Discord Outage Map

Discord is an app that used in the gaming community. simply, it allows the gamers to chat via text and image, as well as video and audio while on their console. The Discord app is widely available. It is able to be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and web browsers. By the way, how about the Discord Outage Map? Keep staying on this page to get more information about that and other information related to Discord.

Discord Outage

Discord Outage Map in last 30 days.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Download Apps
  • App
  • Server connection
  • Website
  • Log in

Most Reported City:

  • Copenhagen (25%)
  • Roseville (25%)
  • Racine (25%)
  • Auburn (25%)
Discord Outage1

Is Discord Down Right Now?

You will be able to check if Discord is down or having service problem today.

Reports Dynamics EST (GMT -05:00)

Received 36 reports, mostly originating from United States of America, San Diego, Encinitas, Barrington, Salt Lake City, El Cajon and 22 more cities. We are able to conclude that there are some problems occur on Discord including the trouble when log in, download app, and server connection issue.

In 2020, there are also lots of Discord users were sent a message stating that Discord is going to close. There are over 300 million people use Discord, so the idea of the Discord app shutting down is not the good news.

But, they assume that the message, which specified that if the users fail to copy and paste this to other users to show that you are still active within 2 weeks would be removed without hesitation to make more space. If Discord was shutting down, we are sure that Discord will send out a more professional e-mail or Twitter post to the users of Discord for allowing them know of any changes.

Discord Outage map – DownDetector

If you visit DownDetector to check out the Discord Outage map, there you will be able to see a statement: No problems at Discord. As we know that Downdetector provides the real-time status and outage information for all kinds of services which the users consider vital to their everyday lives and work.

Downdetector collects the status reports from some sources such as Twitter and reports submitted on their sites and also mobile apps. Their system analyzes those reports in real-time, letting them to detect outages and service disruptions automatically. A single person reporting an issue does not constitute a large scale outage. To ensure that outages are represented properly, they calculate a baseline of typical issue reports for each company that they monitor.

When a webpage is not loading or you are having problem logging into your service, you will be able to turn to Downdetector to see what’s occurring. Based on the research, it is the most famous source for user-generated status information. It tracks over 6,000 services across 45 countries. Each Downdetector company status page reveals about where other people have reported problem with a service.

Besides, it displays tweets and comments from a community of other users who are trying to troubleshoot the issue. Probably, the users believe that they are experiencing a problem with an app, only to know the source of the problem is actually with their internet service provider.

Discord Features

Of course, there are many features of Discord. Here are some Discord features:


The users are able to make servers for free, manage their public visibility and make one or more channels within that server. Since October 2017, Discord allows the developers of game and publishers to verify their servers. Usually, the Verified servers are moderated by the developers or publishers. Later, Verification was extended in February 2018 to include esports teams and musical artists. The users of Discord will be able to increase the quality of the servers in via the Server Boost feature, that increases the quality of streaming channels, audio channels, emoji slots, and other perks in three levels. Also, the users are able to purchase boosts to support the servers they select.


Channels may be used for voice chat, streaming or for instant messaging and file sharing. The visibility and access to channels are able to be customized to limit access from certain users. For instance, marking a channel NSFW needs a  confirmation that they are over 18 years old. Text channels support several rich text via a subset of the Markdown syntax.

Direct Messages

In Discord, Direct messages just like in any other communication platform. It offers the users to text, share images or videos, live stream and call others servers. An added feature in Discord direct messages is the ability to make message groups.

This acts similar to a server’s text channel however it comes with one major difference. You are able to initiate a call simultaneously for all the members in a direct message group. In servers, people are only able to join voice channels but cannot be called into.

User profiles

The users register for Discord with an email address and must make a username. To let multiple users to use the same username, they are assigned a four-digit number. Both at the server and the user level, Discord offers the users to connect those to their Twitch or other gaming service account. The users will be able to set a profile picture and also subscribers for Discord Nitro.

Video calls and streaming

According to the research, Video calling and screen sharing were added in October 2017. It allow the users to make private video calls with up to 10 users (later increased to 40 due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

The users will be able to share their screen if Discord has detected they are playing a game and others in that channel can join the channel to watch the stream. While those features mimic Twitch, the company does not plan to compete with those services, believing that those features are best used by small groups.

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