing in this even if they do not perform well. The time when they make their exit out of the bot lobbies, the level of the opponents they encounter is not changed at all. It is the reason why most of the Fortnite community is having a hard time to win in Chapter 3 Season 1. On the other hand, the sweats are having fun stepping on the casual players who just want nothing but to have fun.

What is the thing that makes one a skilled or non-skilled player in Fortnite? In order to understand the concept of skill based matchmaking in Fortnite better, the first thing that you have to do is to understand how the game categorizes its players.

According to a Youtuber called ultra L2, a player is considered good by Fortnite if they build. On the contrary, those who have a hard time to build or those who do not rely on builds are considered bad and are placed in lower level lobbies. With that being said, it means that the skill based matchmaking in Fortnite either puts the players between bots or between sweats and try hards and there is nothing in between. It is unlikely to find a lobby where every participant has a similar skills and experience.

In fact, the likes of current form, platform, experience, and some other parameters do not really matter in the skill based matchmaking. It is clearly concerning. Due to this fact, a number of players who are just into building or editing are forced to compete with the professionals who have been into building or editing since forever and get them eliminated by them quickly.

It is a must for Epic Games to add more variables to Fortnite that are based on which players are matched with each other. To put it short, sweats should encounter sweats players while casuals should face equally casual players. This one is really important to be done in order to make the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 much better compared to it is now. While it is true that the new season has lived up to the expectations in when it comes to the content, it is still needed for the developers to be more careful about the feature known as skill based matchmaking or SBMM.

Talking about the skill based matchmaking in Fortnite and its disadvantages, you might be wondering if this feature is able to be disabled. The sad news is that there is no way for you to make it disabled. However, you can try to disable cross play in the game so that the skill based matchmaking can be improved. If you are interested in this, all that you have to do is to boot up Fortnite, go to the lobby and to the options menu, find the Allow Cross Platform Parties option and then toggle it from on to off.

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